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The BRICS Development Bank (NDB) & its Contingency Reserve Arrangement (CRA) are dollar denominated entities. Unless they are coupled with a multi-currency system of trade & credit, they do not threaten dollar hegemony.


The Eurasian Economic Union is a reality that may end up costing the US its “perch” in Eurasia’s western periphery as a Common Economic Space is formed. The “Middle Space” is clearly resurgent. Moscow is a major political, socioeconomic and cultural force in European affairs


A multi-spectrum war is being waged against Moscow by Washington. This insidious agenda is not limited to military deployments, covert operations and geopolitics, it also includes the manipulation of financial markets, war propaganda, social media, etc.

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In practice, the IMF does not wield “sound economic governance” nor does it protect the vulnerable. It impoverishes entire populations, while providing “prosperity” to a small corrupt and subservient political and economic elite.

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