Russia and FSU

The US has for years been objecting voraciously against this pipeline. Trump: “Why should we pay for NATO to defend Germany, when Germany buys gas from Russia and makes herself dependent on Russia?” – He added, “We offer Germany and Europe all the gas and energy they need.”
On 30 August 1945, Major General Lauris Norstad dispatched a document to his superior, General Leslie Groves, outlining a total of 15 “key Soviet cities” to be struck with US atomic weapons.
Pivot to Asia: China is threatened by the US military in the South and East China Sea. War with China is currently on the drawing board of the Pentagon as outlined in a Rand Report commissioned by the US Army
Where to begin to analyze the madness of mainstream media in reaction to the Trump-Putin meeting in Helsinki? By focusing on the individual, psychology has neglected the problem of mass insanity, which has now overwhelmed the U.S. establishment, its mass media and most of its copycat European subsidiaries.
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