9/11 Truth: Mainstream Media Labels 9/11 Petition to Canada’s Parliament “A Call to Support a Conspiracy Theory”

Last Wednesday December 3, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May read a petition calling for a parliamentary review “of the omissions and inconsistencies in the official United States of America 9/11 Commission Report.” (Full text of the petition below.)

It comes as no surprise that the mainstream media ridiculed her for presenting the petition, something New Democratic Party deputy Paul Dewar had refused to do.

“I do not agree with petition. It is an obligation of an MP to present every petition submitted to them,” May commented. The media immediately pointed out that it is not an obligation, insinuating that May chose to present the petition either because she supports the cause or to please her constituents.

“MPs are not not bound to present petitions and cannot be compelled to do so; nevertheless, it is evident that many Members consider it a duty to present to the House petitions brought forward by citizens,” according to the House of Commons Procedure and Practice.

Typical media reaction

The media reaction came as expected, in its predictable prepackaged biased mixture of half truths and derision:

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May put forward a bizarre petition in the House of Commons Wednesday asking the government to support a popular 9/11 conspiracy theory. (Jesse Tahirali, Elizabeth May presents ‘9/11 truther’ petition to ParliamentCTVNews.ca, December 4, 2014)

Calls to investigate 9/11 are a common refrain among conspiracy theorists who doubt the official version of events, that two airliners hijacked by al-Qaeda terrorists brought down the World Trade Center towers. Many insist the twin towers were instead brought down in a controlled demolition with the U.S. government’s prior knowledge or active participation. (Ishmael N. Daro, Elizabeth May presents 9/11 ‘Truther’ petition in the House of Commons, Postmedia, December 4, 2014)

On the one hand, among the deranged subcultures of the extreme left, Truthers represent a constituency who are organized, energetic, and (in their own way) politically informed - precisely the sort of highly-motivated go-getters any self-respecting kook party would want onside…

Their message has been heard, their crankish conspiracy theory has been legitimized as a perfectly valid “voice” in our national dialogue, and, most importantly, their perception of the Greens as a party that’s sympathetic to their existence (even if only to a point) has been reconfirmed. (J.J McCullough, Elizabeth May’s 9/11 ‘truther’ petition reveals Green Party cranks, Sun News, December 6, 2014)

The Huffington Post was more subtle in its slander and only used the tag “conspiracy theory” to categorize its news item on this topic.

There are mistakes and omissions in every excerpt above, some even containing two mistakes in one sentence such as saying the “bizarre petition” is “asking the government to support a popular 9/11 conspiracy theory”. First, the Canadian government already supports a conspiracy theory, namely the official 9/11 conspiracy theory. What the petition is asking is to review the official conspiracy theory because it has been proven a complete fiction by years of serious research and investigations by prominent researchers and independent journalists. These people have done what the mainstream media failed to do and are still not doing. Their job.

Isn’t the rule of law, even seemingly, supposed to prevail in the US? Then why was a group accused within hours of the attacks, before any investigation was set up? Why was the crime scene cleaned up and the evidence removed? Why did it take so long to set up an investigation? Why is the Commission Report accepted as undeniable truth when the commissionnaries themselves said the investigation was set up to fail?

Somehow, for the mainstream media, crazy conspiracy theorists are people who denounce the absence of the rule of law in the wake of the biggest terrorist attack in America. In turn, those who are considered intelligent people with common sense are the ones who blindly accept, without any question, to be fed a prefabricated story, thinking you have to be mentally ill not to believe it and ask for a proper investigation. In the post-911 world, only “tin foil hats” ask legitimate questions. The media defamation of the truther movement is nothing but a soft version of Inquisitorial orders where denying official stories had you burned at the stake. Nowadays only your character is assassinated.

It is convenient to point out that for over 13 years the mainstream media’s obedience to authority has been remarkable. George W. Bush had demanded in his address to the UN on November 10, 2001: “We must speak the truth about terror.  Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th; malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists, themselves, away from the guilty.”

935 Iraq lies later, as well as many more about several other countries around the world, the fools remain those who don’t believe the proven liars. Go figure.

“Conspiracy theorists”: The ongoing CIA propaganda campaign against dissent

Following the liar’s orders, the media has steadily labelled those who question the official version of the 9/11 attacks as “conspiracy theorists”. It is a well-known technique, the classic ad hominem attack, which consists in avoiding to deal with one’s arguments with valid reasoning. The mainstream media never seriously address the truther movement’s claims and investigations simply because with it, the official story is brought down like a house of cards.

Defining an analysis as a “conspiracy theory” is a lame tactic to exclude any sensitive topic from the public debate. As Gary Khols noted in, The CIA’s Invention of the “Conspiracy Theorist”: Smear Campaign to Discredit Dissenters:

In his 2013 book, Conspiracy Theory in America, author Lance deHaven-Smith traced the term “conspiracy theory” back to a CIA propaganda campaign that was designed to discredit doubters of the Warren Commission’s fake search into who assassinated President Kennedy in Dallas. In this light, the use of this pejorative term is obviously a tactic to shame and humiliate those who saw through the ulterior motives of the commission, and thus effectively censor out or even banish anyone who questions official government accounts.

Global Research has been one of the leading sources of information on 9/11 since the morning after the attacks. Our extensive in-depth report contains an overwhelming amount of independent investigations covering every aspect of this topic and which challenge the official version of the events concocted by the US government and repeated blindly by the mainstream media.

In the coming weeks, Global Research will bring to you on a regular basis the 44 Consensus Points, the “best evidence” opposing the official account of 9/11 brought together by the 911 Consensus Panel. One point per week will be posted on our web site, but if you wish you can read them all here.

The organizations which submitted the petition to Parliament will hold a press conference Wednesday December 10, 11 AM, Charles Lynch Room, 130-S, Centre Block Parliament Hill, Ottawa. 

You can find the press conference details as well as the petition below.

Ottawa ON – Last week Green Party Leader Elizabeth May presented a petition calling for a Parliamentary review of new forensic evidence regarding the events of September 11, 2001.

This petition was submitted by citizens from four provinces, and is supported by three professional organizations who have been digging into 9/11 evidence for years.

These organizations will jointly deliver a press conference to the Canadian and US media on Wednesday morning at 11:00: 

Press Conference, Wednesday December 10, 11 AM, Charles Lynch Room, 130-S, Centre Block Parliament Hill, Ottawa

Three Professional Organizations Offer Evidence-Based 9/11 Statements As Helping Hand to Families of US Victims

ReThink911.ca, based in Ottawa, emphasizes the undying role of US family members in calling for an independent inquiry into 9/11. In honoring their dead, they want the truth to be known, and the value of those lost to it respected.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (ae911truth.org), which has 2300 architects and engineers calling for a new investigation based on the evidence for controlled demolition. This organization produced the in-depth documentary “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out,” in which 40 technical and building professionals explain their conclusion of “controlled demolition”. The film rose to “most watched” video nationally on PBS.org in September 2012, and is available in a 15-minute version narrated by actor Ed Asner.

The 9/11 Consensus Panel (consensus911.org):  24 expert members of the international three-year-old 9/11 Consensus Panel have developed 44 Consensus Points of “best evidence” opposing the official account of 9/11.  The Panel respondents remain blind to one another throughout a rigorous reviewing process. Included in their studies are the surprising activities of the military and political leaders that day.  The consensus process has yielded an unprecedented degree of credibility for specific points of evidence relating to 9/11.


Media Relations/Interviews:     [email protected]

Organizers:  David Long, 613-204-9090,  E.Woodworth, 250-383-2417

Engineering Representative, Tony Szamboti, 856-228-4747

Architectural Representative, Richard Gage, AIA,  510-292-4710


See the petition accepted by the Clerk of the Parliament here


We, the undersigned citizens of Canada

who now avail themselves of their ancient and undoubted right thus to present a grievance common to your Petitioners in the certain assurance that your honourable House will therefor provide a remedy, humbly sheweth our belief that there is sufficient doubt about the omissions and inconsistencies in the official United States of America 9/11 Commission Report to show that 9/11 was an act of state sponsored terrorism. Foremost, the official United States of America 9/11 Commission Report omits new forensic evidence of the use of explosives that might have been the actual cause of the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and the collapse of the third World Trade Center Building 7. And, as a result, Canada now being a partner with the United States of America in the Global War of Terror, therefore has a responsibility to verify the findings of the United States of America 9/11 Commission Report before committing our military and other resources to the conflict.


Your Petitioners pray for the Government of Canada to conduct a


of the omissions and inconsistencies in the official United States of America 9/11 Commission Report and of the new forensic evidence listed below. Your petitioners pray that the Government of Canada hear our policy recommendation to protect Canadians against future acts of state sponsored terrorism.

The new forensic evidence includes, but is not limited to:

Total destruction of buildings with pulverization of concrete floors – proceeding symmetrically through the path of the greatest resistance – at nearly free-fall acceleration;
•Several tons of molten iron/steel found in the debris piles of all 3 high-rises andbillions of previously molten iron microspheres in all of the WTC dust;
•Nano-thermite composite incendiaries discovered throughout the WTC dust.
•DVD Material entitled: “9/11: Blueprint for Truth” by AE911Truth.org ( View on-line in English)
•The peer-reviewed paper Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe, by Niels H. Harrit, et al. posted at the Bentham Open Chemical Physics Journal.

Your Petitioners pray for the Government of Canada to conduct a parliamentary review using advice from citizens groups and expert witnesses in the field of 9/11 studies in order to protect Canadians against future acts of state sponsored terrorism and ensure that our military resources are spent properly.

Your petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray,

The Undersigned

Artist’s Rendering of the Petition

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