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If Crimea Matters, Russia Should Support Kashmir By Andrew Korybko, August 08 2019

There are striking structural similarities between Kashmir and Crimea that should make Russian decision makers think twice before endorsing the unilateral actions of their decades-long Indian partners if they want to remain politically consistent.

Kashmir and Crimea share many structural …

Art and Defacement: Basquiat at the Guggenheim By Prof. Sam Ben-Meir, August 08 2019

Consider the following facts as you wend your way to the Guggenheim Museum and its uppermost gallery, where you will presently find The Death of Michael Stewart (1983), Basquiat’s gut-punching tribute to a slain artist, and the centerpiece for an

Demonstrations Surrounded the Democratic Party Debates in Detroit By Abayomi Azikiwe, August 08 2019

On July 30 and 31 the attention of the national media in the United States was focused on the Fox Theater in downtown Detroit where 20 Democratic Party candidates for the presidency debated various issues presented to them by anchors

Is the Federal Reserve Losing Control of the Gold Price? Rigging the Currency Market By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, August 08 2019

After years of being kept in the doldrums by orchestrated short selling described on this website by Roberts and Kranzler, gold has lately moved up sharply reaching $1,510 this morning.  The gold price has continued to rise despite the continuing

The Mexican Debt Crisis and the World Bank By Eric Toussaint, August 08 2019

In 2019, the World Bank (WB) and the IMF will be 75 years old. These two international financial institutions (IFI), founded in 1944, are dominated by the USA and a few allied major powers who work to generalize policies that

Demonstration Held Condemning Police Killing of African American in Detroit Suburb By Abayomi Azikiwe, August 08 2019

Over 100 people gathered outside police headquarters in a suburban municipality east of Detroit to demonstrate against the failure of local authorities to hold several police officers accountable in the shooting death of 29 year old African American Theoddeus Gray

Why SAA Resumed the Military Operation against Al Qaeda to Clean Idlib By Arabi Souri, August 08 2019

The latest 13th round of talks in Astana between the Syrian state with Russia and Iran as its guarantors on one side, and Al-Qaeda and the Turkish regime as it guarantor on the other side, would have slowly but steadily

Trump’s “Tragic Gift” to the Dems By Philip A Farruggio, August 07 2019

Well, the Neo Con Dem party, lately much more the ‘Lesser of two evils’, was just given a gift.

The sad, tragically sad reality is that this most terrible example of white (and Christian) murder via hate in Texas can

Syrian Security Confiscates Armored Vehicles, Weapons, Captagon, Drugs By Arabi Souri, August 07 2019

Syrian security units and Syrian Arab Army units operating in Hama northern countryside, northwest of Syria, and Daraa countryside, south of Syria, had a busy day busting, discovering, and confiscating large stashes of weapons, munition, gears, armored vehicles, illicit drugs

Trump Regime “Maximum Pressure” High Crimes Against World Peace. Illegal Embargo against Venezuela By Stephen Lendman, August 07 2019

Maximum pressure is a Trump regime euphemism for unlawful political, economic and financial collective punishment against a sovereign state, its leadership and population — for not bending to Washington’s will.

Binding international law Fourth Geneva’s Article 33 prohibits it, stating:…

Britain’s Flagship Drone Projects: UK Government Spending Watchdog Highlights “Significant Issues” By Peter Burt, August 07 2019

The Ministry of Defence’s two flagship drone projects – the ‘Protector’ programme to introduce the Certifiable Predator B drone into service with the Royal Air Force, and the Army’s Watchkeeper surveillance drone – continue to face ‘significant issues’ according to

Caught in the Strait. Britain’s Confrontation with Iran By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, August 07 2019

It is clear that the United Kingdom could not have thought this through.  Was it a touch of the Suez jitters, the haunting syndrome of 1956 leaving a false impression that the Old Empire still had it?  To taunt a

Video: Collapse of Ceasefire, Syrian Military Vows to Resume Operations Against Al Qaeda Militants By South Front, August 07 2019

The new ceasefire agreement designed to cease hostilities in northwestern Hama and southern Idlib has just collapsed.

On August 3, the leader of Hay’at Tahir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra), Abu Mohammad al-Julani, announced that his group would not withdraw

Assessing President Diaz-Canel’s Commitment to the Ideals of the Cuban Revolution By Dr. Birsen Filip, August 07 2019

Fidel Castro was an unparalleled leader. Although some of his adversaries had hoped that the ideals and objectives of the Cuban Revolution would die with him, they have in fact persevered, thereby supporting Fidel’s view that ‘a combatant may die,

Trump’s Embrace of White Supremacy Is Poisoning America’s Soul By Prof. Alon Ben-Meir, August 07 2019

Within 13 hours, two mass shooting took place—in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio—killing 31 innocent people and injuring twice as many. We normally hear about these horrifying incidents, express sorrow and bewilderment, talk about gun control, and move on.

This Iranian War Vet Has Some Advice for Trump: Don’t Play Checkers with the Grandmasters of Chess By Habib Ahmadzadeh, August 07 2019

Dear President Trump,

In a recent Tweet, you claimed that “Iranians never won a war, but never lost a negotiation.” As a world citizen and a veteran of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war, I have firsthand experience with the bitterness of

India’s Tryst with Destiny: Freedom Struggle from Exploitation and Degradation Is Global By Colin Todhunter, August 07 2019

Today, we are in the grip of a globalised system of capitalism which drives narcissism, domination, ego, anthropocentrism, speciesism and plunder. A system that is using up oil, water and other resources much faster than they can ever be regenerated. 

India’s Finding Out the Hard Way that It Isn’t “America’s Exclusive Ally” By Andrew Korybko, August 07 2019

India hitherto thought that the US needed it more than the reverse and that’s why took its nascent military-strategic alliance with it for granted by trying to play “hardball” in pressing for a better trade deal, yet it’s now finding

“Pre-Emptive Arrest”: An Open Invitation to Tyranny By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, August 07 2019

The FBI has published a document that concludes that “conspiracy theories” can motivate believers to commit crimes. 

Considering the growing acceptance of pre-emptive arrest, that is, arresting someone before they can commit a crime that they are suspected of planning …

The War on Syria: Lightning Flashes in the Dark Night of War Propaganda By Mark Taliano, August 07 2019

The war on Syria is a war against children, and men, and women.
It is a war against Christians, and Muslims, and civilization itself.
It is a war for terrorism and sectarianism and extremist ideologies.
It is a war for

Erdogan Announces Military Operation East of Euphrates River to Push Back Kurds, US Urges Him to Reconsider By Sarah Abed, August 07 2019

In what would be Turkey’s third cross-border military operation in Syria since the war began, in as many years, Erdogan announced on Sunday that he would be launching a military operation east of the Euphrates river, to push back Kurdish

Future of Amazon Deforestation Data in Doubt as Research Head Sacked by Bolsonaro By Karla Mendes, August 07 2019

After a month of intensifying criticism from far-right President Jair Bolsonaro concerning data revealing a spike in deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon over recent months, the Brazilian President has fired the head of the government agency in charge of tracking

Hiroshima Unlearned: Time to Tell the Truth About US Relations with Russia By Alice Slater, August 07 2019

August 6th and 9th mark 74 years since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where only one nuclear bomb dropped on each city caused the deaths of up to 146,000 people in Hiroshima and 80,000 people in Nagasaki. Today,

China Just Went Nuclear in the Trade War, and There Is No Turning Back Now By Michael Snyder, August 07 2019

When will Americans start to wake up and realize what is happening?  At the end of last week, President Trump announced that the U.S. would be imposing a 10 percent tariff on 300 billion dollars worth of Chinese imports, and

“On a Scale of 1-10, It’s an 11” – Wall Street Reacts to China’s Retaliation By Zero Hedge, August 07 2019

One day after China finally snapped, and demonstratively refused to intervene and keep the CNH above 7.00 vs the dollar, escalating the trade war into a currency war, stocks are tumbling and Wall Street analysts – all of whom had

Trade War: China Suspends Purchases of US Agricultural Products By Telesur, August 07 2019

China’s Commerce Ministry announced Tuesday that the Asian country will suspend the purchase of U.S. agricultural goods in response to the recent announcement that the President Donald Trump administration will increase tariffs to Chinese exports.

“It has been agreed that

Can the Progressive-“Conspiracy” Divide be Bridged? By John Kirby, August 07 2019

People from a variety of advocacy communities who tackle issues ranging from the assassinations of the 1960’s to vaccine safety are rightly upset by a recent NBC op-ed authored by Lynn Parramore, a progressive journalist known for her

Why Oliver Stone’s Latest Film on Ukraine Is Must-watch By Johanna Ross, August 07 2019

Oliver Stone is afraid. Afraid of war. That was the stark message conveyed by his latest film on the Ukraine crisis, ‘Revealing Ukraine’ which picked up the Grand Prix at the Taormina film festival in Italy last month. The documentary,

The Skripal Poisoning: Anonymous’ Revelations Point to UK Intelligence Motives By Karin Brothers, August 07 2019

Sergei Skripal was a former Russian double agent for Britain. After a high-profile spy swap in 2010, he lived in Salisbury, England, near his former MI6 handler, Pablo Miller, who he reportedly kept in touch with.

Late in the

We’re All Enemies of the State: Draconian Laws, Precrime and the Surveillance State By John W. Whitehead, August 07 2019

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”—H.L. Mencken

We’ve been down this road many times before.

If …

Will Mercenaries Fight America’s Wars? Private Mercenary Army on Behalf of Venezuela “Opposition” By Philip Giraldi, August 07 2019

President Donald Trump’s pre-election pledge to end America’s useless wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan just might turn out to be somewhat less than what was promised if some political allies of the president have their way. For

U.K. Breakup? New Poll Sets the Scene for Scottish Independence Referendum By Johanna Ross, August 07 2019

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has hailed as ‘phenomenal’ a new poll which shows majority support for Scottish Independence. The survey, which was carried out by Lord Ashcroft in the wake of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s visit to Scotland

Black Alliance for Peace Condemns Trump Administration’s Racist and Illegal Embargo on Venezuela By Black Alliance for Peace, August 07 2019

August 6, 2019, Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) condemns the Trump Administration’s’ economic embargo as a racist assault on the people of Venezuela that will be disproportionately borne by Black working class Venezuelans and campesinos in general. BAP calls on

Trump War on China by Other Means. Economic Warfare. Things May Get Ugly By Stephen Lendman, August 06 2019

China is rising, heading toward becoming the world’s leading economy — already No. 1 ahead of the US on a purchase price basis, what a basket of goods costs in both countries.

Has the Trump regime met its match in …

Trump Regime Imposes Illegal Embargo on Venezuela By Stephen Lendman, August 06 2019

Embargoes usually occur in times of war or impending hostilities. They partially or entirely prohibit commercial trade with targeted nations.

Illegal US embargoes and sanctions were imposed on Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, and now Venezuela.

They’re acts of …

White Supremacy By Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, August 06 2019

A number of commentators have linked the killing of 20 people at a Walmart store in El Paso in the United States of America on Saturday 3rd August 2019 to the rising tide of White Supremacism.

White Supremacism is …

Secret Meeting on the Privatization of Nuclear War Held on Hiroshima Day 2003 By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, August 06 2019

The Trump Administration’s Nuclear Posture Review 2018 has called for “the development of new, more usable nuclear weapons”.

The 2018 NPR is in many regards Déjà Vu.

What seems to have escaped the numerous media reports on the 2018 …

The Real Reason America Used Nuclear Weapons Against Japan. It Was Not To End the War Or Save Lives. By Washington's Blog, August 06 2019
Like all Americans, I was taught that the U.S. dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in order to end WWII and save both American and Japanese lives. But most of the top American military officials at the time said otherwise.
An Attack on Iran Would be an Attack on Russia By Pepe Escobar, August 06 2019

Russia is meticulously advancing Eurasian chessboard moves that should be observed in conjunction, as Moscow proposes to the Global South an approach diametrically opposed to Western sanctions, threats and economic war. Here are three recent examples.

Ten days ago, via …

On Medicare’s 54th Birthday, Another Year Closer to Winning Medicare for All By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, August 06 2019

In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Medicare Act. Within a year, and without the aid of computers, the United States provided more than 19 million seniors with health coverage. Before the law existed, over half of the elderly in

Women We Are Fighting for By Andre Vltchek, August 06 2019

There are stories that are unrelated to the news, but can explain much better than many combat reports, why people like me are fighting against the Empire and imperialism, with such determination and vehemence. Not all stories are ‘big’ or

Leaked: UK’s New Trade Secretary Met with US Pressure Groups to Discuss Weakening Regulations By True Publica, August 06 2019

In ‘off the record’ meetings last September, Liz Truss sought lessons from Donald Trump’s radical program of deregulation and tax cuts. The new international trade secretary, Liz Truss, met with hard-right pressure groups in Washington DC last year to

More Money, Fewer Jobs: The Stubborn Truth About Employment and the Defense Industry By Nia Harris, Cassandra Stimpson, and Ben Freeman, August 06 2019

A Marilyn has once again seduced a president. This time, though, it’s not a movie star; it’s Marillyn Hewson, the head of Lockheed Martin, the nation’s top defense contractor and the largest weapons producer in the world. In

2020 Presidential Elections: Feeding the Israel Lobby By Philip Giraldi, August 06 2019

If you have been wondering when the twenty Democratic aspirants for the presidency will begin a serious discussion of American foreign policy in the Middle East, where Washington has been bogged down in both current and impending wars, you are

From 2006 to 2019: After Failures in Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Yemen, War Is No Longer an Option for Israel By Elijah J. Magnier, August 06 2019

During the summer war of 2006, Israel managed to destroy a large number of Hezbollah’s rocket and missile stocks. Most Hezbollah missile units were destroyed and, in the suburb of the capital Beirut, over 250 buildings (mainly but not exclusively

Saudi Arabia’s ‘Strategic Plan’ to Take Turkey Down By David Hearst and Ragip Soylu, August 06 2019

Saudi Arabia has begun implementing a “strategic plan” to confront the Turkish government, after Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman decided he was being “too patient” with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the wake of journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder.

The …

Trump’s Firearm and Immigration Reform Proposal Is a Risky Political Gamble By Andrew Korybko, August 06 2019

Trump’s trying to portray himself as the Uniter-in-Chief following two devastating terrorist attacks over the weekend, but his proposal to marry firearm and immigration reforms into a single bill is a risky political gamble, though one that might ultimately pay

Trump Turns Sanctions Against Venezuela into an Embargo By Telesur, August 06 2019

U.S. President Donald Trump has imposed sanctions on assets of the Venezuelan government, according to an executive order published on Monday.

“All property and interests in property of the Government of Venezuela that are in the United States … are

Black Sites, Secret Prisons, Rendition: More British Complicity Exposed in Latest ‘CIA Torture Unredacted’ Report By True Publica, August 06 2019

The latest report about kidnappings, rendition, ‘black sites’ and torture is a remarkable piece of investigative work. It provides us with nothing less than a litany of shocking evidence and testimony and at 403 pages it makes for truly grim

Video: Disaster Capitalism on the Horizon? Trumponomics on the Eve of 2020 Presidential Election By South Front, August 06 2019

By way of introduction, it should be noted that the US economy is showing many signs of a classical bubble, starting with the incredibly over-valued US stock market. Only slightly more than a decade ago, at the peak of the

I am a Syrian Living in Syria: “It Was Never a Revolution nor a Civil War. The Terrorists Are Sent by Your Government” By Mark Taliano, August 06 2019
The majority here loves Assad. He has never committed a crime against his own people…the chemical attack was staged by the terrorists helped by USA and UK etc..Everyone knows that here.
Death and Extinction of the Bees. The Role of Monsanto? By Joachim Hagopian, August 05 2019

This article was originally published in March 2014. What has been the role of Monsanto in the loss of of the global honeybee population.

It is only recently that this issue has been the object of mainstream media coverage.


Trump’s Trade War with China: Imagine What Would Happen if China Decided to Impose Economic Sanctions on the USA? By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, August 05 2019
In formulating these veiled threats, the Trump administration should think twice. These measures would inevitably backlash on the U.S. economy. China is not dependent on US imports. Quite the opposite. America is an import led economy with a weak manufacturing base, heavily dependent on imports from the PRC.
The Silencing of Independent Media: Global Research Needs Your Help By Global Research, August 05 2019

Dear Readers,

An increasing number of search engines implement algorithms which are negatively biased against independent news and analysis websites such as Global Research. Our website gets filtered out from their results, making our articles harder to find, which reduces …

World War II: US Military Destroyed 66 Japanese Cities Before Planning to Wipe Out the Same Number of Soviet Cities By Shane Quinn, August 05 2019
The number of Japanese cities destroyed was the exact figure that the Pentagon compiled when finalizing plans, in mid-September 1945, to eviscerate the Soviet Union. Indeed, 66 Soviet cities were earmarked to be wiped out – with 204 atomic bombs – less than 2 weeks after Japan's surrender.
Democracy Threat? Trump Demands ‘Realignment of British Politics’. The Americanization of Britain By True Publica, August 05 2019

I said that this moment would come. It has almost arrived. I warned that Britain is to become a European outpost of America (READ: The global alliance taking over Britain) and if ever proof was needed, it is the

Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif Drives Trump to Insanity By M. K. Bhadrakumar, August 05 2019

At a time when the Trump administration has no problem negotiating with the secretary of the Russian national security council Nikolai Patrushev, who is technically under US sanctions since April 2018, the cut and thrust of Washington’s move to

How Joe Biden’s Privatization Plans Helped Doom Latin America and Fuel the Migration Crisis By Max Blumenthal, August 05 2019

On the campaign trail, Joe Biden has boasted of his role in transforming Colombia and Central America through ambitious economic and security programs. Colombians and Hondurans tell The Grayzone about the damage his plans did to their societies.


While …

Selected Articles: Venezuela: US Blockade Is Next? By Global Research News, August 05 2019

In spite of online censorship efforts directed against the independent media, we are happy to say that readership on has recently increased. We wish to thank all of you who share our articles far and wide.

We cover a

Cheering a New Arms Race: The End of the INF By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, August 05 2019

US President Donald Trump is a master of the withdrawal method.  That said, it is often forgotten that the United States remains that most fickle of creatures, joining, or abandoning international regimes that might be seen to jar with the

Omission of Atrocities Committed by the Venezuelan “Opposition” Discredits UN Human Rights Report By Carla Stea, August 05 2019

Former lawyer for the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights, Alfred de Zayas stated:

“As a former staffer of the Office of the High Commissioner For Human Rights, I know how things work.  There are people with prejudices.   They have

More Fake News and US Statistics About Payroll Jobs. The Trend Towards Part-Time Employment By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, August 05 2019

Yesterday’s column referred to a  “falling labor force participation rate.”  

One of the main points of the article is that the number of payroll jobs are not the same thing as the number of employed Americans.  Jobs have been trending

Nobody Will Stop the US if It Blockades Venezuela By Andrew Korybko, August 05 2019

The US has full escalation dominance in the Hybrid War on Venezuela, so while it would be internationally illegal and morally wrong, neither Caracas nor its partners in Moscow, Beijing, and Tehran would do anything of substance to stop Washington

The Global Currency War Has Begun. China’s Yuan Breaks the 7 to $1 Band. Why is The Dollar Rising? By Dr. Jack Rasmus, August 05 2019

Over this weekend, China’s Yuan currency broke out of its band and devalued to more than 7 to $1. At the same time China announced it would not purchase more US agricultural goods. The Trump-US Neocon trade strategy has just

A Blockade of Venezuela Must be Opposed By Daniel Larison, August 05 2019

When Trump said he was considering a blockade of Venezuela yesterday, it was possible to dismiss it as a meaningless statement that would have no policy implications. Unfortunately, Trump seems to have meant what he said:

Donald Trump is

Seeking Justice for 9/11 Heroes: An Interview with New York Area Fire Commissioner Christopher Gioia By Andrew Steele and Christopher Gioia, August 05 2019

On this week’s episode of 9/11 Free Fall, host Andy Steele is joined by Franklin Square Fire Commissioner Christopher Gioia to discuss his fire district’s recent passage of a historic resolution supporting a new investigation into events of 9/11.


The Resurgence of the “Absentee Landlord” Beast By Philip A Farruggio, August 05 2019

No politician from either of the Two Party/One Party imbroglio will ever mention anything about this Absentee Landlord disgrace. Sadly, absentee landlords have been with us since time in memoriam. These people were even mentioned in the story of Jesus

Is There a Third Way in Libya? What can Break the Deadlock in Libya’s Civil War? By Richard Galustian, August 05 2019

What can break the deadlock in Libya’s civil war? 

Ghassan Salame, the UN’s point man for Libya began his analysis and brief to the Security Council last week by emphasising that the armed conflict in Libya “shows no signs

Tulsi Gabbard, the Mainstream Media and Treason By Renee Parsons, August 05 2019

In case you had not noticed, there is an existential crisis going on within both the MSM and Democratic party that has been on full display during the June and July DNC sponsored presidential debates – and today the DNC

Europe Says ‘No Safe Level’ of Brain-Damaging Pesticide Trump EPA Refused to Ban By EWG, August 05 2019

European food safety regulators have found there is no safe level of exposure for a brain-damaging pesticide President Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency recently refused to ban.

The European Food Safety Authority said today that chlorpyrifos, widely used on fruits and …

Trump Administration Ends Long-standing Safeguards Protecting Kids from Dangerous Class of Pesticides By Center For Biological Diversity, August 05 2019

The Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency announced today that it will end long-running safeguards meant to protect children from harmful pesticide ingredients used in bug sprays, pet shampoos and on fruits and vegetables.

After receiving data from the pesticide industry …

Trump Regime Aiming to Blockade Iran and Venezuela? By Stephen Lendman, August 05 2019

International law is clear. Blockades are undeclared acts of war.

No nation may legally use this tactic against another state unilaterally or with coalition partners.

UN Charter provisions are binding international law. Article 39 authorizes the Security Council alone to …

Mass Shootings in America. The US is a “Gun Society” By Stephen Lendman, August 05 2019

They happen with disturbing regularity, two over the weekend. More on them below.


Gun Violence Archive maintains a database of reported shootings in the US, information gotten from law enforcement, media, and government sources.

In 2019, it reported 33,028 …

The Dangerous New US Consensus on China and the Future of US-China Relations By Prof. Mel Gurtov and Prof. Mark Selden, August 05 2019

The trade war and technological competition with China are symptomatic of a much larger issue: a dangerous gridlock in US-China relations that may become permanent, with dire consequences not just for the two countries’ economies but also for the global

Trump’s Trade War Measures Hit the Financial Markets By Nick Beams, August 05 2019

Financial markets around the world fell on Friday as a result of the shock wave from US President Trump’s surprise announcement Thursday that he intended to impose a 10 percent tariff from September 1 on a further $300 billion worth

Reiwa Shinsengumi: A New Unconventional Politician has Emerged in Japan. Power to the People! By Reiwa Shinsengumi for the World, August 05 2019
The Canaries that Sang “Things Suck” By Jack Tucker, August 04 2019

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not foul-mouthed or in any way vulgar, having been trained in the niceties of academic discretionary writing and research.  I apologize for the title and even for using the personal pronoun “I.”  As “one”

Trump and the World By Robert Fantina, August 04 2019

At this point, everyone on the planet with the exception of United States President Donald Trump and his own, perverse, neocon circle, must see that the U.S. withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has been an unmitigated

Trump Ponders Deadly Blockade of Venezuela By Kurt Nimmo, August 04 2019

President Trump, wandering further afield of his noninterventionist election campaign promise, may soon impose an illegal military blockade on Venezuela.

According to an unnamed Trump administration official, the blockade will continue until Nicolas Maduro abdicates and Juan Guaido becomes …

Is the Endless Iraq Conflict Finally Over? By Rossen Vassilev Jr., August 04 2019

The First Gulf War (1990-1991)

How did U.S. military intervention in Iraq—the wealthiest Arab country in the 1970s—begin? The First Gulf War started in August 1990, when Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein’s army occupied neighboring Kuwait. The Iraqi dictator invaded