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“Operation Volute”: Covert UK Propaganda Efforts in Syria May Have Broken UK Law By Ian Cobain and Alice Ross, May 12, 2020
‘Religious Operations’: How British Propagandists Used Islam to Wage A “Cultural Cold War” By Ian Cobain, March 03, 2020
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CIA-backed Forces Carried Out ‘Summary Executions’ in Afghanistan By Ian Cobain, October 31, 2019
Revealed: British Army Deployed “Interrogators” to Abu Ghraib Despite Abuse Concerns By Ian Cobain and Clara Usiskin, March 06, 2019
UK’s MI5 in Court for Covert Policy Allowing Agents to Commit Serious Crimes By Ian Cobain, October 05, 2018
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Revealed – the secret torture evidence MI5 tried to suppress By Ian Cobain, July 09, 2009