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Erdogan 2015
The Downing of Russia’s SU-24 Jet: 17 Seconds That Changed The World. Leaked Letter Exposes Turkey’s Hair-Trigger Reality By Tyler Durden, November 25 2015

Needless to say, Moscow and Ankara are at odds over precisely what happened on Tuesday when a Russian Su-24 was shot down near the Syrian border.
The two pilots ejected and attempted to parachute to safety but Turkmen FSA-allied Alwiya…

Selected Articles: Update on the Situation Around Turkey By Global Research News, November 25 2015

The Downed Russian SU-24. Turkey Is Lying: “NATO Governments Lie Every Time They Open Their Mouths”

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, November 25 2015

Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge has posted the flight paths of the Russian aircraft according to…

The Downed Russian SU-24. Turkey Is Lying: “NATO Governments Lie Every Time They Open Their Mouths” By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, November 25 2015

Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge has posted the flight paths of the Russian aircraft according to Turkey and to Russia.
We know that Turkey is lying for three reasons.
One reason is that NATO governments lie every time that they…

Russia Confirms Rescue of Second Su-24 Pilot, Deployment of Air Defense Systems in Syria By Global Times, November 25 2015

Russia on Wednesday confirmed the rescue of the second pilot of the downed Russian Su-24 warplane, while air defense missile systems would be deployed in Syria.
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu confirmed the rescue of the second pilot by Russian…

Rescued Su-24 Russian Co-Pilot Rules Out Turkish Space Violation ‘Even for Second’ By Sputnik, November 25 2015

Rescued co-pilot from the downed Russian Su-24 jet said there were no visual or radio warnings issued by Turkey.
“There were no warnings. Not via the radio, not visually. There was no contact whatsoever. That’s why we were keeping our…

Barack Obama, Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Why’s The US Hanging Turkey Out To Dry? By Andrew Korybko, November 25 2015

Turkey’s shooting down of the Russian anti-ISIL aircraft was an unprecedentedly direct aggression against Moscow that trumps even the tense and hostile militarism of the Old Cold War era. The world stands on edge in the immediate aftermath of this…

Leading Global Warming Crusader: Cap and Trade May INCREASE CO2 Emissions
Climate Change: Delays in Cutting Emissions set to Cost Developing Countries Hundreds of Billions of Dollars More By Oxfam International, November 25 2015

Developing countries’ economies face being crushed under the double burden of climate change adaptation costs of almost $800 billion and more than twice that in economic losses every year by 2050 if pledges to cut emissions are not improved, Oxfam…

Corporate Parasites And Economic Plunder: We Need A Genuine Green Revolution By Colin Todhunter, November 25 2015

Over the past few centuries, Western countries embarked on a road to material affluence at the expense of the environment and other peoples across the globe who were subjugated, killed or left to live in poverty. And while offering more…

Russian Air Force Annihilated Militants In Area Where Su-24 Was Shot Down. Erdogan Ordered Turkish Air Force Planes Be Grounded By South Front, November 25 2015

Information has come from  Syrian sources that last night (24.11) the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces struck with massive attacks on the positions of militants (including Turkomans) in the region where the Russian Su-24 was brought down.
The source reported that…

US-Dominated NATO Supports Turkish Aggression Against Russia By Stephen Lendman, November 25 2015

Make no mistake. Downing Russia’s aircraft was provocative Turkish aggression – a clear act of war against a nonthreatening nation.
It’s inconceivable that President Erdogan acted alone, unilaterally deciding to attack the Russian plane – then lying about it entering…

NATO Attack On Russia’s Air Force, Using Turkey “To Do the Dirty Work”: Causes and Consequences By Christopher Black, November 25 2015

The NATO attack on a Russian military jet on Tuesday November 24, using the Turkish air force to do its dirty work, is a dangerous act of war against Russia with very dangerous consequences for the world. The murder of…

Why We’re Sliding Towards World War By Washington's Blog, November 25 2015

Paul Craig Roberts – former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under President Reagan, former editor of the Wall Street Journal, listed by Who’s Who in America as one of the 1,000 most influential political thinkers in the world, PhD economist…

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.05.32 AM
Protests Erupt in Chicago After Release of Video Showing Police Murder of 17-year-old By Nick Barrickman and Joseph Kishore, November 25 2015

Protests erupted in Chicago Tuesday night, following the release of video footage from the October 20, 2014 police killing of Laquan McDonald by 14-year veteran cop Jason Van Dyke. Several hundred people demonstrated late into the night, and at least…

France Moves to Make “Conspiracy Theories” Illegal by Government Decree By 21st Century Wire, November 25 2015

GR Editor’s Note
The following text was first published in March 2015 in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks.
In the context of the tragic events of November 13 in Paris, this analysis brings to the forefront the…

The Israeli Declaration of Independence: The World Continues to Ignore its Provisions and those of the British Balfour Declaration By Anthony Bellchambers, November 25 2015

The possibility of a Jewish homeland in Palestine had been a goal of Zionist organizations since the late 19th century. Eventually, as a matter of political expediency, the British Foreign Secretary stated in the Balfour Declaration of 1917:

“His Majesty’s…

From the Cold War to NATO's "Humanitarian Wars" - The Complicity of  the United Nations
UN Backs Russia’s War against ISIL / Da’esh By Alexander Mercouris, November 25 2015

Russia’s diplomats have been as busy as Russia’s military.
They have now obtained UN Security Council as well as Syrian government approval for Russia’s military campaign.
They have also got the UN Security Council to scotch the myth of the…

USA drapeau
The US Debate Over Admitting Syrian Refugees: ‘We have Gone Temporarily Mad, Again’ By James Zogby, November 25 2015

It has been frightening to listen to the intolerant and near hysterical tone of the debate over admitting Syrian refugees into America.
Despite the fact that conflating refugees with terrorism is irrational and bigoted, this notion has spread quickly, with…

Escalation on the Korean Peninsula: The Conundrum of the South Korean Corvette
Freedom of Expression and Civil Liberties in South Korea By Eunji Kang, November 25 2015

6 out of 11 former Presidents of South Korea raised and plotted a rebellion.
There were two types of rebellions in Korean modern history.
The first type is a ‘successful coup d’etat’.
The military men of Park Jung-Hee (tenure: 1961~1979),…

Erdogan 2015
A Turkish Act of War Against Russia. A No Fly Zone in Northern Syria By Joaquin Flores, November 25 2015

Turkey has committed an act of War against the Russian Federation, in its downing of a Russian Su-24 fighter jet.  
A Turkish fighter jet shot down the Russian plane. Militia, under Turkish command, have killed the pilot who attempted to…

Turkey Downs Russian Fighter to Draw NATO and US Deeper into Syrian Quagmire By Mike Whitney, November 25 2015

On Tuesday, Turkey shot down a Russian warplane that was carrying out military operations against jihadi groups in Northern Syria. The downing of the Su-24 fighter jet is part of a broader plan by the administration of Turkish President Tayyip…

The Perils of Certainty: Obama and the “Assad Regime” By Binoy Kampmark, November 25 2015

In Kuala Lumpur, the US president continued the line that Bashar al-Assad had to go. His approach, one that has failed on all fronts thus far, has been to marginalise Assad while supplying a fictional grouping of regime opponents conveniently…

Netanyahu (1)
Netanyahu Paves the Way for a New Era Of Tyranny By Jonathan Cook, November 25 2015

With dismaying predictability, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu lost no time in exploiting the massacre in Paris. As he has done many times before, he claimed Europe’s trauma was just a taste of the suffering Israelis have long known.

Russia Deploys Warship Off Syrian Coast To “Destroy Any Threats To Russian Planes” By Tyler Durden, November 25 2015

Despite demands from France’s Hollande, America’s Obama, and NATO’s Stoltenberg that this situation not esclate, it appears Putin is not taking the shooting down of a fighter jet lying down.
The seemingly cagey confirmation by NATO and Obama of Turkey’s…

Bad Policy, Bad Ethics: U.S. Military Bases Abroad Harm America and the World By Matt Peppe, November 25 2015

The thesis of anthropologist David Vine’s latest book, Base Nation: How U.S. Military Bases Abroad Harm America and the World, is taboo in American political discourse. It is a radical notion to suggest that foreign bases don’t protect American interests…

Turkey Has Destroyed Russia’s Hope Of Western Cooperation By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, November 25 2015

UPDATE FROM AUTHOR: A friend, George Abert, suggested a reason why the Turks shot down the Russian fighter-bomber over Syria. The Russians have a technology that they recently demonstrated against the newest US missile cruiser and Israel’s US jet fighters.…

Is Turkey Starting a Proxy-War on Behalf of NATO against Russia? By Peter Koenig, November 25 2015

Did Turkey just provoke a proxy-war on behalf of NATO against Russia? – Turkey knew very well that the Russian SU-24 fighter jet was inside Syria’s borders and that even as it may have been close to Turkey it was…

Turkish Shootdown of Russian Jet: What You Need to Know By Washington's Blog, November 25 2015

A U.S. official told Reuters that the Russian jet was inside of Syria when it was shot down:

The United States believes that the Russian jet shot down by Turkey on Tuesday was hit inside Syrian airspace after a brief…

Russia-China Relations and the Downing of Russia’s Jet Fighter by Turkey By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, November 25 2015

The US Navy held friendly military exercises with China’s PLA Navy less than a week prior to a blatant act of military aggression against the Russian Federation, which is China’s closest ally.

Selected Articles: Act of War by NATO? Turkey Responsible For Downing of Russian Su-24 Fighter-Bomber By Global Research News, November 24 2015

Russian Warplane Down: NATO’s Act of War
By Tony Cartalucci, November 24 2015

With cameras rolling, Turkey has claimed it has shot down a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 attack aircraft.

NATO Calls Emergency Meeting After Russian Su-24 Downed Over Syria

Who killed John F. Kennedy? The Mystery of the Constant Flow of JFK Disinformation By Russ Baker and Milicent Cranor, November 24 2015

This article was first published by Who What Whay
For more than half a century, the combined American thought establishment (media, publishing, film, academia, and the like) have been cranking out a steady stream of books, articles, films, plays and…

Turkey Did Not Act on Its Own. Was Washington Complicit in Downing Russia’s Aircraft? By Stephen Lendman, November 24 2015

Both countries are NATO allies, united against Assad, wanting him toppled, actively complicit in supporting and using ISIS, as well as other terrorist groups as proxy foot soldiers in the war Obama launched in March 2011.
It’s inconceivable Turkey acted…

VIDEO: ‘Moderate Rebels’ Attack Russian Rescue Helicopter Searching for Downed Pilots By 21st Century Wire, November 24 2015

A Russian rescue helicopter was shot down by Syrian ‘moderate’ jihadist rebels, as the Russian rescue team was searching for the missing pilots who ejected during NATO member Turkey’s troubling attack on the Russian Su-25 jet.
Insurgents used anti-tank US…

Russian Warplane Down: NATO’s Act of War By Tony Cartalucci, November 24 2015

With cameras rolling, Turkey has claimed it has shot down a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 attack aircraft. The New York Times in its article, “Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane Near Syria Border,” reports that:
Turkish fighter jets on patrol near the…

President Putin’s Statement on Russian Jet Fighter Shot Down by Turkey. Meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan By President Vladimir Putin, November 24 2015

Vladimir Putin had talks with King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, who is in Russia on a working visit. Below is the transcript of a recent meeting between both leaders. 
At the outset of this…

The Paris Terrorist Attacks: “Pre-emptive Defense”, A Chronicle Foretold By Patrick Howlett-Martin, November 24 2015

The mass bombing in Paris points out the inconsistencies in French Middle East diplomacy. In September 2007, President Nicolas Sarkozy received Muammar Gaddafi lavishly for a five-day visit, graciously allowing the Libyan leader to set up his tent in the…

Choosing Hegemony: Turkey, NATO and the Path to War
Russia “Violated” Turkish Airspace Because Turkey “Moved” Its Border By SyrianFreePress, November 24 2015

This article originally published on October 7, 2015 is of utmost relevance in understanding the action taken by Turkey to down a Russian jet fighter over Syria airspace. (GR. Editor. M. Ch.)
One Russian plane may even indeed have slightly…

Facebook Class Action Privacy Case Goes to Austria’s Supreme Court By Shirley Siluk, November 24 2015

More than 25,000 people have so far signed on to join privacy advocate Max Schrems’ complaint against Facebook. However, it will be up to the Austrian Supreme Court to decide whether they can make their cases jointly as a class…

migrants Europe
Europe and the Global Systemic Economic Crisis By Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin (GEAB), November 24 2015

The global systemic crisis we have been experiencing for at least eight years is challenging a world order which we have often compared to the one going back not only to the end of the Second World War, but more…

America's Credit and Housing Crisis: New State Bank Bills
War, Winter and Poverty in the EU: The Unfolding European Housing Crisis By Graham Vanbergen, November 24 2015

Property prices across almost all the 28 EU member states have increased and have grown faster than incomes. The price correction of the post 2008 era fizzled out due to zero interest rate policy by the global central banks. The…

DANGEROUS CROSSROADS: NATO launches radar in Turkey to target Russia, Iran and Syria
Russian Su-24 fighter jet shot down over Syria – Russian MoD (VIDEO) By RT, November 24 2015

A Russian Su-24 fighter has been shot down in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said, adding the plane hadn’t violated Turkish airspace and was flying at an altitude of 6,000 meters.
“During the flight, the aircraft was flying within the…

Militarism and Neoliberalism: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Limits of Liberal War Opposition By David Swanson, November 24 2015

Robert Reich’s website is full of proposals for how to oppose plutocracy, raise the minimum wage, reverse the trend toward greater inequality of wealth, etc. His focus on domestic economic policy is done in the traditional bizarre manner of U.S.…

Russia, Turkey and the Great Game: Changing teams
NATO’s Provocative Policy: Russian Su-24 Fighter Bomber Shot Down By Turkey On Syrian Border By 21st Century Wire, November 24 2015

This is certainly not good…
Turkey has admitted that it just shot down a Russian Su-24 Fighter Bomber on the Syrian-Turkish border earlier today.
According to Russian Defense Ministry, the Russian jet was shot down this morning from the ground…

The North Atlantic Council visits Italy - Opening ceremony of the Trident Juncture 2015 exercise
NATO Calls Emergency Meeting After Russian Su-24 Downed Over Syria By Sputnik, November 24 2015

NATO has called an emergency meeting after Russian Su-24 jet was downed over the Turkish-Syrian border.

The NATO ambassadors will meet in Brussels at 5 pm (4 pm GMT).
“The meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will be held…

ISIS Toyotas
“The Terrorists-R-US”: Mainstream Media Propaganda Fuels and Fans the Flames of War By Joachim Hagopian, November 24 2015

The sad truth is that in the new millennium, government propaganda prepares its citizens for war so skillfully that it is quite likely that they do not want the truthful, objective and balanced reporting that good war correspondents once did…

Animals in Conflict: Police Belgian Shepherd Diesel, Dobrynya and Sentimental Security By Binoy Kampmark, November 24 2015

When it was realised that a police Belgian Shepherd by the name of Diesel had perished at the end of a last act of defiance in St. Denis by suspected ISIS militants, social media, allied to the sentimental industrial complex,…

US Weaponry
Syria’s Al Nusra Terrorists Thank Washington for Providing them with US-Made TOW Missiles By Sputnik, November 24 2015

The Al-Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, has released a grateful video, where they openly thank the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which the US has touted as a “moderate opposition group”, for supplying them with US-made anti-tank TOW missiles (“Tube-launched,…

Ban Ki-moon Urges Russia to Unite with “America’s [Fictitious] War against ISIS” By Stephen Lendman, November 24 2015

Ban is a US-appointed imperial tool, complicit with US-led NATO and Israeli high crimes against peace.  He obeys orders from Washington, breaching his UN Charter pledge under Chapter XV, Article 100 “not (to) seek or receive instructions from any government…

America’s “Anti-ISIS Coalition” Never existed. There is No “US-led war on ISIS” By Ulson Gunnar, November 24 2015

The problem with America’s “anti-ISIS coalition” is not a matter of poor planning or a lack of resources. It is not a matter of lacking leadership or military might. The problem with America’s “anti-ISIS coalition” is that it never existed…

Refugees as “Weapons” in a Propaganda War By Eric Draitser, November 24 2015

In the wake of the horrific terror attacks in Paris, world attention will once again be focused on the issue of refugees entering Europe. While much of the spotlight has been rightly pointed at Syrian refugees fleeing the western-sponsored war…

Housing Ponzi Scheme
Britain’s Government Sponsored National Housing Ponzi Scheme By Graham Vanbergen, November 24 2015

When it comes to housing policy in the UK, the Conservatives are a one-trick pony. They have form. It is designed around dividing the citizens of the country. This is evidenced yet again with the housing and planning bill currently…

University of Missouri, Photo by Jesse_Hall (CC BY 3.0)
Student and Community Struggles Escalate in Response to Racism in America By Abayomi Azikiwe, November 24 2015

From Princeton and Georgetown to Detroit African Americans take to the streets
Over the last two weeks anti-racist demonstrations largely led by African American students have swept the country.
Beginning at the University of Missouri at Columbia, African American football…

fighter plane
Do We Really Want a “Pre-emptive” World War with Russia? By F. William Engdahl, November 24 2015

Washington continues making an international fool of herself by her inability to effectively counter the impression around the world that Russia, spending less than 10% of the Pentagon annually on defense, has managed to do more against ISIS in Syria…

Decision of Irish Supreme Court regarding EU Sponsored Abridgement of Citizens’ Rights By Seamas Ratigan, November 24 2015

The Irish Supreme Court in Dublin on 23 November ruled that the State had a case to answer in a public interest petition first entered in 2009 on questions on abridgement of citizens’ rights in the holding of the second…

Selected Articles: Causes and Consequences of State-Sponsored Terrorism By Global Research News, November 23 2015

The Criminalization of the State. The Roadmap to a Police State
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, November 23 2015

This article first published by Global Research in February 2004 examines the relationship between terrorist attacks (resulting in the tragic loss of…

The Criminalization of the State. The Roadmap to a Police State By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, November 23 2015

Author’s Note
This article first published by Global Research in February 2004 examines the relationship between terrorist attacks (resulting in the tragic loss of life) and the transition in Western countries towards a totalitarian police State. 
Former CENTCOM Commander, General…

Prise d'otages a l'hotel Radisson (Photo by Daou Bakary Emmanuel- Patrick Ertel/REA/Redux)
In the Wake of The Mali Terrorist Attacks: Escalation of U.S. and French Military Interventions in Africa? By Abayomi Azikiwe, November 23 2015

Over two dozen killed at hotel in Bamako
Despite the presence of French and United States Special Forces inside Mali, the siege of the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bamako on November 20 has resulted in the deaths of over two…

The Dirty War on Syria: The Basics By Prof. Tim Anderson, November 23 2015

air defense
Who is Behind the Air Defense System To “Protect ISIS” against Russian Strikes? By Oriental Review, November 23 2015

GR Editor’s Note 
A word of caution: While the authenticity of the documents released by Cyber Berkut in this report are not corroborated by other sources,  we have however been able to confirm that Qatar was among the countries represented…

FDA Has Approved Genetically Modified (GM) Salmon for Consumption, and It Won’t Be Labeled By Christina Sarich, November 23 2015

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration just approved the sale of genetically modified salmon – the first GM animal allowed on the market.
The FDA says that AquaBounty’s product will not require special labeling because it is nutritionally equivalent to…

Syrian refugees
Closing the Door to America: US Politics and the Refugee Debate By Binoy Kampmark, November 23 2015

If I err, it will be on the side of not having another Paris, France. – Tennessee State Rep. Glen Casada, Nov 19, 2015
Even in the face of expert warnings and reassurances; even in the face of those who…

Protesters march to the School of the Americas/Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (SOA/WHINSEC). (Photo: SOA Watch)
“School of Assassins”: Protests Demand Closure of Notorious School of the America’s Training Camp By Nadia Prupis, November 23 2015

We have to take an honest look at the violence the United States is exporting all over the world. If we don’t do that, nothing is going to change.
Thousands of activists and dozens of peace groups converged this weekend…

No Appeasement in East-West Relations: “New Cold War” Sanctions against Russia Prevail, Extended to July 2016 By Fort Russ, November 23 2015

Translated by J. Arnoldski
On the sidelines of the G20 summit in Turkey, the leaders of Western countries agreed to extend sanctions against Russia for another six months until July, 2016. Reuters reported this citing a senior diplomatic source in…

More Paris Puzzles. Did the Suicide Bombers Blow Themselves Up? By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, November 23 2015

Some people who are not inclined to believe the official story of the Paris attack are troubled by the question why Muslim suicide bombers would blow themselves up for a false flag attack. The answer to this question is very…

The Realism of Audacity: Was There Another Road for Greece? Rethinking Revolutionary Strategy Today By Panagiotis Sotiris, November 23 2015

In a certain way, I feel a certain unease since the entire Greek Left has some form of responsibility for the fact that Greece is not currently a laboratory of hope; rather it is a reason for despair. What I…

Paris Terrorists Operated “in plain sight” By Patrick Martin, November 23 2015

Numerous media reports over the past several days have revealed that most of the Islamists who engaged in the suicide attacks in Paris that killed 130 people, as well as the reputed organizer of the attacks, were known to the…

radical group
Americans Irrationally Fear Terrorist Attacks By Stephen Lendman, November 23 2015

Most people don’t think or reason. They react, often irrationally. Chances of being struck by lightning are much greater than becoming a terrorist attack victim.
Death by auto accident, preventable diseases, violence at home by one family member against another,…

Democratic Party Primaries: U.S. “Progressives” as Political Contraceptives By Prof. James Petras, November 23 2015

Image: Professor James Petras
Over the past few decades, insurgent mass movements reflecting political discontent with the domestic economy and imperialist foreign policy have emerged to challenge the leadership and policies of the Democratic Party (DP).  There are good reasons…

The Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero and Freedom of Religion in America
A Letter to the Western Youth on Islam. Why are People Frightened? By Sayyid Ali Khamenei, November 23 2015

This Letter was first published on January 21, 2015 in the immediate wake of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in Paris
The recent events in France and similar ones in other Western countries have persuaded me to speak to you…

The “War on Terror” Made us Unsafe By Jamal Kanj, November 23 2015

On a Thursday night, terrorists blew themselves up in the streets of Beirut. The next day, co-ordinated terrorist attacks in des rues of Paris. The same perpetrators targeted Muslims and Christians in the two different capitals. 
Just a month ago,…

Eiffel-tower-in-Paris (1)
The Silencing of Readers’ Commentary: British Media Admits its Cowardice over Paris Terror Attacks By Jonathan Cook, November 23 2015

From the horse’s mouth: For fear of upsetting readers, the paper silenced any commentary in the first days after the Paris attacks that might have suggested there was a causal relationship between western foreign policy in the Middle East and…

radical group
Terror Junkies and the Paris Attacks: The ISIS and the West’s “Addiction” to Funding Radical Groups By Steven MacMillan, November 23 2015

Similar to a heroin addict, Western nations have a destructive addiction which they are so dependent on, they appear unwilling to give it up.  Funding radical terror organisations is the modus operandi of many prominent nations in NATO, with the…

The Hague NL International criminal court -ICC
Time to “Defund” the International Criminal Court, Should the ICC be Disbanded? By Dr. David Hoile, November 23 2015

The Assembly of States Parties is meeting this month in The Hague to review the work of the International Criminal Court and to discuss the ICC’s budget. The ASP is the International Criminal Court’s management oversight and legislative body. The…

UN Security Council Resolution Tabled by Russia: The Creation of an Anti-ISIS Coalition “Authorizing All Necessary Measures” Against The Islamic State, Will the US Comply? By Russia Insider, November 23 2015

A U.N. Security Council resolution authorizing “all necessary measures” in Syria and Iraq is expected to be adopted in the next few days

Russia’s resolution for the creating of an international anti-ISIS coalition has been tabled by the U.N. Security…

Selected Videos: China, Ukraine, Paris, and Nuclear Warfare. By Global Research News, November 22 2015

VIDEO: There is a War, A State of Emergency. The Paris Terrorist Attacks “Orchestrated from Abroad”

By Gearóid Ó Colmáin, November 17, 2015

Political author Gearoid O Colmain discusses the Paris attacks with RT International.
Renewed Military Escalation? Sizeable Ukraine…

Assad président
US Congresswoman Introduces Bill To Stop “Illegal” War On Syria to Oust Assad; Says CIA Ops Must Stop By Tyler Durden, November 22 2015

Last month, US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard went on CNN and laid bare Washington’s Syria strategy. 
In a remarkably candid interview with Wolf Blitzer, Gabbard calls Washington’s effort to oust Assad “counterproductive” and “illegal” before taking it a step further and…

President Al-Assad Interview: “From the Very First Day, We Were Determined to Fight Terrorism” By SANA, November 22 2015

President Bashar al-Assad said that you cannot take any concrete political step before defeating terrorism, because this is the biggest obstacle, and this is the prime concern to every Syrian.
President al-Assad added in an interview given to “PHOENIX” TV…

PBS, a major US media network, is using footage of Russian airstrikes in Syria to advance Washington’s military agenda.
Media Manipulation: US Shows Footage of Russian Airstrike against ISIS as Its Own By Press TV, November 22 2015

A major US media outlet has been caught passing on footage of Russian air raids in Syria as American airstrikes in a bid to advance Washington’s military agenda, a new report reveals.
The US Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), aired a…

War on Cash: How and Why the Financial Elites Want to End Physical Cash By Phoenix Capital Research, November 22 2015

As we’ve noted previously, the War on Cash is accelerating.
In recent months:
1)  The SEC and other regulators have implemented legislation allowing Money Market Funds to lock in your cash for up to 10 days during the next financial…

Iceland: They Jailed The Crooked Bankers, Now Every Icelander Will Receive A Payout from the Bank Sale By Macedonian International News Agency, November 22 2015

First, Iceland jailed its crooked bankers for their direct involvement in the financial crisis of 2008. Now, every Icelander will receive a payout for the sale of one of its three largest banks, Íslandsbanki.
If Finance Minister Bjarni Benediktsson has…

Golden Gate Bridge © Robert Galbraith / Reuters
Oakland Sues Monsanto for ‘Long-Standing Environmental Contamination’ of San Francisco Bay By RT, November 22 2015

Agrochemical giant Monsanto knowingly contaminated Oakland’s storm water and the San Francisco Bay with a highly toxic chemical for decades, a new lawsuit filed by the California city claims. Oakland wants the company to pay for the environmental cleanup.