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The Lima Group: Conspiracy to Destroy Venezuela By Mark Taliano, February 06, 2019
I am a Syrian Living in Syria: “It Was Never a Revolution nor a Civil War. The Terrorists Are Sent by Your Government” By Mark Taliano, February 04, 2019
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Empire’s Currency: The Lie By Mark Taliano, November 17, 2018
White Helmets Serve US Military Agenda in Syria: Operate Missile Detection in Idlib, Protect Al Qaeda Safe Haven By Mark Taliano, November 10, 2018
White Helmets
Canada Provides Safe Haven to White Helmet Terrorist Factions By Mark Taliano, October 21, 2018
Colonizing the Mind: Western-imposed “Good Governance” = Terrorism By Mark Taliano, October 19, 2018
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Syrian women
Syrians Matter: They have Chosen NOT to be Occupied by the West’s Al Qaeda Terrorists By Mark Taliano, October 03, 2018
White Supremacy Colonialism
“White Supremacy Colonialism” and US Interventionism in Syria By Mark Taliano, September 27, 2018
Syrian women
Syria’s War for Peace By Mark Taliano, September 21, 2018
The Iran-Russia-Turkey Summit on Syria. Towards Multi-Polar Geopolitical Alliances By Mark Taliano and Tasnim News Agency, September 13, 2018
Video: US Denies Use of White Phosphorus Bombs in Syria, Western Support of Al Qaeda Terrorists By Mark Taliano and RT News, September 11, 2018
West Support Al Qaeda
Civilization Versus Barbarism. Why Does the West Support Al Qaeda? By Mark Taliano, September 07, 2018
False Flag Terrorism By Mark Taliano, September 02, 2018
Erasing the Truth and Fabricating Fake Narratives By Mark Taliano, August 30, 2018
Permanent War and Poverty. Acting on Behalf of Washington, the UN is Undermining the Restoration of Syria’s Economy By Mark Taliano, August 25, 2018
“Democracy and Freedom”: Washington Uses its “Jihadi” Mercenaries, Deploys Terrorists in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Beyond By Mark Taliano, August 20, 2018
Socialism for the Rich By Mark Taliano, August 17, 2018
Saudi Arabia and Its Western Allies Are Losing the War on Syria By Mark Taliano and The Syria Times, August 09, 2018
Dictatorship of the “Free” Market By Mark Taliano, August 05, 2018
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ISIS “Victories” Are Western “Victories” By Mark Taliano, July 27, 2018
Canadian Government Offers Safe Haven to …. Al Qaeda By Mark Taliano, July 24, 2018
Video: West’s War Against Syria Is Packed in Lies and Deceptions By Mark Taliano and Tate Ulsaker, July 17, 2018
The War on Syria: Driving Home the Truth and the Need to Act Now By Mark Taliano, July 12, 2018
Global Affairs Canada Statement: Disconnect From Realities on the Ground in Syria, Tacit Endorsement of Al Qaeda By Mark Taliano, June 30, 2018
U.S. to Continue to Use White Helmets As Long As the Western Public Accepts Media War Lies By Mark Taliano and The Syria Times, June 26, 2018
The Douma Gas Attack: A False Flag Operation By Mark Taliano and Fars News Agency, June 23, 2018
Drivers Behind the War on Syria and the Impoverishment of Us All By Mark Taliano, June 16, 2018
Social Crisis in Gaza: Bartlett Pierces the Fog of War Lies and Omissions By Mark Taliano, June 11, 2018
Canadian News Fabricators regarding the So-called “Syrian Opposition” By Mark Taliano, June 06, 2018
Permanent State Versus The People. The Regime Change War against Syria By Mark Taliano, June 03, 2018