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The Real Venezuela: Dignified, Indivisible and Truthful By Nino Pagliccia, October 07 2019

All those wondering who is in charge in Venezuela, should stop reading the biased and confusing corporate media and should look at who represents the country at the United Nations. The UN is not a perfect institution but it is

The Dem-CIA Impeachment. Remove Trump from the Oval Office By Renee Parsons, October 07 2019

It has been more than fascinating if not totally absorbing to watch the chain of events unfold over recent days with the Democrats in open cahoots with the CIA.  Their joint goal is to remove the implacable Donald Trump from

The Most Important Presidential Election Question (That No One Ever Asks!) By Brett Redmayne-Titley, October 07 2019

Once again, the American voter has dutifully begun their quadrennial march to futility at the hands of another election cycle full of false prophets. None seem to realize or remember that the monocracy that they hold so sacrosanct is not-

Iraq Protests: Spontaneous or Made in the USA? By Stephen Lendman, October 07 2019

Time and again, when peaceful protests turn violent in various countries, US dirty hands are involved.

There’s no ambiguity about months of protests in Hong Kong, US dirty hands all over them, local elements involved having met with Trump regime

Let’s Have a Financial Crisis: First, We Need a Central Bank By Larry Romanoff, October 07 2019

Westerners have been for generations infused with a conviction that a nation’s central bank must, under threat of great ‘moral hazard’, be kept separate and independent of that nation’s government. The reasons are unclear, but since this mythology qualifies as

US Hostility Toward North Korean Sovereign Independence. Why Talks Go Nowhere By Stephen Lendman, October 07 2019

The US under both right wings of its war party is militantly hostile toward nations it doesn’t control.

It’s longstanding aim throughout the post-WW II era is to transform them into client states under pro-Western puppet regimes — eliminating their

Pakistan -China -India Relations: Imran Khan’s China Visit Meant to Influence President Xi’s Upcoming India Meeting By Paul Antonopoulos, October 07 2019

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan will arrive in Beijing on Tuesday and he will likely try to coordinate with China over the Kashmir issue to gain strong Chinese backing. It is likely that China will also be asked by Khan

If 4 Nuclear WMD Are More than Adequate for Israel’s Defence – Why Is It Armed with an Estimated 400? By Hans Stehling, October 07 2019

Because the Israeli government refuses to be a party either to the international nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) or the internationally agreed Chemical Weapons or Biological Weapons Conventions (CWC) (BWC), means that unlike the vast majority of UN Member States including

A Million-Mile Electric Car Battery? Musk Wasn’t Lying By Irina Slav, October 07 2019

When earlier this year Tesla’s Elon Musk said the company could soon have batteries lasting for over one million miles, many probably took it as yet another grand promise with less substance than realism requires. Now it seems Musk may

Trump Bucks Protests, Opens 725,500 Acres of California’s Central Coast to Oil Drilling By Center For Biological Diversity, October 07 2019

The Trump administration today dismissed protests and made a formal decision to open 725,500 acres of public lands and mineral estate across California’s Central Coast and the Bay Area to new oil and gas drilling and fracking.

The public lands …

The Netherlands-Ukraine “Secret Agreement” Regarding the July 2014 Shoot Down of Malaysian Airlines MH17 By Eric Zuesse, October 06 2019

The Netherlands Government is resisting an effort by Dutch victims’ families to find out why Ukraine’s Government, on 17 July 2014 — when the Malaysian airliner MH17 was shot down while flying over Ukraine’s civil-war zone — this passenger-plane had

Climate and the “Little Green Women and Men” By Peter Koenig, October 06 2019

The Little Green Women and Men (LGWM) are us, humanoids, especially those living in the west, believing we command Mother Earth. Well, no wonder, there is a group among us, who claims to be “God’s Chosen People” – and they

An Open Letter to “Science and Global Security” By Rick Sterling, October 06 2019

Dear Editors at Science and Global Security,

“Science and Global Security” (SGS)  has been publishing technical articles on arms control and related issues since 1989. I urge you not to succumb to political censorship.

Recently it was announced you are …

US Press Horrified by Trump’s “Shoot Migrants in the Legs” but Ignores What Israeli Snipers Do to Palestinian Protesters By Juan Cole, October 06 2019

Americans were horrified to hear that Trump wanted to have US forces at the US-Mexico border to charge migrants with bayonets or shoot them in the legs. Michael D. Shear and Julie Hirschfeld Davis at the New York Times reported

Canadian Imperialism in Haiti in the Spotlight By Yves Engler, October 06 2019

Sustained committed activism is unraveling the dominant media’s shameful blackout of Canadian imperialism in Haiti. But, the bias against putting Canadian policy in a negative light is such that small breakthroughs require tremendous effort.

On Monday 15 Haitian community members …

The Post 9/11 Era and The “Global War on Terrorism”: “You are Either with Us, or with the Terrorists” By Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Bonnie Faulkner, October 06 2019

The tragic events of September 11, 2001 constitute a fundamental landmark in American history. a decisive watershed, a breaking point. Millions of people have been misled regarding the causes and consequences of 9/11. September 11 2001 opens up an era

Can Holy Synod Vote Fairly Under Pressure from Constantinople? By Sophia Iliadi, October 06 2019

Since Kyriakos Mitsotakis was elected Prime Minister, the Church of Greece can breathe a bit freely. Threat of expelling faith from state education system blew over, as did the financial cuts for civilian services provided by the church.

However, there …

125 Million Dead + Global Starvation in Any Nuclear War By Hans Stehling, October 06 2019

Today’s London Daily Telegraph (04/10) carries a report that any nuclear war between Pakistan and India could mean up to 125 million people would die and that the consequent fires would likely cause smoke to spread across the world blocking

Video: Iran Foils Attempt to Assassinate Commander of QODS Force By South Front, October 06 2019

Turkey is fortifying its border with the Syrian province of Idlib with cement blocks, barbed wires, and other military-style structures. According to Ankara, Idlib is in the hands of the so-called moderate opposition. However, it is for some reason concerned

Secret Mueller Discussions Uncovered. Judicial Watch By Judicial Watch, October 06 2019

Rod Rosenstein, who was once a deputy attorney general, is a key figure in enabling, at a minimum, the Deep State’s seditious attacks on President Trump.

More proof is in new documents uncovered by a Judicial Watch lawsuit. Specifically, …

Hong Kong versus Iraq Protests By Stephen Lendman, October 06 2019

US dirty hands are all over months of protests in Hong Kong, including orchestrated violence and chaos, targeting China’s soft underbelly.

Opposition elements met with House Speaker Pelosi and Pompeo in Washington. They also met with US lawmakers in Montana …

“Viva la Revolución”! Will the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Survive the Empire’s War? By Michael Welch, Dr. Maria Páez Victor, Yves Engler, and Nino Pagliccia, October 06 2019


“Let the dogs of the empire bark, that’s their job; ours is to battle to achieve the true liberation of our people.”

– Hugo Chavez (February, 2006) [1]




Click to download the audio

The Russia-Israel Spy Scandal Puts Iran in an Uncomfortable Position By Andrew Korybko, October 06 2019

The arrest of Russian anti-government journalist Yulia Yuzik by the IRGC on suspicion of spying for “Israel” and her subsequently promised release following pressure from Moscow puts Iran in the uncomfortable position of being seen as “compromising” on its ideological

Video: The Troublemaker – Behind the Scenes of the United Nations. The Legacy of Father Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann By Roberto Salinas, October 06 2019

What happens when a Latin American priest suspended by the Pope for his involvement in revolutionary politics becomes President of the General Assembly of the United Nations?

A year in the life of our only global parliament – an institution …

The Latest on the Diplomatic War Against Venezuela By Leonardo Flores, October 06 2019

According to conventional wisdom, the Trump administration, as well as its regional allies in the Lima Group and the Venezuelan opposition, were set to intensify the diplomatic war on the Venezuelan government at the U.N. General Assembly. However, they only

Brexit: A Symptom of Harmful Neoliberal Measures Which Have Undermined the EU By Shane Quinn, October 06 2019

The seemingly never-ending spectacle of Britain’s attempted exit from the European Union is part of a broader malaise affecting this association of European states. The EU is in growing difficulty and much of this is unfortunately due to its own

Bringing SNC-Lavalin to Mind in this Uninspiring Federal Election By Leo Panitch, October 06 2019

Who would have believed, just a few months ago, that the SNC-Lavalin scandal would scarcely have been registered so far as one of the key issues in the current Federal election? This has nothing to do with the short memories

The New “Water Barons”: Wall Street Mega-Banks are Buying up the World’s Water By Jo-Shing Yang, October 05 2019
Mega-banks and investing powerhouses such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, UBS, Deutsche Bank, the Blackstone Group, Allianz, and HSBC Bank, among others, are consolidating their control over water.
US Interfered in Elections of at Least 85 Countries Worldwide Since 1945 By Shane Dixon Kavanaugh, October 05 2019

This article was first by and Global Research in December 2016.

The simmering tit-for-tat has kept the issue of election meddling burning bright in the national spotlight, fueled even further by the belief among U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia

Israel is an Undeclared Nuclear Weapons State By Hans Stehling, October 05 2019

The state of Israel must not be allowed to remain outside the requirements of international law. The U.N. requires all countries to be a party to the NPT and that Israel must conform to the lawful requirements of U.N. Security

The Rise of China and the Decline of American Power By Christopher Black, October 05 2019

First published in August 2019.

October 1st 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC)

The imperialist powers have a long history of colonialism in China, of reducing its people to beggars in

Fukushima: “An Ongoing Global Radiological Catastrophe”. “A Huge Coverup”. Dr. Helen Caldicott By Dr. Helen Caldicott and Michael Welch, October 05 2019
I have been to Fukushima and spoken to people there and the parents are desperate to hear the truth even if it's not good truth. And they thanked me for telling them the truth. So it's an absolute medical catastrophe I would say, and a total cover up to protect the nuclear industry and all its ramifications.
Glyphosate Worse than We Could Imagine. “It’s Everywhere” By F. William Engdahl, October 05 2019
Glyphosate residues have been found in tap water, orange juice, children’s urine, breast milk, chips, snacks, beer, wine, cereals, eggs, oatmeal, wheat products, and most conventional foods tested. It’s everywhere.
France Said No to US Led War against Iraq: Dominique de Villepin at the UN Security Council, February 14, 2003 By Dominique de Villepin, October 05 2019

The government of president Jacques Chirac was a historical watershed. It was the last French government which refused to align itself with US foreign policy.  It was the expression of an independent nation.

France had extensive oil interests in Iraq …

The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families By Dean Henderson, October 05 2019
The Four Horsemen of Banking (Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo) own the Four Horsemen of Oil (Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, BP and Chevron Texaco)
Mao Zedong
Mao Zedong Declares the Foundation of the People’s Republic of China, October 1, 1949 By Global Research News, October 05 2019

People across China are commemorating the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the People’s Republic of China on October 1st 1949.

Mao Zedong’s historic declaration. See video below




How Brexit Was Engineered by Foreign Billionaires to Bring About Economic Chaos – for Profit By Graham Vanbergen, October 05 2019

This article was first posted on GR in October 2017.

In this truly alarming story I connect three significant articles to show that Brexit, far from being the result of representative democracy, is in fact a campaign of covert intervention

US Now Admits it is Funding “Occupy Central” in Hong Kong By Tony Cartalucci, October 05 2019

This article first published five years ago on October 1, 2014 is of particular relevance to an understanding of recent developments in Hong Kong.


Just as the US admitted shortly after the so-called “Arab Spring” began spreading chaos across

America’s Enemies, Who’s On the List? By Prof. James Petras, October 05 2019
For almost 2 decades, the US pursued a list of ‘enemy countries’ to confront, attack, weaken & overthrow. This imperial quest to overthrow ‘enemy countries’ depends on two considerations: the level of priority & the degree of vulnerability for a ‘regime change’ operation.
The Deep State Goes Shallow. “Reality-TV Coup d’etat in Prime Time” By Edward Curtin, October 05 2019

This article was first published on February 21, 2017, one month after Donald Trump was sworn in as president, more than two-and-a half years ago.  What was true then is even truer now, and so I am reprinting it with

France’s Police Protest Movement: The Unspoken Truth is that their Demands are Similar to those of the Yellow Vests By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, October 04 2019

Pour la version française de cet article

In early October, The French Police conducted La March de la colère, (The “March of Anger”) directed against President Macron’s deadly economic austerity measures. “The center of Paris was paralyzed by the largest

Axis of Resistance.The West and its Allies Support al Qaeda and ISIS Globally By Mark Taliano, October 04 2019

The real Axis of Evil consists of Washington-led NATO and its allies. The magnitude of the human and environmental catastrophe is unimaginable in scope. Western governments and their agencies send strong delusion to North Americans, who remain largely ignorant to

My America: Raised by the Perpetual War Empire By Philip A Farruggio, October 04 2019

One must surmise that any ‘thinking’ citizen of ancient Rome probably felt as this writer does concerning my America, the Empire. Perpetual wars, invasions, occupations and colonization of foreign lands either were greeted with a cheerleading feeling, or with apathy

Former Ukraine President Poroshenko under Police Investigation: Fails to Appear for Polygraph Test By Padraig McGrath, October 04 2019

Former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko failed to appear at the Kiev Research Institute of Forensic Expertise for a polygraph test on October 1st. The test was scheduled to be conducted by Ukraine’s National Bureau of Investigations, having been authorized by

5G Cell Phone Radiation: How the Telecom Companies Are Losing the Battle to Impose 5G Against the Will of the People By Claire Edwards, October 04 2019
The telecommunications companies and the mainstream media would have you believe that the race to roll out 5G is unstoppable. That you are nothing and no one in the face of a lethal multi-trillion-dollar agenda imposed by some of the most powerful entities on the planet.
As Global Economy Weakens, Trump Escalates Trade War By Stephen Lendman, October 04 2019

Multiple rounds of Sino/US trade talks failed over unacceptable Trump regime demands and aims.

They’re unrelated to the bilateral trade imbalance — caused by corporate America shifting operations to China and other low-wage countries. 

Another round of US/China talks are …

The Conspiracy Against Trump Is Now Out in the Open By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, October 04 2019

I am beginning to wonder if fluoridation hasn’t dropped the US IQ by much more than 5 points.

The reports, such as this one, which provide clear evidence that the alleged whistleblower spent a month arranging his complaint with

Video: Russia Tested Elements of Advanced S-500 Air Defense in Syria By South Front, October 04 2019

Syrian, Iranian and Russian forces started a joint military drill, involving heavy military equipment, rocket launchers and warplanes, on October 1, al-Watan newspaper reported on October 2. According to al-Watan, the drills coincided with a series of protests against the

Torture and Killing of Palestinians in Israeli Prisons By Stephen Lendman, October 04 2019

B’Tselem published numerous reports on Israeli use of torture and other forms of abuse against Palestinian detainees — arrested and imprisoned for political reasons.

In November 2017, the organization said the following:

“The Israel Security Agency’s (ISA) interrogation regime relies

Russia’s Largest Oil Company Ditches Dollar in New Oil Deals By Tsvetana Paraskova, October 04 2019

Russia’s largest oil company Rosneft has set the euro as the default currency for all new exports of crude oil and refined products, as the state-controlled giant looks to switch as many sales as possible from U.S. dollars to euros

Privatizing Canada’s Water Infrastructure Should be an Election Issue By Joyce Nelson, October 04 2019

With the Canadian federal election just days away, it’s amazing that there’s been no media focus on the Liberals’ plan to privatize our municipal water and wastewater systems. As far as I can determine, only one alternative media site, Press

Joshua Wong, Juan Guaido – New Generation of Pro-Western “Saints” By Andre Vltchek, October 04 2019

The new generation of “pro-Western heroes” and “saints” is clearly failing to impress the world. Juan Guaido and Joshua Wong are definitely as right-wing as Mother Teresa was, but not as “credible”.

A long time ago I visited a place …

Lawless Trump-Canada Connections By Prof. John McMurtry, October 04 2019

Canada recently seized and sold $30 million worth of Iranian properties in Ottawa and Toronto, a gross hypocrisy explains Yves Engler in light of oversights of more flagrant US and Israel terror victims. See this.

But the behaviour of …

Iran Is China’s Secret Weapon for Killing off the US Dollar’s Global Reserve Status By Federico Pieraccini, October 04 2019

There is a strong current of change affecting the international political arena. It is the beginning of a revolution brought on by the transition from a unipolar to multipolar world order. In practice, we are faced with the combination of

The Eurasian Economic Union’s Expansion Is Encouraging, but Don’t Get Too Excited By Andrew Korybko, October 04 2019

The recent meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Council in the Armenian capital of Yerevan at the beginning of October saw the reaching of a free trade agreement with the ASEAN powerhouse of Singapore and confirmation that a temporary deal will

Ukraine Gains from Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry By M. K. Bhadrakumar, October 04 2019

The controversy swirling around the phone conversation between the US President Donald Trump and Ukraine President Vladimir Zelensky regarding the business interests of former vice-president Joe Biden’s son is having a salutary effect on the conflict in Ukraine. 

The US …

What Julian Assange Really Represents By True Publica, October 04 2019

Julian Assange is facing extradition to the United States after he was forcibly dragged from the Ecuadorian embassy in London by police mid-April this year. On the 1st May, he was imprisoned for breaching bail conditions. His sentence is now

The Caliphate Project, Made in America. Declassified U.S. Government Documents Confirm the US Supported the Creation of ISIS By Washington's Blog, October 04 2019

Global Research Editor’s Note:

First published in May 2015, this article reveals not only that the ISIS is a creation of US intelligence, it  also confirms that the Caliphate Project was designed in Washington.

See Screenshots Below from the title …

Misrepresentations of American and Soviet Roles in World War II and the Cold War By Eric Zuesse, October 03 2019


The Soviet Union contributed more than did any other nation to the defeats of Germany and Japan in World War II, but America and Britain together defeated Italy. Many prominent Western ‘historians’ white-out the Soviet roles in defeating

“The Globalization of War” and “Towards a World War III Scenario” By Global Research, October 03 2019

The Globalization of War: America’s “Long War” against Humanity, by Michel Chossudovsky

America’s hegemonic project in the post 9/11 era is the “Globalization of War” whereby the U.S.-NATO military machine —coupled with covert intelligence operations, economic sanctions and the

Neocon: Trump “Misunderstood” on War to Destroy Syria By Kurt Nimmo, October 03 2019

“The United States’ special representative for Syria has defended the controversial decision by President Donald Trump to withdraw troops from the Middle Eastern country and declare that the war against the so-called Islamic State had been won,” Trump’s envoy to

Idiocy or Perfidy? How We Get Hooked on Foreign Democracy Crusades By James Bovard, October 03 2019

Gullible Superpower: U.S. Support For Bogus Foreign Democratic Movements by Ted Galen Carpenter, 2019, Cato Institute, 300 pages

For the past 20 years, U.S. foreign policy has been marked by constant lies and unjustified killings, from the 1999 bombing of …

The US Calls for Peace and Apologies for Its Past. A Dream… By Elijah J. Magnier, October 03 2019

“As President of the United States of America, I apologise for the suffering we have caused the world for decades, and particularly in the Middle East. I am sorry for causing so much pain to the Iranian population by inflicting

What Happened in Sudan? By Prof. Vijay Prashad, October 03 2019

On 19 December 2018, an uprising began in Sudan. This uprising would culminate in the removal of Sudan’s president – Omar al-Bashir – from power on 11 April 2019. The army staged a conservative military coup to abort the revolutionary

Slow Burn: Dirt, Radiation, and Power in Fukushima By Dr. Peter Wynn Kirby, October 03 2019

Amid the radioactive fallout of the meltdowns at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and across what would come to be known as the Exclusion Zone, Japanese members of the nuclear lobby laboured to contain the political fallout of the Fukushima

Video: Houthis Deliver Devastating Blow to Saudi Arabia By South Front, October 03 2019

In late September, Yemen’s Houthis carried out a large-scale operation against Saudi-led forces on the border with the southern Saudi province of Narjan. According to a spokesperson for the Armed Forces of the Houthi Government, the Houthis fully defeated at

India’s Wrong, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Isn’t ‘Illegal’ By Andrew Korybko, October 03 2019

Indian Ministry of External Affairs spokesman Raveesh Kumar said over the weekend that “We expect that other countries will respect India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and desist from efforts to change the status quo through the illegal so-called China-Pakistan Economic

Gene Edited Catastrophe in Brazil. Mosquitos By F. William Engdahl, October 03 2019

A British-American gene-editing company has released millions of genetically modified mosquitoes containing a dominant lethal gene, each week for 27 months in the Bahia, Brazil region in a test to see if the gene-edited mosquitoes would mate with local mosquitoes

Why Israel Is Struggling to Find a Way Out of Its Political Deadlock By Jonathan Cook, October 03 2019

It would be a grave mistake to assume that the continuing political deadlock in Israel – with neither incumbent prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu nor his main rival Benny Gantz seemingly able to cobble together a coalition government – is evidence

Trump Administration Reignites War Against Syria By Kurt Nimmo, October 03 2019

The neocons are not about to give up and admit defeat. Due primarily to Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah, the presence of the Islamic State is now considerably reduced in Syria. 

This is, of course, unacceptable for the neocons and Trump’s …

African American Education Crisis Highlighted in Atlanta Testing Case By Abayomi Azikiwe, October 03 2019

“None of the Above: The Untold Story of the Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal, Corporate Greed, and the Criminalization of Educators” by Shani Robinson and Anna Simonton, Beacon Press, Boston, 2019

This study chronicles the plight of 35 educators, all …

Iran Ready to End Nuclear Standoff with United States Once Sanctions Are Lifted By Sarah Abed, October 03 2019

Last week’s United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, presented the perfect opportunity for dialogue and diplomacy between the United States and Iran, in what would have been a historical meeting, the first of its kind between American and

Boris Johnson Gives ‘Final Deal’ to Brussels By Johanna Ross, October 03 2019

The final blueprint for the UK government’s EU withdrawal proposal was delivered to Brussels on Wednesday. David Frost, the government’s Brexit envoy, handed over the document, headed ‘A fair and reasonable compromise’ and addressed to EU President Jean-Claude Juncker

China’s Hypersonic Missile Dominance By Andrew Korybko, October 03 2019

The People’s Republic showed off its state-of-the-art DF-17 hypersonic glide vehicle during this week’s military parade celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Revolution, which was meant to send a message not just to the superpower’s American adversary, but

Money to Burn By Global Witness, October 03 2019

The burning of the Brazilian Amazon this summer illustrated in the most graphic way possible humanity’s war on the planet.

But such scenes play out every year in rainforests all around the world to make way for big agribusiness, away

Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) Must Shelve His Vicious War in Yemen By Pepe Escobar, October 03 2019

Never underestimate the power of blowback. Right now, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS), the de facto ruler of the House of Saud, is staring at it, an ominous abyss opened by the Houthis in Yemen.

This past weekend, …

Deep-sea Dilemma By Diva Amon, October 03 2019

I’m on a ship 1,600 kilometres away from the nearest landmass. It has taken us five days to get from California to the middle of the equatorial Pacific Ocean. Our team sends a remotely operated vehicle 4.5 kilometres down to

Financial Services Industry Slowly Abandons Britain Ahead of Brexit By True Publica, October 03 2019

The EU is London’s biggest customer when it comes to financial services with exports worth £26 billion in profits. As the EU and Britain failed to agree a deal, the industry’s hopes of largely unfettered access to the bloc, banks

Lula: I Will Not Trade My Dignity for My Freedom By Brasil de Fato and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, October 03 2019

Former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva wrote in a letter that he will only leave his current situation of incarceration if his full innocence is recognized. This declaration came after the Operation Car Wash prosecutors filed a petition

Citizen Advocacy: The Achievements of New Zealand’s Peace Activism By Pinar Temocin and Prof. Noriyuki Kawano, October 03 2019