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Lucy Gonzales started life in Texas. She was of Mexican-American, African-American, and Native-American descent and born into slavery. The path she chose after emancipation led to conflict with the Ku Klux Klan, hard work, painful personal losses, and many nights in jail.

What is the mainstream media NOT reporting?

The prevalent phenomenon where only the narratives authorized by law enforcement and government authorities are worthy of serious consideration suggests the unmistakable extent to which public discourse has declined.


One story that did not make headlines. Rapper Lupe Fiasco was performing live at the StartUp RockOn concert to celebrate the re-election of Barack H. Obama on January 21st. He was kicked off the stage by Obama’s secret service detail because he was singing Anti-Obama lyrics…


There is a grotesque development in the EU in attempts to “normalize” or popularize Nazism. The Prague Declaration is a sinister falsification of history which has encouraged attempts to legitimize the rebirth of Nazism now spreading throughout Europe.

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