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Trump’s Trade War – or “De-Globalization”? By Peter Koenig, March 13, 2018
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The Children of Syria. The West in Highly Complicit in War Crimes By Peter Koenig, March 02, 2018
The Venezuelan “Petro” – Towards a New World Reserve Currency? By Peter Koenig, February 23, 2018
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Iran at a Dangerous Crossroads By Peter Koenig, January 05, 2018
Retrenchment, Robotization and Crypto-Currencies: The Runaway Train Towards Full Digitization of Money and Labor By Peter Koenig, December 27, 2017
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“De-Dollarization” and the “Resistance Economy”? President Putin in Tehran, Negotiating A Multi-Billion “Petro-Ruble” Oil Deal. By Peter Koenig, November 06, 2017
Breaking: France’s Minister of Defense: French Citizens Who Joined Jihad Should Die on the Battlefield – “We Don’t Want Them Back” By Peter Koenig, October 23, 2017
The Iran Dilemma – The Tyrant Has Spoken By Peter Koenig, October 18, 2017
Che Guevara– Viva! Hasta la Victoria Siempre! “Che! – Among the Greatest Revolutionaries of the 20th Century”. By Peter Koenig, October 13, 2017
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Gold Trade Between Russia and China – A Step Closer Towards De-Dollarization? By Peter Koenig and Sputnik, September 07, 2017
Gold Trade Between Russia and China – A Step Closer Towards De-Dollarization? By Peter Koenig and Sputnik, September 07, 2017
China and Russia, Beijing’s “Belt and Road” Initiative, Towards an Economy of Peace? By Peter Koenig, August 31, 2017
Venezuela: “You Have the Overwhelming Support of the Peoples of the World”. Open Letter to President Nicolas Maduro By Peter Koenig, August 28, 2017
ISIS – Always-Always Claims Responsibility By Peter Koenig, August 23, 2017
Barcelona – The Hypocrisy of Sorrow By Peter Koenig, August 19, 2017
Let’s Save the World – Trump Must Go! By Peter Koenig, August 13, 2017
North Korea: Killer Sanctions Imposed by the Foremost Institution of Peace and Justice, The UN Security Council By Peter Koenig, August 10, 2017
North Korea: Killer Sanctions Imposed by the Foremost Institution of Peace and Justice, The UN Security Council By Peter Koenig, August 10, 2017
Venezuela – The National Constituent Assembly Is in Place – But the Fight for Sovereignty Isn’t Over By Peter Koenig, August 03, 2017
Germany, “Up in Arms” against Washington’s Sanctions Regime, Is Madame Merkel Up for a Ruse? By Peter Koenig, July 30, 2017
“Electronic Money” under “The One World Order” (OWO): Are We Becoming Western Money Slaves? Solutions? “Resistance Economy”, “De-dollarization”, “De-globalization” By Peter Koenig, July 20, 2017
Food – Wars and Pharma – Trailblazing the Way to Human Demise By Peter Koenig, July 14, 2017
The G20: Is the West Governed by Psychopaths? By Peter Koenig, July 08, 2017
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ISIS Terrorist Attack in Manchester? 17 Days Before Crucial UK Elections By Peter Koenig, May 24, 2017
Greece is Committing “Financial Suicide” By Peter Koenig, May 21, 2017
Germany and NATO: Towards Martial Law, Preparing for a “Fascist Repression” in Europe? By Peter Koenig, May 16, 2017
French Election Fraud? Will Macron be Able to Form a Government? By Peter Koenig, May 09, 2017
Brexit – Is Germany Dictating to Britain the After-Brexit Rules? – A Prelude to the French Elections By Peter Koenig, May 07, 2017
Slavehood 2017: Social Chaos and Global Warfare. “Puppet Leaders’ Greed for Power and Money” By Peter Koenig, May 04, 2017
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Syria: Trump May Just have Started World War III By Peter Koenig, April 08, 2017
Iran – And Her “Economy of Resistance” By Peter Koenig, April 03, 2017