The Christmas Truce of 1914 has become an enduring image of the triumph of man's spirit over adversity which should send a strong message to the architects of today's wars including Donald Trump, Theresa May, Emmanuel Macron and Benjamin Netanyahu.
Corporations invest in the art of destruction. It is a lucrative trade. Nuclear war has become a multi-billion dollar undertaking, which fills the pockets of US defense contractors. What is at stake is the outright “privatization of nuclear war”. A 1.3 trillion nuclear weapons program launched under Obama, and approved under Trump is underway.
These stories are not unique cases from a remote war. The same methods are constantly rinsed and repeated, the mentality in our ruling elites is the same, and the risk of a major conflict is as great today as in 1914.
The German army began to disintegrate, discipline broke down, the number of desertions & surrenders skyrocketed. Some historians have described this situation as an undeclared “military strike” or “refusal to fight,” a “refusal to carry on with the war.”
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