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In practice, the IMF does not wield “sound economic governance” nor does it protect the vulnerable. It impoverishes entire populations, while providing “prosperity” to a small corrupt and subservient political and economic elite.


The credit card business is the banking industry’s biggest cash cow, largely due to lucrative hidden fees. Visa and MasterCard are independent entities set up by big Wall Street banks, which get about 80% of the fees.


JPMorgan Chase acknowledged that it facilitated the largest Ponzi scheme in history, as Bernie Madoff brazenly turned his business bank account at JPMorgan Chase into a money laundering operation


When the Comex trading floor opened January 30 at 8:20AM, the price of gold inexplicably plunged $17 over the next 30 minutes. The price plunge was triggered when sell orders flooded the Comex trading floor.

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