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The objective is to engineer a civil war in Iraq, in which both sides are controlled indirectly by US-NATO. The scenario is to arm and equip them, on both sides, finance them with advanced weapons systems and then “let them fight”.

chemical weapons mask

Does the disposal of Syria’s chemical weapons by the 2 selected waste disposal companies, require an “agreement” with Italy’s most powerful criminal syndicate on behalf of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)?


What are the historical roots of US-NATO’s Covert War on Syria? The recruitment of death squads is part of a well established US military-intelligence agenda. There is a long and gruesome history of covert support of terror brigades and targeted assassinations.

Al-Qaeda militants kill 24 civilians near Ras al-Ain

The Western military alliance is not only supporting and financing a terrorist insurgency, supplying it with advanced weapons systems, it is also complicit in the recruitment of convicted criminals.

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