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Ecuador: From Rafael Correa to Guillermo Lasso via Lenin Moreno By Eric Toussaint, April 14, 2021
Rwanda: A Look Back at the 1994 Genocide. The Role of International Financial Institutions By Eric Toussaint, April 06, 2021
In Memory of Patrice Lumumba, Assassinated on 17 January 1961 By Eric Toussaint, January 19, 2021
Channelling EU Money to the Military industry Under the Guise of ‘Industrial Policy’ By Dirk Adriaensens, Dimitris Konstantakopoulos, Eric Toussaint, and et al., September 06, 2020
IMF “Economic Medicine” Imposed on Sri-Lanka: Inhuman at the Micro and Macro Levels By Eric Toussaint, March 03, 2020
Rosa Luxemburg and Debt as an Imperialist Instrument By Eric Toussaint, February 09, 2020
“Debt Against the People”: Analysis and History of the Global Debt Crisis By Eric Toussaint, January 29, 2020
Brazil: From Lula to Bolsonaro By Eric Toussaint, January 15, 2020
Argentina: Facing Another Debt Crisis By Eric Toussaint and Renaud Vivien, January 14, 2020
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Another Look at the Federal Reserve’s Panic in September 2019 and Solutions to the Crisis By Eric Toussaint, November 01, 2019
Global Economic Volatility. Towards a New Financial Crisis. Socio-Political Reactions By Eric Toussaint, Prof. Patrick Bond, Ishmael Lesufi, and Lisa Thompson, October 17, 2019
The Mexican Debt Crisis and the World Bank By Eric Toussaint, August 08, 2019
Nicaragua 1979-2019. History of the Sandinista Revolution By Eric Toussaint and Nathan Legrand, July 19, 2019
The World Bank Saw the Debt Crisis Looming By Eric Toussaint, July 17, 2019
“Theoretical Lies” of the World Bank. Developing Countries and the Hidden Agenda of the “Washington Consensus” By Eric Toussaint, June 24, 2019
World Bank and IMF Support to US Sponsored Dictatorships By Eric Toussaint, June 07, 2019
“The Lesson of the Soviet Union Is that the Bureaucracy Chooses Capitalist Restoration” By Eric Toussaint and Wilder Pérez Varona, June 05, 2019
South Africa: The Odious Debts Generated by Coal-fired Power Stations By Eric Toussaint, May 03, 2019
The ReCommonsEurope Manifesto: A Left-wing Initiative in Europe By Eric Toussaint, April 11, 2019
Brazil: 55 Years after the Overthrow of Democratically Elected President Joao Goulart, the New Far-right President, Jair Bolsonaro Has Announced a Celebration of the 1964 Military Coup By Eric Toussaint, March 29, 2019
Venezuela: Suspend Debt Repayments and Create an Emergency Humanitarian Fund By Eric Toussaint, March 13, 2019
Varoufakis’s Secret Negotiations and His Disappointments with China, Obama and the IMF By Eric Toussaint, February 27, 2019
Emmanuel Macron, Pedro Sanchez, Angela Merkel and Theresa May Have No Right to Issue an Ultimatum to Venezuela By Eric Toussaint and Joaldo Dominguez, January 29, 2019
Emmanuel Macron, Pedro Sánchez, Angela Merkel, Theresa May não têm o direito de lançar um ultimato à Venezuela By Eric Toussaint, January 28, 2019
Europe’s Debt Crisis: Challenges for the Left, Confronting the Creditors By Eric Toussaint and Le Vent Se Lève, January 24, 2019
The Doctrine of Odious Debt. Break the Taboo on Odious Debts and Their Repudiation By Eric Toussaint and Le Vent Se Lève, January 08, 2019
The IMF Is Back in Argentina: “An Economic and Social Crisis, Even More Serious Than the Present One, Looms Large on the Horizon” By Eric Toussaint and Sergio Ferrari, July 04, 2018
The Struggle Against Illegitimate Public and Private Debt Which Are at the Core of the Capitalist System By Eric Toussaint, April 07, 2018
Greece and the Syriza Government: Varoufakis Surrounded Himself with Defenders of the Establishment By Eric Toussaint, March 12, 2018
“Sovereign Debt” Is a Determining Factor in History By Eric Toussaint, December 12, 2017
History of the Russian Revolution, Peoples’ Right to Self-determination, and Debt Repudiation By Eric Toussaint, November 05, 2017
As Tensions Increase with North Korea, the South Korean “Miracle” Is Exposed By Eric Toussaint, September 30, 2017
Greece’s Economic Crisis: Yanis Varoufakis’s Account By Eric Toussaint, August 27, 2017
People Must Self-organize, Keep Up the Pressure on Their Governments If We Are to Bring About Radical Change By Eric Toussaint and Victor Lustres, August 17, 2017
The 1922 Genoa Conference: Diplomatic Manoeuvers Around Russian Debt Repudiation By Eric Toussaint, August 14, 2017
The Russian Revolution, Debt Repudiation, War and Peace By Eric Toussaint, July 21, 2017
Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Illegitimate Private Debt in the Global South By Eric Toussaint, May 03, 2017
History: Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Illegitimate Private Debt By Eric Toussaint, April 19, 2017
Debt and the Subordination of Latin America: Mexico Proved That Debt Can Be Repudiated By Eric Toussaint, April 16, 2017
Secret IMF Documents on Greece’s Debt Crisis Revealed By Eric Toussaint, January 16, 2017
Banks are Responsible for the Economic and Social Crisis in Greece By Eric Toussaint, January 09, 2017
Power to the People: Ten Proposals to Avoid a Repetition of Greece’s Capitulation to The Financial Elites By Eric Toussaint, January 08, 2017
The Doctrine of the “Odious Debt” By Eric Toussaint, December 19, 2016
Sobre empoderamiento popular: Diez propuestas para no repetir la capitulación que hemos conocido en Grecia By Eric Toussaint, December 18, 2016
EEUU, el sheriff de las Américas al servicio del capitalismo By Eric Toussaint, October 04, 2016
US Repudiation of the Debt Demanded by Spain from Cuba in 1898: What about Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, … By Eric Toussaint, October 01, 2016
Latin America’s Debts to the British Empire: Simón Bolívar in the Debt Labyrinth By Eric Toussaint, July 21, 2016
Francia se apoderó de Túnez usando la deuda como arma By Eric Toussaint, June 19, 2016
Debt as an Instrument of Colonial Domination: How France Appropriated Tunisia By Eric Toussaint, June 16, 2016
Grecia nació con una deuda odiosa bajo el brazo By Eric Toussaint, May 23, 2016
Debt, Bank Bailouts and Austerity Measures. Proposal for Radical Change By Eric Toussaint, April 21, 2016
La deuda reclamada a Portugal es insostenible y no es legítima By Eric Toussaint, March 09, 2016
A dívida exigida a Portugal é insustentável By Eric Toussaint, March 09, 2016
The Keynesian Revolution and the Neo-liberal Counter-revolution By Eric Toussaint, January 30, 2016
Las imposiciones y el chantaje del BCE a Grecia By Eric Toussaint, January 27, 2016
Greece Falls Prey to ECB Financial Diktats and Blackmail By Eric Toussaint, January 22, 2016
Greece: An Alternative Economic Project. A Proposal for Meaningful Policy Change By Eric Toussaint, December 26, 2015
The ECB Destabilized the Greek Economy to Subject Greece to Creditors’ Demands By Eric Toussaint and Rosa Moussaoui, July 19, 2015
The Beautiful Historic Victory of the NO. Greek Citizens Refuse Creditors’ Blackmail By Eric Toussaint, July 06, 2015
The Restructuring, Audit, Suspension and Abolition of the Debt By Eric Toussaint and Maud Bailly, June 24, 2015