Russia and FSU


According to Ukraine’s Secret Service, the alleged design of the pro-Russian rebels was to shoot down a Russian passenger plane, with a view to blaming the Ukrainian government and justifying a Russian invasion.


At no juncture during the Ukrainian crisis could the downing of flight MH17 have been more convenient for NATO and its proxy regime in Kiev. Kiev’s forces in eastern Ukraine are being repealed. NATO’s attempts to bait Russia into moving into Ukrainian territory have failed.


Abandoning Europe’s accumulated wisdom, drawn from its wars and tragedies, oblivious to their own best interests, today’s European leaders seem ready to follow their American protectors to another D-Day … D for Doom.


The killings are part of the “anti-terrorist operation” initiated by the Kiev government with the support of the Pentagon. America’s Neo-Nazi Government in Kiev is a reality. Specialists from the CIA & the FBI are advising the government.

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