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The US elite was actually in favor of fascism, a very convenient tool to crush the Soviet Union. The lies we’ve been fed about the Second World War, fascism and democracy, need to be upheld to satisfy never ending war propaganda. .


Europe’s “Great War” of 1914-1918 does not deserve to be called the “First World War.” That title should go to the first real global conflict, Europe’s genocidal invasion of other regions that began in late 15th Century. European historians have sought to downplay the ferocity, extent and significance of that earlier conflict by treating it as a diffuse historical process.


Lucy Gonzales started life in Texas. She was of Mexican-American, African-American, and Native-American descent and born into slavery. The path she chose after emancipation led to conflict with the Ku Klux Klan, hard work, painful personal losses, and many nights in jail.

What is the mainstream media NOT reporting?

The prevalent phenomenon where only the narratives authorized by law enforcement and government authorities are worthy of serious consideration suggests the unmistakable extent to which public discourse has declined.

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MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY: King Family statement on the Justice Department's  "Limited investigation" of  the MLK Assassination
Martin Luther King: “Now That He is Safely Dead”, What Should be Done? By Dr. Gary G. Kohls, January 21, 2015
MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY: King Family statement on the Justice Department's  "Limited investigation" of  the MLK Assassination
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MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY: King Family statement on the Justice Department's  "Limited investigation" of  the MLK Assassination
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