Poverty & Social Inequality

62 individuals – 388 in 2010 – now own more wealth than 50% of the world’s population. More shockingly, this share of wealth by half of the world’s people has collapsed by over 40% in the last five years.
America has the greatest inequalities, highest mortality rate, most regressive taxes, and largest public subsidies for bankers and billionaires of any developed capitalist country. One of the most likely sources of billionaire wealth is through tax evasion in all of its guises and forms.
The US imperial experience over the past century embodies the trajectory of the rise and fall of empires. During a time of declining empire, living standards of Americans have declined, social programs and safety nets have been scrapped in favor of the war economy.
Greece could return to her sovereign national currency, her own sovereign central bank, make her own monetary policy and implement it with a sovereign public banking system that works solely for the Greek economy.
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