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Julie Lévesque is a journalist and researcher with the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montreal. She was among the first independent journalists to visit Haiti in the wake of the January 2010 earthquake. In 2011, she was on board "The Spirit of Rachel Corrie", the only humanitarian vessel which penetrated Gaza territorial waters before being shot at by the Israeli Navy.
Boko Haram texte
Boko Haram. ¿Una operación secreta de la CIA para dividir y reinar en África? By Julie Lévesque, March 23, 2015
Intelligence Services, Lobbies and Advertisers Dictate Mainstream Media Content, Journalists Admit By Julie Lévesque, March 15, 2015
From Afghanistan to Syria: Women’s Rights, War Propaganda and the CIA By Julie Lévesque, March 08, 2015
25 Facts About the Pharmaceutical Industry, Vaccines and “Anti-Vaxers” By Julie Lévesque, February 25, 2015
Boko Haram texte
Is Boko Haram a CIA Covert Op to Divide and Conquer Africa? By Julie Lévesque, February 14, 2015
La fraudulenta reconstrucción de Haití bajo ocupación militar cinco años después del terremoto By Julie Lévesque, February 09, 2015
Haiti, Five Years After the Earthquake: Fraudulent Reconstruction Under Military Occupation By Julie Lévesque, January 12, 2015
haiti girl-displacement-camp
Haiti “Reconstruction”: Luxury Hotels, Sweat Shops and Deregulation for the Foreign Corporate Elite By Julie Lévesque, January 12, 2015
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Mourning Charlie Hebdo Journalists, While Ignoring that US-NATO State-Sponsored Terrorism is the “Number One Killer” of Journalists By Julie Lévesque, January 10, 2015
2014 Year Review: MH17 and the Civil War in Ukraine – An Airplane Tragedy with Political Implications By Julie Lévesque, January 02, 2015
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2014: Major Events, Big Lies and Censored News By Julie Lévesque, January 01, 2015
Fascism and War: Elite Tools to Crush and Kill Dissent By Julie Lévesque, December 17, 2014
VIDEOS: War Propaganda Corporate Media Steers World Toward Disaster
9/11 Truth: Mainstream Media Labels 9/11 Petition to Canada’s Parliament “A Call to Support a Conspiracy Theory” By Julie Lévesque, December 09, 2014
Malaysia MH17
Ukraine, A “Suspect in Crime” involved in the MH17 Criminal Investigation By Julie Lévesque, December 03, 2014
Canada 300
Canadian Fear Campaign: “Islamic Extremists” and the Dubious Role of Intelligence Agencies By Julie Lévesque, October 24, 2014
1023 Shooting 287.JPG
The Ottawa Shootings and “Canada’s War on Terror”? Media Points to “Homegrown Terror Threat” By Julie Lévesque, October 23, 2014
Going After the Islamic State (ISIL), Waging War on Syria, Dissecting “Operation Inherent Resolve” GR News Hour Episode 78 By Michael Welch, Lawrence B. Wilkerson, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, and Julie Lévesque, October 19, 2014
The Obesity Vaccine
Is the U.S. Military Manufacturing Ebola Vaccines to Be Tested on its Soldiers to “Advance US Ability to Wage War”? By Julie Lévesque, September 20, 2014
UN Designates "Free Syrian Army" Affiliates as Al Qaeda
The History of ISIS Beheadings: Part of the “Training Manual” of US Sponsored Syria “Pro-Democracy” Terrorists By Julie Lévesque, September 19, 2014
MH17: videos show missile launcher in vicinity of neighbouring towns
Dutch Safety Board (DSB) Report: Malaysian MH17 was Brought Down by “A Large Number of High Energy Objects”, Contradicts US Claims that it Was Shot Down by a “Russian Missile” By Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Julie Lévesque, September 09, 2014
Israel Steals Gaza’s Offshore Natural Gas: $15 Billion Deal with Jordan By Julie Lévesque, September 06, 2014
Neo-Nazis Travelling to Ukraine to Fight Against “Separatists” and Establish a “Fascist Dictatorship” By Julie Lévesque, July 31, 2014
crash mh17
The Malaysian Airline MH17 Crash: Sixteen Central Issues Which Cannot be Ignored By Julie Lévesque, July 26, 2014
The United Nations is Complicit in the Massacre of Civilians in Ukraine By Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Julie Lévesque, July 09, 2014
Why It is Important to Support Alternative Media Global Research News Hour Episode 73 By Michael Welch, Julie Lévesque, Richard Gage, Rocco Galati, and Yves Engler, July 06, 2014
isis iraq
El terrorismo patrocinado por Estados Unidos en Iraq y el “caos constructivo” en Oriente Próximo By Julie Lévesque, June 26, 2014
isis iraq
US-Sponsored Terrorism in Iraq and “Constructive Chaos” in the Middle East By Julie Lévesque, June 19, 2014
Retro peace background
The Council on Foreign Relations vs. Global Research By Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Julie Lévesque, June 02, 2014
Toc toc… Qui est là ? Bilderberg. Bilderberg qui?
Bilderberg 2014: War Criminals, Big Oil and “Too Big to Jail” Banksters Meet in Secrecy By Julie Lévesque, May 30, 2014
“War is Peace, it Makes Us Rich and Safe”… or So Says the Mainstream Media By Julie Lévesque, April 29, 2014
The Boston Bombing Web of Lies By Julie Lévesque, April 02, 2014
“Democratization” and Anti-Semitism in Ukraine: When Neo-Nazi Symbols become “The New Normal” By Julie Lévesque, March 06, 2014
CIA Hollywood
Screen Propaganda, Hollywood and the CIA By Julie Lévesque, February 01, 2014
gas mask
The UN Syria Mission Confirms that Rebels Were in Possession of Chemical Weapons By Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Julie Lévesque, December 13, 2013
The JFK Assassination and 9/11: Unmasking Deep State Power Global Research News Hour Episode 44 By Michael Welch, Elizabeth Woodworth, Barrie Zwicker, and Julie Lévesque, November 24, 2013
SOCIAL MEDIA "TACTICAL INTELLIGENCE COLLECTION": Spying and Propaganda using Facebook, Twitter
Social Media “Tactical Intelligence Collection”: Spying and Propaganda using Facebook, Twitter By Julie Lévesque, October 26, 2013
mother agnes mariam
The Ghouta Chemical Attacks: US-Backed False Flag? Killing Syrian Children to Justify a “Humanitarian” Military Intervention By Julie Lévesque and Prof Michel Chossudovsky, September 25, 2013
Syria Gambit: The Race to War Global Research News Hour Episode 35 By Michael Welch, Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, and Julie Lévesque, September 19, 2013
John McCain
Senator John McCain, Foreign Relations “Adviser” to Al Qaeda Death Squads in Syria By Julie Lévesque, September 06, 2013
haiti girl-displacement-camp
La “reconstrucción” de Haití Hoteles de lujo, fábricas que explotan a los trabajadores y desregulación para la elite corporativa privada By Julie Lévesque, August 28, 2013
Del Prado
Mercenary Association Seeking UN Contracts Despite Human Rights Violations By José L. Gómez del Prado and Julie Lévesque, August 03, 2013
jose del prado mercenaries
Mercenary Association Seeking UN Contracts Despite Human Rights Violations By José L. Gómez del Prado and Julie Lévesque, August 01, 2013
Edward Snowden and the Emerging Police State Global Research News Hour episode 33 By Michael Welch, Tom Burghardt, Julie Lévesque, and Stephen Gowans, July 19, 2013
Obama: El Más efectivo entre dos males By Arnold August and Julie Lévesque, July 08, 2013
Arnold August
“Democracia cubana” versus “democracia estadounidense” By Arnold August and Julie Lévesque, June 07, 2013
Arnold August
“Kubanische Demokratie” versus “amerikanische Demokratie” By Arnold August and Julie Lévesque, June 07, 2013
British Lord offers Bounty for Capture of War Criminals Barack Obama and George W. Bush
Obama: The Most Effective of Two Evils By Arnold August and Julie Lévesque, June 06, 2013
Arnold August
“Cuban Democracy” versus “American Democracy” By Arnold August and Julie Lévesque, May 16, 2013
Aftermath of the Boston Bombings: The FBI, Canada and the Politics of Terror Global Research News Hour Episode 25 By Michael Welch, Trevor Aaronson, Rocco Galati, and Julie Lévesque, May 05, 2013
De Afganistán a Siria: derechos de la mujer, propaganda de guerra y CIA By Julie Lévesque, April 09, 2013
“From Idealism to Imperialism”: Canada’s Dark History of NGO Funding By Julie Lévesque and Nik Barry-Shaw, February 20, 2013
liberty statue gun
US Imperialism, International Law and the United Nations By Julie Lévesque, January 30, 2013
Illegal Siege: Why We Must Never Forget Palestine By Julie Lévesque, January 16, 2013
VIDEOS: War Propaganda Corporate Media Steers World Toward Disaster
Syria: “Chemical Propaganda” and Fabricated Evidence By Julie Lévesque, December 12, 2012
Israel's Mossad Teams up with Terror Group to Kill Iran's Nuclear Scientists
Fabricating WMD “Evidence”: Israeli Covert Operation inside Syria to “Track Chemical Arsenal” By Julie Lévesque, December 11, 2012
gaza david goliath
Israel’s Holy War: Triggering the Palestinian Exodus? By Julie Lévesque, November 29, 2012
Anitsémistisme Islamophobie
“La guerra contra el antisemitismo global” en la era de la islamofobia By Julie Lévesque, November 16, 2012
The Petraeus Affair vs. the CIA’s Long Criminal History By Julie Lévesque, November 15, 2012
“The War on Global Anti-Semitism” in the Age of Islamophobia By Julie Lévesque, November 12, 2012
The US Presidential Elections: Analysis and Review By Rick Rozoff, Peter Phillips, Julie Lévesque, and Michael Welch, November 03, 2012