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US Federal Court Exposes Democratic Party Conspiracy Against Assange and WikiLeaks. Judge Dismisses DNC Lawsuit By Eric London, August 02, 2019
US to Jail 1,400 Immigrant Children at WWII Japanese Internment Site By Eric London, June 13, 2019
Trump Floats Proposal to Cancel 2020 Elections By Eric London, May 08, 2019
Julian Assange’s Life Is in Danger By Eric London, April 16, 2019
Pence Threatens War in Venezuela at Colombia Summit: “There Is No Turning Back” By Eric London, February 28, 2019
US Issues New Threats of War for Oil Against Venezuela By Eric London, February 05, 2019
Amid Global Crackdown on Refugees: One Sixth of World’s People Want to Flee Their Home Countries By Eric London, January 02, 2019
Democratic Candidates Praise Trump’s Attacks on Immigrants as Troops Arrive at the Border By Eric London, November 06, 2018
Child Concentration Camps in America By Eric London, October 03, 2018
Hundreds More Immigrant Children Detained Than Previously Reported By Eric London, July 09, 2018
Workers Rights: Major Strikes in France Challenge Macron’s Right-wing Reforms By Peter Schwarz and Eric London, April 03, 2018
Teachers’ Rebellion Spreads on Four Continents By Eric London, March 28, 2018
Media, Democrats Silent as US Supreme Court Rules Immigrants Can be Indefinitely Detained By Eric London, March 01, 2018
The Parkland Shooting: Why Are Mass Killings So Common in the United States? By Eric London, February 23, 2018
Danger of Mass Deportations Grows as US Senate Refuses to Protect Immigrant Youth By Eric London, February 17, 2018
Democrats and Republicans Pass Budget to Prepare US for War By Eric London, February 10, 2018
Drug Deaths Drive Down US Life Expectancy for Second Year By Eric London, December 23, 2017
Amazon’s Purchase of Whole Foods and the Case for Public Ownership By Eric London, June 23, 2017
Trump Defies Mass Protests Against Anti-Immigrant Measures By Eric London, January 30, 2017
US Army Document on Urban Warfare Advances Strategy for “Contemporary Stalingrads” By Eric London, December 22, 2016
A Cabinet of Generals: Trump appoints John Kelly to lead Department of Homeland Security By Eric London, December 08, 2016
Obama Administration Opposes Election Recount Effort in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan By Eric London, November 28, 2016
Trump Outlines Ten-Point Plan for Mass Deportations and Martial Law By Eric London, September 02, 2016
NSA and Britain’s GCHQ Mapping “Political Alignments” of Millions of Smartphone Users Worldwide. By Eric London, February 26, 2016
Coup Threatened in Venezuela amidst Deepening Economic Crisis By Eric London, February 15, 2016
Obama’s State of the Union Address and the Breakdown of American Democracy By Eric London, January 14, 2016
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Implicated in Torture by State Prison Officials By Eric London, August 12, 2015
Mexican Military Threatens Intervention against Mass Protests By Eric London, November 22, 2014
The CIA Torture Cover-up Continues By Eric London, October 31, 2014
“They Invaded Ferguson Like they Invaded Iraq” – Ferguson Residents Say Crackdown Turns City Into War Zone By Andre Damon and Eric London, August 19, 2014
A Law Unto Themselves: the CIA and the Torture Cover-up By Eric London, August 01, 2014
One Year of Edward Snowden’s Revelations By Eric London and Barry Grey, June 07, 2014
NSA Records and Stores Content of All Phone Calls in Two Countries By Eric London, May 21, 2014
CIA Scandal: Leaks Reveal Brutal Torture Methods and Government Lies By Eric London, April 02, 2014
The CIA Spying Scandal, Watergate and the Decay of American Democracy By Eric London, March 20, 2014
Senate Democrats Reject Justice Department Nominee Over Abu-Jamal Case By Eric London, March 08, 2014
Press Freedom: U.S. Government now Allowed to Spy on and Prosecute Journalists to “Protect National Security” By Eric London, March 04, 2014
Obama defends Police State Spying By Eric London and Barry Grey, January 19, 2014
Iraq War Veteran Accuses Bush and Obama of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in Suicide Note By Eric London, November 13, 2013
Obama Outlines “Grand Bargain” to Slash Corporate Taxes By Eric London, July 31, 2013
Obama’s Bogus Crusade for the “Middle Class” By Eric London and Barry Grey, July 30, 2013
Court of Appeals Rules Obama Administration can Force Journalist to Testify against alleged Leaker By Eric London, July 22, 2013
Obama Nominee to Head FBI Defends NSA Spying in Senate Testimony By Eric London, July 10, 2013
Secret FISA Court Redefines Law to Justify Illegal Spying Operations By Eric London, July 09, 2013
Communications of Millions Subject to US-UK Spying By Eric London, June 22, 2013
Whistleblower Edward Snowden charged with Espionage By Eric London and Joseph Kishore, June 22, 2013
FBI director acknowledges use of Surveillance Drones in the US By Eric London, June 20, 2013
“Truth is coming and it cannot be stopped”: NSA Whistleblower Snowden Issues defiant Response to Government Threats and Media Lies By Eric London, June 18, 2013
Media, Government Denounce Snowden as “Traitor” and “Chinese Spy”. Cheney: “I think he has Committed Crimes” By Eric London, June 17, 2013
Undermining the Fourth Amendment: NSA Memos Expose Obama Administration’s Lies about Wiretapping By Eric London, June 13, 2013
The Administration’s domestic Surveillance and Torture programs: Obama appoints former Bush deputy Attorney General to lead FBI By Eric London, June 02, 2013
US Attorney General Eric Holder Personally Approved Obama’s Secret Effort to Seize Email and Phone Records of News Reporters By Eric London, May 31, 2013