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While the US claims this move is to “defeat the Islamic State (ISIS),” it’s objective is to establish “buffer zones” or “safe zones” in Syria where the Syrian government can no longer operate.


Washington’s not so hidden agenda is not “to combat” but rather “to protect and come to the rescue” of the Islamic State terrorist group. Are we witnessing a process of military escalation? The US and its allies already have boots on ground inside Syria.


Western special forces including British SAS, CIA, MI6 & Mossad have integrated rebel ranks. They are involved in command operations pertaining to the conduct of terrorist operations in liaison with US-NATO


How speedily the lies of the “international community” in general and those of the US and UK in particular about the Syrian situation are unraveling since the participation of Russia.

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Erdogan 2015
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PBS, a major US media network, is using footage of Russian airstrikes in Syria to advance Washington’s military agenda.
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