Trade War
The unspoken US policy objective behind the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou on trumped up charges, consists in breaking China's technological lead in wireless telecommunications. What is at stake is a coordinated US intelligence initiative to ban China from playing a strategic role in the 5G global mobile phone network.
The internet has spawned subtle forms of influence that can flip elections and manipulate everything we say, think and do
Was Saudi intelligence involved in the operation? Two members of Saudi intelligence (GIP) were allegedly part of the hit team. Was there foreknowledge? According to the media reports, Langley was aware of the assassination plot but US intelligence visibly chose not to act.
Back in October 2017, Pompeo hinted in no uncertain terms when he was head of the CIA: “If Kim Jong-un suddenly dies, don’t ask me about it … With respect, if Kim Jong-un should vanish, given the history of the CIA, I’m just not going to talk about it"
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Conspiracy Theory
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