Julia Ward Howe was a humanist who cared about suffering people, a feminist, a social justice activist & suffragette, and it was because of her anti-war commitment that she wrote the famous “Mother’s Day Proclamation” 5 years after the Civil War, which resulted in 600,000 dead American soldiers
This story begins in the early 1900s. Gasoline-powered transportation, whether by private auto or mass transit, was on its way out. Electric automobiles were rapidly gaining ground over their gas-powered rivals. By 1900, nearly 40% of all US cars were electric...
Washington knew a Japanese fleet was on its way to Pearl Harbor, but welcomed the attack since a Japanese aggression would make it possible to “sell” the war to an anti-war American public.
John D. Rockefeller Jr. owned a controlling interest in Standard Oil, but the next largest stockholder was the German chemical company I. G. Farben, through which the firm sold $20 million worth of gasoline and lubricants to the Nazis.
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