First published on April 16, 2021

“Life has become very difficult. We spend all our time looking for basic life necessities. We spend hours searching for either oil, electricity, solar energy, gas, any way to provide for our basic necessities,

This therapy is untested. No substantial animal trials. In the few animal trials carried out, all animals died. Claiming an emergency, the FDA recognizes the gravity of the current public health emergency and has granted a so-called Emergency Use Application (EUA) for what effectively is a gene-therapy, not a vaccine.

Today is a day to celebrate the prophetic voice and witness of Fr. Daniel Berrigan, the non-violent anti-war activist and poet, whose life and witness has touched so many lives.  He was born on May 9, 1921 and would

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Die „Neue Rheinische

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A civil defense member carries an injured baby who was pulled out from under debris in Syria. | Photo: Reuters This content was originally published by teleSUR at the following address: "". If you intend to use it, please cite the source and provide a link to the original article.
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