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The Mayan 2012 “End of the World” Prophecy: People Buy “Noah’s Ark Survival Pods” … By Washington's Blog, December 16 2012

Hear the Mayan Prophecy for Yourself

The Mayan 2012 end of the world “prophecy” is scaring the pants off numerous children and suicidal teeangers. 1-in-10 people believe that the Mayans have prophesied the end of the world (and see

Gun Violence in America By Stephen Lendman, December 16 2012

US civilian gun ownership is the highest worldwide. Yemen ranks second. America doubles the Yemeni level.

Gun related violence follows. In America it’s endemic. In Chicago alone, gun-related deaths exceed one a day. More Chicagoans are shot and killed than

The U.S. and Israel have made a Joke of the United Nations Security Council By Glenn Greenwald and Kourosh Ziabari, December 16 2012

Glenn Greenwald is a prominent American journalist, author, lawyer and blogger. His writings and articles have appeared on several newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The American Conservative, The National Interest and In These

Is the New Generation of Anti-Depressant Medications Contributing to School Shootings? By Washington's Blog, December 16 2012

000379 titleimage Are the New Generation of Anti Depressant Medications Contributing to School Shootings?

SSRI’s May Be Exacerbating Violent Tendencies

Before you make up your mind, watch these 3 videos:

The Economic Crisis in Europe: Austerity Imposed by the Banks, Soaring Unemployment, Poverty By Kate Randall, December 16 2012

A two-day summit of European heads of state and finance ministers ended on Friday with general agreement to extend and deepen the austerity measures which have already plunged millions of Europeans into unemployment and poverty while reaping huge returns for

School shooting in Connecticut leaves 27 dead, including 20 children By Kate Randall, December 16 2012

A gunman walked into an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday morning and opened fire, killing 26, including 20 young children. The shooter was also found dead inside the school of a self-inflicted gunshot.

The horrific event took place …

The Woes of an American Drone Operator By Der Spiegel, December 16 2012

By Nicola Abé

A soldier sets out to graduate at the top of his class. He succeeds, and he becomes a drone pilot working with a special unit of the United States Air Force in New Mexico. He kills dozens

War Crimes: Iraq’s Red Crescent under Attack. Complicity of US Occupation Forces By Dirk Adriaensens, December 16 2012

On 10 December, International Human Rights day, the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Martin Kobler, said in a speech during a ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Human Rights in Baghdad, that the word of Prime Minister

Syria: Growing Presence of Al Qaeda Extremists Creates Fear and “Uncertainty Regarding Future of our Country” By Xinhua, December 16 2012
Watching what happened in Iraq over the past 10 years, what is going on in Yemen now and on top of that the footage that emerges on a daily basis from places in Syria that witness a thick presence of
Iran warns Patriot missiles in Turkey could lead to World War III By Stop NATO, December 16 2012

Iran’s armed forces chief of staff on Saturday warned Turkey over its plans to deploy US-made Patriot missiles, saying the move was part of a Western plot to “create a world war.”

“This is very dangerous for everyone, and even …

NATO Turns Up Heat in Syria Psy Op War By Tony Cartalucci, December 16 2012

NATO tells tales of recently launched “Scud missiles” to retroactively justify Patriot missile deployment months in the making.

In a recent bid to psychologically break Syria’s government and military leadership, producing long sought-after defections, US-led NATO has decided to place …

Corporate Tax Breaks and Job Creation in the U.S. By Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer, December 15 2012

It has become an entrenched trend: corporations approach government officials and demand tax breaks, threatening to abandon the city, state or country if the politicians are not forthcoming.

In 2011, for example, in San Francisco, Twitter demanded a tax break …

Military Escalation, Dangerous Crossroads: Russia-US Confrontation in Syria? By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, December 15 2012
The US Patriot missile deployment in Turkey is part of a regional process of militarization which includes the establishment of US command posts and the stationing of Us troops in Jordan and Israel. This regional military deployment also threatens Iran.
US backed “Free Syrian Army” has “Crossed the Line”: Threatens to Kill Russians and Ukrainians in Syria By Global Research News, December 15 2012

Global Research Editor’s Note

This report confirms that the US and its allies have given the “green light” to their proxy Free Syria Army  (FSA) foot-soldiers to threaten and target Russian and Ukrainian nationals.

The decision did not emanate from

Iranian Bomb Graph Appears Adapted from One on Internet By Gareth Porter, December 15 2012

The suspect graph of a nuclear explosion reportedly provided to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as evidence of Iranian computer modeling of nuclear weapons yields appears to have been adapted from a very similar graph in a scholarly journal

Destructive Macroeconomic Policy: When the “Fiscal Cliff” Hits An Iceberg… By Danny Schechter, December 15 2012

2012 has been the l00th anniversary of the famous Titanic disaster. The Captain of that “unsinkable” ship was warned that there were icebergs ahead but he was too busy, out to set a speed record on the way to New

Syria Chemical Weapons: Canadian Special Forces to Assist “Opposition”? By Eric Walberg, December 15 2012

France and Britain have begun to circle Syria like vultures (my apologies to vultures, who politely wait for their prey to die). They plan to save Syria from chemical bombs – a surreal replay of Suez 1956, where France and

US Recognizes Unelected Al Qaeda Terrorists as Syrian “Representatives” By Tony Cartalucci, December 15 2012

US admits Al Qaeda “amongst” Syrian rebels, recognizes them as the “legitimate representative of the Syrian people.”

As expected, after a long pause of feigned “consideration,” the US has recognized the militants it has been arming, funding, aiding logistically and …

Biggest Social Media Sites Censor Alternative News By Washington's Blog, December 15 2012

“Unreliable News Sources”

The mainstream media skews the news to defend the status quo, and serves the interests of the rich and powerful.

But at least web news sources are free of censorship … one would hope.

Unfortunately, …

2012 In Focus: Bankers’ Banquet, Economic Recession and the Social Crisis By Colin Todhunter, December 15 2012

As 2012 draws to a close, what should we make of it? Given the amount of events that took place, any look-back can only be highly selective. With that being the case, the following piece focuses on just some of

US-Backed Syrian “Opposition” Demands Support for Al Qaeda By Tony Cartalucci, December 15 2012

US-handpicked opposition leader, Moaz al-Khatib wants US to reconsider terror listing for Al Qaeda’s al-Nusra front, [which is covertly supported by Western intelligence].

As part of the US’ charade in declaring support and recognition of the so-called “Syrian” opposition, it …

“Silent Spring”: The Reckless Use of Pesticides in Modern Agriculture By Luke Eastwood, December 15 2012

This year (2012) is the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Rachel Carson’s seminal work ‘Silent Spring’, published first in the USA in 1962. This was the first book of its kind – an outspoken, powerfully argued and well researched

Killing Civilians: Obama’s Drone War in Pakistan By Sajjad Shaukat, December 14 2012

In his second term, it was expected that the U.S. President Barack Obama would reassess America’s controversial foreign policy, especially by ceasing CIA-operated drone attacks on Pakistan. But these aerial strikes continue on Pak tribal areas.

It is worth mentioning …

Strauss-Kahn, Petraeus, Et Al: Why is Sexual Philandering Judged More Harshly than Our Treacherous, Bloody and Failed War-Making? By Barbara Nimri Aziz, December 14 2012

It’s the time when journalists review the past 12 months to tally blunders, setbacks and successes. It’s a time too, to reflect on leaders—media leaders, financial leaders, political leaders. What they do not look at is the moral standard by

The Military Industrial Complex: A Capitalist System Running Amok By Rev. Richard Skaff, December 14 2012

The Military Industrial Complex has solidified its ties and deeply inserted his long horns into the arteries of the American taxpayers.

Creating wars to feed the blood-thirsty and greedy beast of the military industry complex has been a common practice …

Russian Foreign Ministry: Danger of Syria Chemical Weapons Falling in the Hands of Terrorists By Ria Novosti, December 14 2012
MOSCOW, December 13 (RIA Novosti) – Russia is concerned by the prospect of Syrian chemical weapons falling into terrorist hands, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said on Thursday.

“The greatest danger is that parts of Syria continue to fall under …

Everyone is Fair Game: Spy Agency Conducts Surveillance on All US Citizens By RT, December 14 2012

The Obama administration overruled recommendations from within the US Department of Homeland Security and implemented new guidelines earlier this year that allow the government to gather and analyze intelligence on every single US citizen.

Since the spring, a little-know intelligence …

Above the Law: Fraudulent and Criminal Global Banking System By Barry Grey, December 14 2012

In the latest scandal involving the criminal activities of major banks, the US Justice Department on Tuesday announced a $1.9 billion settlement with British-based HSBC on charges of money laundering on a massive scale for Mexican and Colombian drug cartels.

Deepening World Economic Crisis: US Federal Reserve expands “Quantitative Easing” By Andre Damon, December 14 2012

The Federal Reserve announced Wednesday a significant expansion of its bond-buying program and low-interest-rate policy, in a move aimed at propping up the assets of the banks and super-rich amid signs of an intensification of the world economic crisis.

Speaking …

1984 Is Here: Big Brother in the Electronic Age By Washington's Blog, December 14 2012

We extensively documented last week that Americans are the most spied upon people in world history.

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal gave a glimpse of a small part of the pervasive spying:

Top U.S. intelligence officials gathered in the

German Court: CIA Abducted and Tortured German Citizen By Washington's Blog, December 14 2012

Torture Was Systemic, Doesn’t Work … and Both Dems and Repubs Approved It

The Guardian reports:

CIA agents tortured a German citizen, sodomising, shackling, and beating him, as Macedonian state police looked on, the European court of human

The Great Social Security Robbery By Prof. James Petras, December 14 2012


The leaders of both major parties, Congress, the White House, the editorial writers, journalists of all the principle newspapers and most academic economists claim that Social Security and Medicare need to be ‘reformed’ in order to reduce the “unsustainable” …

How Many U.S. Troops To Stay In Afghanistan And For How Long? By Boris Volkhonsky, December 14 2012
The visit and the topics discussed leave no doubt that the previously announced “full withdrawal” of US troops from Afghanistan was from the very beginning meant for the internal consumption by the credulous American public.

One thing should always be

Propaganda War on Syria Rages By Stephen Lendman, December 14 2012

 Propaganda wars precede hot ones. Conflicts and other forms of violence are glorified in the name of peace. Doublespeak duplicity claim it. Wars are waged to prevent it. 

 Ongoing ones assure more ahead. Unconscionable death counts rise. America, Israel, key

Deepening Recession: Economic Austerity, Crisis and Resistance in Portugal By Mark Bergfeld, December 14 2012

A day before the right wing coalition government in Portugal was to vote through its 2013 budget, the German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble met his Portuguese counterpart Vitor Gaspar and proclaimed, “Portugal is on the right path and is, for

Iran Dialogue or US Diplomatic Detour? By Dr. Ismail Salami, December 13 2012

It is very unfortunate to note that the United States has constantly sought to depict the Islamic Republic in the light of a tenacious nation resilient to any logic and dialogue whatsoever.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has emphasized

America’s Power Game: Iranian People Victims of US Economic Sanctions By Kourosh Ziabari, December 13 2012

 Iran’s nuclear program seems to have reached a dead end. Iranian officials have politically invested a lot on the country’s nuclear program, which was initially set in motion 6 decades ago when President Dwight D. Eisenhower decided to help his

Military Intervention in Syria? The Troubled Middle East and NATO’s Future Plans By Natalia Meden, December 13 2012

The West is generously adding fuel to the fire in order to speed up the fall of the Syrian regime. Will it come to a military intervention? In any event, the United States has developed specific plans for a

Uncertainty about Hugo Chavez’s Health. Political Implications for Venezuela By Stephen Lendman, December 13 2012

On December 8, Chavez announced he’ll return to Cuba. More surgery is needed. It’ll be his fourth for cancer. Tests after his October reelection found no reoccurrence.

In late November, he returned to Havana for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). It

Unreported by the Media: America’s Nuclear Weapons Tests. The Truth is a “Bitter Pill” By Andrew Kishner, December 13 2012
The U.S. has carried out a first-ever subcritical nuclear test in a shrunken nuclear fission bomb!? And if the Department of Energy doesn't really have a need for its stockpile stewardship tests, then what was the purpose of this experiment? Is the DoE secretly designing new nuclear weapons?
The Tar Sands Blockade to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline in Texas By Kevin Zeese, December 13 2012

This is one of the most important resistance actions in the country and it’s great to see it growing. The Blockade is preparing for more and larger actions with a training from January 3rd to 8th and they

Countering the Far-Right in Greece By J. B. Gerald, December 13 2012

How is Europe to deal with all those displaced by U.S. / NATO wars on Iraq,  Afghanistan, Libya, Syria ? What responsibility does Greece have for the refugees of the West’s new world order ? Forced into debt, Greece is

The Royal Pregnancy Phone Hoax By Julie Hyland, December 13 2012

The apparent suicide last week of nurse Jacintha Saldanha is a tragedy. It took place in the wake of the prank call by Australian radio presenters to the London hospital where the pregnant Kate Middleton was being treated.

In advance …

Sweetheart Settlement for HSBC Bank on Drug Money Laundering Charges By Barry Grey, December 13 2012

The US Justice Department on Tuesday announced a settlement with the British-based HSBC bank regarding charges of money laundering Mexican drug funds that allows the bank to admit to wrongdoing and pay a fine without being criminally charged.

In a …

America Invades Africa: The Resource War and the Conquest of Mali By Timothy Alexander Guzman, December 13 2012
he United States African Command (AFRICOM) was created in 2007 under then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in the Bush Administration as a Military Command center that covers the entire continent of Africa.
Assessing the Role of the Muslim Brotherhood: The Arab Winter may leave America “Out in the Cold” By Stop NATO, December 13 2012

By Clifford Kiracofe

Egypt, while increasing its regional role, is following a policy in line with Washington’s requirements: peace with Israel and regime change in Syria.

Washington calculates that it can manage its relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood and therefore

Quantitative Easing Benefits the Super Rich … And Harms The Little Guy and the American Economy By Washington's Blog, December 13 2012

The Fed has just announced its fourth round of “quantitative easing”.

While the mainstream financial press pretends that quantitative easing is a “liberal” economic policy, nothing could be further from the truth.

As we’ve repeatedly explained, quantitative easing is …

Destroying the World’s Forests: The Endless Struggle against Logging By Patrick O’Keeffe, December 13 2012

For the past year, Miranda Gibson has lived on a small platform that is suspended 60 metres above the floor of an ancient forest in Tasmania’s south. “I climbed up this tree because I wanted to expose to the world

The True Costs of Empire: Garrisoning the Planet By David Vine, December 13 2012

Tom Dispatch Introduction

Mars? Venus? Earth-like bodies elsewhere in the galaxy? Who knows? But here, at least, no great power, no superpower, no hyperpower, not the Romans, nor imperial China, nor the British, nor the Soviet Union has ever garrisoned

America and Israel Wage War on Humanity By Stephen Lendman, December 13 2012

America’s longstanding policy is permanent war. It’s the only nation ever to wage them ever year in its history abroad and/or at home.

Multiple direct and proxy wars rage now. Obama plans more. He’s a war criminal multiple times over.…

Syria: “Chemical Propaganda” and Fabricated Evidence By Julie Lévesque, December 12 2012

In order to facilitate the action of liberative (sic) forces, …a special effort should be made to eliminate certain key individuals. …[to] be accomplished early in the course of the uprising and intervention, …

Once a political decision has

Unmasking the Muslim Brotherhood: Syria, Egypt, and Beyond By Eric Draitser, December 12 2012

The complexities of the Arab Spring and the struggle for political freedom throughout the Arab world should not obscure what has now become an absolutely essential understanding for all anti-imperialists: the Muslim Brotherhood is one of the most powerful weapons

Won’t Get Fooled Again? Hyping Syria’s WMD ‘Threat’ By David Edwards, December 12 2012

Reading about crimes of state over many years, it is tempting to try to fathom the mind-set of political leaders. What actually is going on in their heads when they order sanctions that kill hundreds of thousands of children? What

Breakdown of Justice in Pre-Trial Hearing: Whistleblower Bradley Manning Condemned to 928 Days Imprisonment without Trial By Naomi Spencer, December 12 2012

US Army hearings on the pre-trial detention of accused whistleblower Bradley Manning concluded on Tuesday, with closing arguments by both the defense and prosecution. The 24-year-old Army private has been imprisoned for 928 days without trial.

Manning was arrested May …

Sanctions against the Russians: Obdurate Washington and the “Magnitsky Rule” By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, December 12 2012
With its power declining, Washington was not able any longer to keep Russia out of the World Trade Organization.  Congress showed its spite over its impotence by hooking the normalizing of trade with Russia to what is called the “Magnitsky
Syrian Rebels Pledge Allegiance to Al-Qaeda Group That Killed U.S. Troops By Paul Joseph Watson, December 12 2012

A new petition posted on the ‘We The People’ section of the website demands that the Obama administration cease all funding and support for terrorists and extremist rebels in Syria, as news emerges of 29 different Syrian rebel groups

Gold Sanctions on Iran As Currency Wars Escalate By Global Research News, December 12 2012

Turkey’s trade balance may turn on whether President Barack Obama vetoes more stringent sanctions against Iran after the U.S. Senate passed a measure targeting loopholes in gold exports to the Islamic Republic.

Turkey’s gold trade with neighbouring Iran has helped

Washington “Discovers” Terrorists in Syria By Bill Van Auken, December 12 2012

The US State Department on Tuesday formally designated one of the leading militias fighting for the overthrow of the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization.”

The group, known as Jabhat al-Nusra, or the al-Nusra front, is …

Britain’s Parliament Investigates the Use of Armed Unmanned Drones By Drone Wars UK, December 12 2012


The Defence Select Committee has confirmed this week that it plans to investigate the use of armed unmanned drones. The inquiry into “the use of remotely piloted aircraft (RPAs, commonly known as “drones”)” will form part of a wider …

More Than Thirty Top U.S. Officials Guilty of War Crimes By Sherwood Ross, December 12 2012

More than 30 top U.S. officials, including presidents G.W. Bush and Obama, are guilty of war crimes or crimes against peace and humanity “legally akin to those perpetrated by the former Nazi regime in Germany,” the distinguished American international law

North Korea Launches Satellite into Orbit By Stuart Smallwood, December 12 2012

North Korean state media announced it successfully launched a satellite into orbit this morning, surprising the international community after it had previously claimed just days earlier that technical difficulties would delay the event until late December.

Japanese and South Korean …

Towards a “Bursting Financial Bubble”? “Federal Reserve largely Responsible for Destroying the Economy” By Washington's Blog, December 11 2012

According to the BIS’ latest Quarterly Review financial markets are starting to behave in some of the ways they behaved before the crash. In particular, investors seem to be chasing riskier and riskier assets, despite the fact that the economic

Fabricating WMD “Evidence”: Israeli Covert Operation inside Syria to “Track Chemical Arsenal” By Julie Lévesque, December 11 2012
Everyone recalls the WMD hype prior to launching the war on Iraq. An outright fabrication. Déjà Vu? After looking for a “smoking gun” in Iran earlier this year, Israeli special forces are now “tracking” Syria’s “stocks of chemical and biological weapons”,
Secret Meeting in London: Plotting to Wage War on Syria without UN Authorization By Felicity Arbuthnot, December 11 2012
A plan to provide air and naval support, plus military training for the opposition. Western intervention is now deemed necessary and of course: “Britain, France and US agree ‘no boots on the ground.“
Climate Change, Economic Crisis and the Violence of War By William Blum, December 11 2012

The hurricanes, the typhoons, the heat waves … the droughts, the heavy rains, the floods … ever more powerful, ever new records being set.

Something must be done of course. Except if you don’t believe at all that it’s man-made.

Beyond NAFTA: Shaping the Future of North American Integration within the Global Economy By Dana Gabriel, December 11 2012

In a move that signaled the importance placed on the NAFTA partnership, Mexico’s new president visited the U.S. and Canada before his inauguration. This was seen as a step forward in further strengthening political, economic, energy and security ties between

Decentralize Big-Retail: How to Uproot Walmart and Bring Jobs Back Home By Tony Cartalucci, December 11 2012

In many towns across America, Walmart, or a similar mega-retailer, is the only option you have when you need (almost) anything. Big-retail is a monopoly in its truest form and it has become so, not through “free market” economics, technological

Oil Pipeline Politics: Canada’s Tar Sands By Richard Fidler, December 11 2012

Petroleum giant Enbridge Inc. has taken huge strides in recent weeks to complete its plan to transport tar sands oil to eastern Canada and from there to foreign markets. Already assured of support from the Harper government, the company is

Sanctions Are Destroying Iranian Society By Mehrnaz Shahabi, December 11 2012

Economic sanctions are not only shattering the lives of the Iranian people but also strangling Iran’s social and cultural development. Iran is headed for a humanitarian catastrophe unless steps are taken to avert it.

For 33 years now, since the …

War and the “Fiscal Cliff”: Economic Crisis Fuels Military Intervention in Syria By Danny Schechter, December 11 2012

The US economy is sluggish with fears of a new recession. The Democrats and Republicans once more cannot agree on what to do about the alleged “fiscal cliff” that threatens to further unravel the economy, even as analysts say that

Syria Boils. War Propaganda Abounds. Full Scale Western-led Intervention Looms? By Stephen Lendman, December 11 2012

News from Syria is grim. Libya 2.0 looms. Fabricating a chemical weapons threat looks like pretext for full-scale war.

On December 8, the Toronto Sun said Foreign Affairs officials urged Canadian citizens to leave Syria. Maybe they know something they’re …

Post Gaddafi Era: Libyan Women Losing Rights By Prof. Lawrence Davidson, December 11 2012

When rebels challenged Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, the West and its media adopted a “good-guy/bad-guy” dichotomy, hyping dubious claims about Gaddafi and ignoring troubling extremism among the rebels. Now, the new Libya is clamping down on women’s rights,

Changing the Face of War: U.S. Militarizing Space By Robert Bridge, December 11 2012
Zaitsev said that America’s push to militarize space may include the use of both nuclear and conventional weapons, which could have dangerous and dramatic implications for future warfare.“The United States, as well as some other leading powers, is attempting
Israel Defeated at the United Nations By Jack A. Smith, December 10 2012

The UN General Assembly has delivered two major defeats to Israel in the last two weeks. The governments of the U.S. and Israel are furious.

On Nov. 29, UN member states voted  138-9 with 41 abstentions to advance Palestine’s status …

From 9/11 to the Middle East War: Syrian Terrorists Trained by the KLA in Kosovo By Thierry Meyssan, December 10 2012

Thierry Meyssan replies to the questions of the Serbien news magazine Geopolitika.

He reviews his interpretation of September 11, the events in Syria, and the current situation in Serbia.

Geopolitika: Mr. Meyssan, you gained fame worldwide when you published

Living with Austerity: Depression Hangs over Greek Islands’ Economy By Chris Jones, December 10 2012

Those of you who have been following my austerity diaries over the past year will know that I have recently emphasized the pall of depression that hangs over the island as austerity and economic disaster take their toll on the

“Shadow Statistics”: More Phony Employment Numbers By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, December 10 2012

Statistician John Williams ( calls the government’s latest jobs and unemployment reports “nonsense numbers.”

There are a number of ongoing problems with the released numbers. For example, the concurrent-seasonal factor adjustments are unstable. The birth-death model adds non-existent

Syrian “Rebels” establish Unified Military Command under De Facto NATO Jurisdiction By Oliver Campbell, December 10 2012

Syrian “rebel” militia groups established a new unified command last Friday in talks in Turkey, attended by officials from the US, Britain, France, the Gulf States and Jordan. Around 500 delegates elected a 30-member Supreme Military Council and a chief

The “Fiscal Cliff” and the Dismantling of Medicare By Kate Randall, December 10 2012

It is becoming increasingly clear that any deal reached in the negotiations in Washington over the “fiscal cliff” will include a major expansion of means testing for Medicare, the federal health insurance program for seniors and the disabled. The introduction …

NATO to Deploy Six Patriot Missile Batteries and 600 Troops to Turkey By Xinhua, December 10 2012

ANKARA: Around 600 foreign troops are expected to accompany six Patriot missile systems to be deployed in Turkey to reinforce the NATO member country’s air defense and calm its fears of coming under a possible missile attack from neighboring Syria, …