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The Smell of War Versus a Fresh Breeze of Peace and Cooperation? By Peter Koenig, June 12, 2024
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The WHO Health Tyranny – Or Not? By Peter Koenig, May 20, 2024
WHO’s Worldwide Power Grab: Beware of the New International Health Regulation and Pandemic Treaty, a Health Tyranny Never Heard of Before in Human History By Peter Koenig, May 18, 2024
BREAKING: Slovak Prime Minister Shot and Gravely Injured, Firmly Opposed to “Pandemic Treaty” By Peter Koenig, May 16, 2024
Video: Digital Tyranny and the QR Code. The WHO Pandemic Treaty is the Back Door to “Global Governance” By Peter Koenig and Prof Michel Chossudovsky, May 13, 2024

“Napalm Girl – 
Never Stop Running Napalm Girl”: A Story of Atrocities in the Vietnam War. Peter Koenig By Peter Koenig, May 09, 2024
Gaza: Zionist Israel Atrocities — Limitless and No End Zionist fighting is against civilians, women and children. And the Western “leaders” (sic) still just watch and encourage the continuation of atrocities By Peter Koenig, May 07, 2024
US Congress Approves $91 Billion Aid Package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan By Peter Koenig and Michael Welch, May 06, 2024
Funds for Ukraine: More Slaughter Without Victory? Conversations with Jack Rasmus and Peter Koenig By Michael Welch, Peter Koenig, and Dr. Jack Rasmus, May 04, 2024
Excess Deaths and Depopulation: Shall We Sit Around in Our Insouciance and Permit This to Happen? By Dr. John Campbell, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Makia Freeman, Peter Koenig, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Jeremy Kuzmarov, Stop World Control, and Prof Michel Chossudovsky, May 02, 2024
Students Trigger to Stop Wars? Top Universities Pro-Palestine Encampments – A Shift Towards Justice or Just Illusion? By Peter Koenig, April 30, 2024
“Wars for Peace”: Massive Propaganda Has Brainwashed You to Believe that Wars Make Peace By Peter Koenig, April 25, 2024
The Horrifying Secret Agenda of the UN and WHO: Total Enslavement of Humanity Through a “Global Health Dictatorship” By Peter Koenig, Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, and Mike Adams, April 23, 2024
Israel Just Launched a Brutal Attack on Rafah. “Beyond Shame, Beyond Crime…” By Peter Koenig, April 22, 2024
US Blocking Full UN Membership for Palestine – And US Congress Passes Law Depriving Palestine of Freedom of Speech By Peter Koenig, April 22, 2024
Utmost European Corruption: Madame Von der Leyen – McKinsey and Pfizer By Peter Koenig, April 19, 2024
Israel Versus Iran – A Trigger Towards Armageddon? By Peter Koenig, April 18, 2024
Iran on the Rise: Retaliation, “Important Military Targets”. Peter Koenig By Peter Koenig, April 15, 2024
Bombshell: Molecular Geneticist: COVID mRNA Shots Were ‘Designed’ to ‘Destroy Humanity’ By Peter Koenig, April 12, 2024
A Bridge Too Far. The Collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Was it An Accident? By Peter Koenig, April 08, 2024
Geoengineering Is a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Solving the ‘Climate Crisis’ Is Bad for Business and Worse for Politics By Peter Koenig, April 07, 2024
Moscow’s Terror Explosion, Macron’s NATO Troops to Ukraine By Peter Koenig, March 25, 2024
‘Paving a Digital Road to Hell’ By Peter Koenig, March 25, 2024
Haiti – A Paradise for State Crime. The Unspoken Agenda, Haiti’s Offshore Natural Gas? By Peter Koenig, March 24, 2024
Covid Mandates, Pandemic Treaty. Demand to Exit The WHO: Open Letter to the People of Switzerland, the Federal Council and Parliament By Peter Koenig, March 22, 2024
China’s Two Sessions Plenary: Outstanding Socioeconomic and GDP Performance in 2023. Most of the West is Stagnating By Peter Koenig and ShenzhenTV, March 16, 2024
Engineered Destruction of America and Europe.”Nations of Sheep Ruled by Wolves” By Peter Koenig, March 14, 2024
COVID-Mandate, Pandemie-Vertrag. Forderung nach Austritt aus der WHO: Offener Brief an das Schweizer Volk, den Bundesrat und das Parlament By Peter Koenig, March 12, 2024
The WEF’s Obsession with AI and Brain Chipping. “We” Can Create an AI System “Where we Don’t even Need Democratic Elections” Klaus Schwab By Peter Koenig, March 03, 2024
Israel Is an Illegal State. Dr. Ralph Wilde at the ICJ By Dr. Ralph Wilde and Peter Koenig, February 29, 2024
“Who Owns the World?” A Small Group of Big Money By Peter Koenig, February 26, 2024
Der gebildete Erzfeind By Peter Koenig, February 22, 2024
Navalny’s Death – A Western-Instigated “False Flag”? By Peter Koenig, February 20, 2024
I’m an American Doctor Who Went to Gaza. What I Saw Wasn’t War — It Was Annihilation By Peter Koenig and Irfan Galaria, February 19, 2024
Outrageous — The Gaza Mass Murder Massacre of 12 February 2024 By Peter Koenig, February 15, 2024
Water – The Abundant Scarcity By Peter Koenig, February 15, 2024
The World Economic Forum’s “Frankensteinization” of the Entire World. Hollywood’s “Predictive Movies” By Peter Koenig, February 13, 2024
Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin Interview: What President Putin Really Said By Peter Koenig, February 12, 2024
WEF – Davos 2024. The World Is Falling Apart But the Show Must Go On… By Peter Koenig, February 09, 2024
Towards a New International Monetary System By Peter Koenig, February 01, 2024
Texas Border Conflict: Programmed Civil War, Martial Law? Suspended November 2024 US Presidential Elections? By Peter Koenig, January 31, 2024
Gaza Versus The Hague: The ICJ Failed Again – A Case of “Political Correctness”? By Peter Koenig, January 29, 2024
WEF “Global Solutions”, But for Whom? The WEF Prescribed “Climate Activism” By Michael Welch, Peter Koenig, Julian Rose, and Elizabeth Woodworth, January 27, 2024
Depopulation and the mRNA Vaccine By Peter Koenig, January 24, 2024
Limits to Growth, Climate Change, Digitization of Everything and Worldwide Censorship — All Leading to WEF and the Behemoth Cult Commanding It By Peter Koenig, January 22, 2024
The WEF Davos 2024 Circus: Their One Objective is to “Massively Reduce World Population” By Peter Koenig, January 22, 2024
“Building Trust”?: The World Economic Forum Is the West’s Perfect “White-Collar Euthanasia Agent” By Peter Koenig, January 18, 2024
Israel Confronted at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Does it Matter? Will It Effectively Take on Israel for its Atrocious Crimes? By Peter Koenig, January 11, 2024
The WEF and WHO – Are They Running a Death Cult? A WHO / Pharma controlled Worldwide Tyrannical “health system” By Peter Koenig, January 06, 2024
Gaza War: “I Wish I Could Have Died with Them.” By Peter Koenig, January 05, 2024
Genocide and the Cost of the Israel-Gaza War. “Israel is Wiping herself Off The Map. Such a Country Cannot be Allowed to Exist”. Peter Koenig By Peter Koenig, January 05, 2024
Video: Digital Tyranny and the Rockefeller-Gates WHO “Vaxx-Certificate Passport”: Towards a World War III Scenario By Peter Koenig, December 31, 2023
Towards Digital Tyranny? Beware of the QR Code, Remember Agenda ID2020? By Peter Koenig, December 30, 2023