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Churchill had instructed the British Armed Forces’ to draw up “Operation Unthinkable”, a code name of two related plans of a conflict between the West and the Soviet Union. The generals were instructed to devise means to “impose upon Russia the will of the US and the British Empire”.

John D. Rockefeller Jr. owned a controlling interest in Standard Oil, but the next largest stockholder was the German chemical company I. G. Farben, through which the firm sold $20 million worth of gasoline and lubricants to the Nazis.

british empire

With the future of the British Empire under threat from other aspiring nations, a momentous decision was taken by a group of powerful and determined men, that direct action had to be taken to assert their control, and that of the British race, over the entire civilised world.


A secret cabal of immensely rich and powerful men – the Secret Elite – was formed in England in 1891 with the explicit aim of expanding the British Empire across the entire globe. They planned a European war to destroy Germany as an economic, industrial and imperial competitor

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