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US State Department-Funded BBC World Service “Jammed” in China By Tony Cartalucci, February 26 2013

Headlines across the Western corporate-media read, “BBC says ‘extensive, coordinated efforts’ to jam world service frequencies in China” (Fox News), “BBC blocked in China just days after reporting on Chinese hackers” (Washington Post), and “BBC “strongly condemns” China’s attempts to

The Real Iran Hostage Crisis: A CIA Covert Op By Harry V. Martin, February 26 2013

Global Research Editor’s Note

The script of Best Film Academy Award Movie  “Argo” which depicts the Iran Hostage Crisis is largely based on fiction.

The purpose of the film is to rewrite history, to falsify what actually happened as well …

Ottawa’s “Secret Memo”: Canada’s Role in Haiti’s February 2004 Coup d’Etat By Anthony Fenton and Dru Oja Jay, February 26 2013

Declassifying Canada in Haiti: Canadian officials planned military intervention weeks before Haitian coup

by Anthony Fenton and Dru Oja Jay,

Global Research, April 10, 2006

Part I . Canadian officials planned military intervention weeks before Haitian coup

Classified memos obtained …

Historic 911 Court Case: Through Media Disinformation, BBC Supports “The Practice of Terrorism” By Daily Mail, February 26 2013

With the exception of London’s Daily Mail (see below), the British mainstream media, including The Guardian and the Independent,  chose to abstain from coverage or commentary of this historic court case, which points to a criminal process of media disinformation

9/11 Horsham Court Case: “BBC’s Reporting made it Complicit in Acts of Terrorism” By Global Research News, February 26 2013

A large crowd arrived at Horsham Magistrates’ Court this morning, as 9/11 truth campaigner Tony Rooke had his day in court.

Prosecuted for not paying his TV licence, Rooke argued that he could not give money to the BBC because …

Multibillion Weapons Exports: Germany Arms the Persian Gulf Monarchies By Johannes Stern, February 26 2013

In the past year, Germany has more than doubled its arms exports to the Arab Gulf monarchies. Algeria, too, received more defense materiel than in 2011. This emerges from a response by the ministry of economics to a parliamentary question …

Sequester to Spearhead Historic Assault on US Social Programs By Andre Damon, February 26 2013

This week, the news in the United States will be dominated by the Friday, March 1 deadline for the so-called “sequester” to take effect, triggering $85 billion in across-the-board budget cuts in 2013. Whatever the outcome of the political theatrics …

Polluted America: GMO Manmade Biological Threats, Plant Diseases, Germ Warfare By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, February 26 2013
The outcome of many years of Roundup Ready GMO corn and soybeans has been a decline in nutritional value, the outbreak of new plant diseases resulting in widespread crop failures, and severe reproductive problems in livestock,
Oscar to Hollywood’s “Argo”: And the Winners are … the Pentagon and the Israel Lobby By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, February 26 2013

Foreign policy observers have long known that Hollywood reflects and promotes U.S. policies (in turn, is determined by Israel and its supporters).   This fact was made public when Michelle Obama announced an Oscar win for “Argo” – a highly propagandist,

Democracy Canadian-Style – “Liberating” Libya and the Mali Adventure By Eric Walberg, February 26 2013

Canada’s role in the postmodern imperial world is as a poster child for promoting formal electoral democracy — at home and abroad. Internationally, instead of offering peacekeeping troops to the UN, as in days of yore, and promoting grassroots development …

Thoughtful, Respectful, and Progressive? Regarding the “Responsibility to Protect” By Maximilian Forte, February 25 2013

Some of this has already been raised, in my recent interview with Phil Taylor, plus in an excellent article by Ken Stone, “UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay: ‘Pretext-maker’ for Western Military Aggression,” and by The Wrong

Anti-Iran Propaganda? The Shortsighted History of Oscar Winning Film ‘Argo’ By Robert Parry, February 25 2013

Exclusive: The Oscar for Best Picture went to Ben Affleck’s Argo, an escape-thriller set in post-revolutionary Iran. It hyped the drama and edged into propaganda. But Americans would have learned a lot more if Affleck had chosen the CIA coup

Denouncing Austerity: Mass Demonstrations against Financial Coup in Spain By Jérôme Roos, February 25 2013

Hundreds of thousands take to the streets to denounce austerity and defend democracy as corruption scandals shake Spanish royal house and government.

Europe’s 2013 protest season finally kicked off this week. On Saturday, three days after the umpteenth general strike …

US Deploys Troops, Drones to Niger By Barry Grey, February 25 2013

President Barack Obama on Friday officially notified the US Congress that he had deployed “approximately” 100 US troops to the western African nation of Niger.

In a perfunctory, six-sentence letter to House Speaker John Boehner and Senator Patrick Leahy, president …

Turkish Police Disperse Pro-Syria Demonstration By Global Research News, February 25 2013

Clashes have broken out between Turkish police and supporters of the Syrian government in Turkey’s southern province of Hatay, Press TV reports.

Police on Saturday used tear gas and pepper spray to disperse the demonstrators who were calling for an …

Limitless Surveillance and the Death of Privacy: Inside the FISA/Echelon Spy Grid By Annie Machon and James Corbett, February 25 2013
2013 Academy Award Nominations: “And the Winner is … The CIA” By David Walsh, February 25 2013

This year’s Academy Award nominations were announced Thursday morning during a media event at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, California.

The award ceremony itself will take place February 24 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

In 2012 the

9/11 Court Case in Horsham Today: BBC Must Answer Allegation Regarding the Covering up of Information By Global Research News, February 25 2013

Tony Rooke has persuaded the courts that the BBC must answer the allegation that, in covering up information on the 9/11 attacks, they are colluding with terrorism. Many truth activists are planning to attend the three hour hearing in front

“Israel Firsters” on Parade in Chuck Hagel Nomination By Sean Fenley, February 25 2013

Only the most extreme Likudnik could regard Chuck Hagel as anything but a rock-solid, and implacable friend of Israel. Except for the fact of his saying, at one time, that he was a Senator from the United States of America, …

The War on Syria: Israeli Licence to Cheney-Linked Energy Firm in Occupied Golan Heights By Jim Lobe, February 25 2013

In a potential new source of contention between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel has reportedly granted a U.S. energy firm with heavyweight political connections to explore for oil and gas in the occupied Golan Heights.…

Obama’s Israel Trip: Ignore the Hype. It’s Four more Years of Settlement Growth By Jonathan Cook, February 25 2013

Israeli and Palestinian officials have been in Washington laying the ground for President Barack Obama’s visit to Israel and the West Bank, scheduled for next month and the first since he took office four years ago.

Topping the agenda, Israeli …

Dead French Photographer was State Department-Funded – Embedded in Syria With Al Qaeda By Tony Cartalucci, February 25 2013

 Further indication of the depraved nature of the West’s campaign against Syria, and the depraved nature of its institutions, methods, and faux-NGOs, vindicating a growing trend of ejecting Western “journalists” and NGO’s from an ever increasing number of nations, it

How the Fed Could Fix the Economy—and Why It Hasn’t By Ellen Brown, February 25 2013

Quantitative easing (QE) is supposed to stimulate the economy by adding money to the money supply, increasing demand. But so far, it hasn’t been working. Why not? Because as practiced for the last two decades, QE does not actually increase

Austerity USA Begins March 1st: Bipartisan Project to Impoverish the American People By Shamus Cooke, February 25 2013
The current plan for the austerity "sequester" cuts is $100 billion of federal cuts every year for ten years, equaling massive cuts to jobs, Medicare, education, completely destroying federally funded social programs
Week in Review: The U.S. Criminal State and the New Cold War By Global Research and Global Research, February 24 2013
Argentina’s President Accuses her country’s Zionist Lobby of Plotting Against Buenos Aires By Global Research News, February 24 2013

Global Research Editorial Note

We bring to the attention of Global Research leaders this Haaretz article that outlines how Argentine president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner diplomatically warned how a terrorist attack in Argentina could be be the world of …

Chavez warns that Africa and South America Must Unite or face Western Interventions By Global Research News, February 24 2013

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez in an open letter has urged countries of the South American and African continents to unite into a “true pole of power”, while railing against recent Western interventions in Africa.

The letter was read out yesterday …

Modern Colonialism: Foreign Investors Buy Up Vast Amounts of Developing World Farmland By Der Spiegel, February 24 2013

Foreign investors are buying or leasing vast amounts of farmland in Developing World countries to profit from surging demand for food crops as a result of rapid population growth. “Land grabbing” amounts to a new form of colonialism that often

Iranian Warships to Dock in China, India, Sri Lanka By Global Research News, February 24 2013

Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said a fleet of Iranian warships is moving towards Southeast Asia to pass through the Strait of Malacca.

The Strait of Malacca is a narrow, 805 km stretch of water between the Malay …

The New Cold War: Russia will Modernize its Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine By Ria Novosti, February 24 2013

Russia has announced plans to rearm its Black Sea Fleet and has asked Ukraine to settle the issues regarding the planned deliveries of new weapons to the naval force, Ukraine’s defense minister said on Saturday.

“Russia’s desire is understandable – …

Are the G20 and IMF in the process of creating a Global Currency and Federal Reserve? By Global Research News, February 24 2013

While headline stories about averting the dangers of an international “currency war” dominated news coverage of the recently concluded G20 meeting in Moscow, the real unreported story is that the global gathering of central bankers and finance ministers is pushing …

Russia Urges the UN to create a Global Response System against Space Threats By Ria Novosti, February 24 2013

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on Saturday a global system to protect our planet from asteroids and other dangerous space objects should be created under the auspices of the United Nations.

“This system should become global and universal …

Like Colombia, Chile is a US military proxy in South America By Nil Nikandrov, February 24 2013

In the 1990s the U.S. Department of State complied with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and released newly declassified and other documents related to events in Chile after Salvador Allende was toppled in 1973. The documents were related to …

US Government Adviser: America is at Cyber War with China, Russia, Iran By Press TV, February 24 2013
An American expert reveals that the United States has launched a widespread hostile cyber warfare against Iran, Russia and China.

Scott Borg, CEO of US Cyber Consequences Unit and an advisor to the US government said the US considers both …

The New Cold War: America prepares to make a digital attack on China By Peter Symonds, February 24 2013

The Obama administration, working hand-in-hand with the American media, has opened up a new front in its aggressive campaign against China. A slew of articles, most notably in the New York Times, has appeared over the past week purportedly …

The US- North Korea Confrontation: All-out War or Permanent Peace in the Region? By Global Research News, February 23 2013

by Christine Hong, Hyun Lee

With all eyes on North Korea since its third nuclear test, remarkably little has been said about how we arrived at this crisis point. Inadequately contextualized as North Korea’s response to fortified UN sanctions, the …

High Crimes – Corporate Rule, 9/11, and the Death of Chris Dorner By Michael Welch, February 23 2013

 “The tactics that he [Dorner] employed are straight out of a special operations warbook. What special operations people have done for the CIA ….they have compiled enormous amounts of information, largely done by the CIA on the family members of

The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump: Ontario Power Generation’s Plan to Bury Nuclear Waste on Shores of Lake Huron By Global Research News, February 23 2013

by Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump     

1.     Ontario Power Generation (OPG), a multi-billion dollar corporation wholly owned by the Province of Ontario, plans to build a nuclear waste dump at the Bruce Nuclear Power Plant site, Municipality of Kincardine, …

Top U.S. Terrorist Group: the FBI By David Swanson, February 23 2013
A careful study of the FBI’s own data on terrorism in the United States, reported in Trevor Aaronson’s book The Terror Factory,finds one organization leading all others in creating terrorist plots in the United States: the FBI.Imagine an incompetent …
Brennan’s Loose Talk on Iran Nukes By Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, February 23 2013

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s hearing on John Brennan to head the CIA focused on lethal drones, but Brennan’s loose talk lumping Iran with North Korea as nuclear threats could be even more worrisome, recalling Iraq WMD exaggerations, as Veteran Intelligence

What If? … By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, February 23 2013

“What If?” histories are a good read. They are entertaining, and they provoke thought and encourage the imagination. How different the world would be if different judgments, decisions, and circumstances had prevailed at history’s turning points. 

Certainly English history would …

When “War is Peace”: “Peace Prizes” Awarded to War Criminals By Timothy Alexander Guzman, February 23 2013

French President François Hollande was awarded UNESCO’s Félix Houphouët-Boigny Peace Prize for “valuable contribution to peace and stability in Africa” according to the United Nations website:  Former Mozambique President Joaquim Chissano, chaired the Jury of the Félix Houphouët-Boigny …

Feminism’s Long March: You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby (Or Have You?) By Ruth Rosen, February 23 2013

In 1968, the Phillip Morris Company launched a memorable campaign to sell Virginia Slims, a new brand of cigarettes targeting women, itself a new phenomenon.  It had a brand-new slogan: “You’ve come a long way, baby.”  The company plastered

Obama Administration Denies Congress Drone Assassination Memos By Bill Van Auken, February 23 2013

The Obama White House has stonewalled requests from Congress for access to legal opinions written by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel justifying the administration’s drone assassination program.

According to a report published Thursday in the New York Times

Virtually ALL of the Big Banks’ Profits Come from Taxpayer Bailouts and Subsidies By Washington's Blog, February 23 2013

The government has propped up the big banks for years through massive, never-ending bailouts and subsidies.

Bloomberg noted last year that 77% of JP Morgan’s net income comes from government subsidies.

Bloomberg reported yesterday:

What if we told you

A “Humanitarian War” Is an Oxymoron By John Robles and Kathy Kelly, February 23 2013


One hundred billion dollars has been spent on Afghan reconstruction by the United States, yet nothing has improved for the Afghan people. Two billion dollars a week has been spent for over a decade to fight 55 Al-Qaeda operatives. …

Straight Talk on Israel: Israeli Wall is “Hitler’s Posthumous Triumph” By Stephen Lendman, February 22 2013

Zygmunt Bauman is UK-based University of Leeds Emeritus Professor of Sociology. His work spans five decades. He’s now aged 87.

His wide-ranging interests include consumerism, globalization, ethics, power, the status of workers, intellectuals in society, and nature of modern relationships.…

Scorecard: How Many Rights Have Americans REALLY Lost? By Washington's Blog, February 22 2013

Painting by Anthony Freda:

Preface: While a lot of people talk about the loss of our Constitutional liberties, people usually speak in a vague, generalized manner … or focus on only one issue and ignore the rest.

This post

Historic Court Hearings: The BBC in the Dock for Manipulating Evidence and Providing Biased Coverage of the September 11, 2001 Attacks By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, February 22 2013

Deafening silence of the mainstream media. A historic law suit is in the making. The BBC will be in the Dock in a British court accused of manipulating the news.

What is at stake is the BBC’s coverage of the …

“Dictators Never Die”: Baby Doc Duvalier in the Dock By Global Research News, February 22 2013

In Argentina, Guatemala, Peru and other countries in the region, former dictators and many of those responsible for egregious human rights violations under former authoritarian regimes have been, or are in the process of being tried for their crimes.  In …

Palestinians Disqualify U.S. as Peace Broker By Nicola Nasser, February 22 2013

The “unbreakable alliance,” which will be confirmed by the upcoming visit of President Barak Obama to Israel , will disqualify the United States as an honest broker of peace in the Arab – Israeli conflict in Palestine , a Palestinian …

How the Mossad Works: The Mystery of Israel’s ‘Prisoner X’ By Der Spiegel, February 22 2013

By Ulrike Putz

An Israeli agent commits suicide in his prison cell. Was he a traitor? The mysterious case of “Prisoner X,” reported to be Australian-born Benjamin Zygier, provides an insight into the workings of the Mossad.

The Milan office …

Carnage: 53 Killed In Syria Courtesy of US Allies By Global Research News, February 22 2013

By Daniel McAdams

While the US and its Western partners pretend to be engaged in a global war against terrorism, their terrorist allies in Syria have set off another car bomb, tellingly very close to the ruling Baath party offices …

Bradley Manning Incarcerated without a Trial: One Thousand Days Too Many By Margaret Flowers, February 22 2013

Think of that, count it off . . . 1,000 days; that is how long Bradley Manning has been incarcerated without a trial.

Even though he has been incarcerated for nearly three years most Americans have no idea what he …

The “Alternative Media” Challenges Officialdom’s Views By Colin Todhunter, February 22 2013

The mainstream media is under threat. And the threat is in the form of what is known as the ‘alternative media’. Decades ago, the ‘underground’ media took the form of pamphlets and booklets.

These days, it’s no longer ‘underground’ and

On Education, Barack Obama is the President of Privatization By Bruce A. Dixon, February 22 2013

By the time his term is over, President Obama and his Race To The Top program will have forced the closure and privatization of thousands of inner-city schools, a feat no white Republican or Democrat could have accomplished. But he’ll …

Obama’s Next Big Housing Market Giveaway to the Bankster Mafia By Mike Whitney, February 22 2013

For those who missed President Obama’s latest giveaway to the Bank Mafia, we’ll repeat what he said here. This is an excerpt from his recent State of the Union Speech:

“Part of our rebuilding effort must also involve our housing …

Why The Banking Elite Want Riots in America By Paul Joseph Watson, February 22 2013

Every indication clearly suggests that authorities in the United States are preparing for widespread civil unrest. This trend has not emerged by accident – it is part of a tried and tested method used by the banking elite to seize

When You’re Cutting Social Security, ‘Wealthy’ Begins at $25K By Jim Naureckas, February 22 2013

Here’s a proposal for Social Security that was on the New York Times‘ op-ed page yesterday (2/20/13):

“The top third of beneficiaries (by lifetime income) [would] receive no annual cost-of-living adjustment in retirement. The middle third would …

Israel’s Coming “Civil War”: The Haredi Jews Confront the Militarized Secular Zionist State By Prof. James Petras, February 21 2013
Israel is heading towards a profound internal crisis: a Jew-on-Jew confrontation, which has major implications for its relations with the Palestinians, as well as its Arab neighbors.
How Reagan Promoted Genocide By Robert Parry, February 21 2013

Special Report: A newly discovered document reveals that President Reagan and his national security team in 1981 approved Guatemala’s extermination of both leftist guerrillas and their “civilian support mechanisms,” a green light that opened a path to genocide against hundreds …

America the Poor: The Human Consequences of Unlivable Wages By Ralph Nader, February 21 2013

How could Barack Obama say, in his State of the Union speech, “Let’s declare that in the wealthiest nation on Earth no one who works full-time should have to live in poverty, and raise the federal minimum wage to $9.00

Iraq and the Betrayal of a People – Impunity Forever? By Hans Christof Von Sponeck, February 21 2013

Ethnic tension and sectarianism have become a major element in Iraqi politics since the US/UK invasion of 2003, a polarization of inter-group relations Iraqis had not known before. This explains much of the existing hideous crime including murder, kidnapping, property

Destroying Online Privacy: Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) Is Back By Stephen Lendman, February 21 2013

It shouldn’t surprise. The 2011 Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) never really went away. It ducked and covered for another day.

It’s more about destroying personal freedom than online security. It gives government and corporate supporters unlimited power …

The Return of German Imperialism By Johannes Stern, February 21 2013

Germany is making intensive preparations to conduct new wars to secure resources. This was the unmistakable message of a lead article in Germany’s business newspaper Handelsblatt, “Expedition Resources: Germany’s new course.”

The article shows the real face of the German …

Somalia: the Real Causes of Famine By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, February 21 2013
Economic and social chaos resulting from IMF "economic medicine" had set the stage for the launching of a US sponsored "civil war". An entire country with a rich history of commerce and economic development, was transformed into a territory.
America’s New Cold War against Russia and China By Global Research News, February 21 2013

by Zhao Jinglun

If NATO further expands to Georgia and Ukraine, crossing the Kremlin’ s “Red Line,” hostility would be further heightened. The missile-defense installations are supposedly aimed at Iran, but do pose a direct threat to Russia in the

Global Systemic Economic Crisis: Bank Failures, Currency Wars By Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin (GEAB), February 21 2013

Just as the Euro crisis pushed Europe to modernize and adapt its economic and financial governance to the challenges of the 21st century, the terrible US dollar crisis will oblige the world to transform the whole of world governance structures,

Cyberwarfare: US uses Hacking Allegations to Escalate Threats against China By Barry Grey, February 21 2013

The Obama administration is utilizing unsubstantiated charges of Chinese government cyber-attacks to escalate its threats against China. The past two days have seen allegations of hacking into US corporate and government web sites, hyped by the US media without any

The Wrong Economic Prescriptions: Deeper Austerity as a “Solution” to Austerity By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, February 21 2013

Leeches could also be used in bloodletting. The withdrawal of so much blood as to induce syncope (fainting) was considered beneficial, and many sessions would only end when the patient began to swoon.

As the economy shows signs of recession,

Sharia Shushed: Majority of Egypt against Muslim Brotherhood By F. William Engdahl, February 20 2013
Imperialism, Unequal Development and Forced Migration By Raúl Delgado Wise, February 20 2013

It is impossible to disentangle the migration and labor question today without a deep understanding of the nature of contemporary capitalism, namely, neoliberal globalization. One of the main features of the new global architecture, boosted by the emergence of one

Why has Israeli Soldier’s Photo Sparked More Outrage than Israeli War Crimes? By Rania Khalek, February 20 2013

The Instagram photo posted by an Israeli soldier showing what appears to be a Palestinian child in the crosshairs of his rifle has sparked outrage, as it should. Ali Abunimah was the first to report on this at the Electronic

Israel’s War Criminal of the Year Award By Stephen Lendman, February 20 2013

Imagining honoring crimes of war, against humanity and genocide. Imagine calling war on humanity honorable.

Imagine granting a nation’s highest civilian award for waging it. It shouldn’t surprise. Obama will receive Israel’s Presidential Medal of Distinction. More on him below.…

Oakland, California: FBI Foils Another Fake Terror Plot By Karl Eisner, February 20 2013

On February 8, federal authorities arrested a San Jose man for attempting to set off a car bomb outside a bank in Oakland, California. The charges filed against Matthew Llaneza, 28, stem from a months-long operation staged by the FBI’s …

Repealing Obama’s “Perpetual War” By Norman Solomon, February 20 2013

Congress waited six years to repeal the Tonkin Gulf Resolution after it opened the bloody floodgates for the Vietnam War in August 1964.

If that seems slow, consider the continuing failure of Congress to repeal the “war on terror” resolution

Imperial Jockeying in Africa: U.S. Intervention Sets to Deepen By Ben Schreiner, February 20 2013

As “the peril of guerrilla war looms” for the French in Mali, the United States prepares to step-up its intervention across Africa.

Speaking in Bamako on Tuesday, U.S. Senator Christopher Coons, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, stated that …

Secret Memo by Donald Rumsfeld Proves Iraq War Started On False Pretenses By Washington's Blog, February 20 2013

Everyone Knew Iraq Had No WMD … and Was Not Behind Anthrax Attacks or 9/11

Everyone knew that Iraq didn’t have weapons of mass destruction.

Indeed, Secretary of State Colin Powell’s chief of staff – Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson – just …

What’s Causing the Epidemic of Gun Violence? By Washington's Blog, February 20 2013

Might Makes Right Based Violence By the Military Promotes Violence At Home

Gun control advocates point to all of the recent shootings as evidence that we should ban guns … or at least assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

On the …

UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay: “Pretext-maker” for Western Military Aggression By Ken Stone, February 20 2013

Navi Pillay is up to her old tricks: she’s abusing her position as United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to provide a pretext for imperial aggression against Syria. Today, February 18, 2013, she repeated her call for Syrian President