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Jair Bolsonaro
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Parliamentary Elections in Sweden. Shift to the Right? Towards “A NATO Sweden”? By Peter Koenig, September 07, 2018
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Russia Is Buying Gold: Will It Save Russia From Dollar Sanctions? End of Dollar Hegemony? By Peter Koenig and Sputnik, August 28, 2018
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Sanctions, Sanctions, Sanctions – The Final Demise of Dollar Hegemony? By Peter Koenig, August 18, 2018
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Kosovo at Delicate Crossroads Between East and West By Peter Koenig, August 06, 2018
Trump – The De-Globalizer?
 By Peter Koenig, July 24, 2018
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The Refugee Crisis and the Mediterranean Sea – The Largest Graveyard in Modern History By Peter Koenig, July 07, 2018
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North Korea: Is Trump Trying to Back Out of the Singapore Summit in Mid-June 2018? By Peter Koenig and Press TV, May 23, 2018
United Nations – Celebrating 70 Years of Human Rights – And Condoning 70 Years of Israel Massacring Palestine By Peter Koenig, May 18, 2018
Switzerland’s “Referendum for Sovereign Money” By Peter Koenig, May 14, 2018