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The Decline and Fall of the American Empire By Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies, February 04, 2021
Winning Votes Through Identity Politics By Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, February 04, 2021
After COVID, Davos Moves to The “Great Reset” By F. William Engdahl, February 04, 2021
“COVID-19 The Great Reset” – “Delete” Humanity By Peter Koenig, February 04, 2021
World Court to Hear Iran’s Case Against US Sanctions By Stephen Lendman, February 04, 2021
Why Israel Is Joining the Pentagon’s ‘Arab NATO’ By Jonathan Cook, February 04, 2021
‘Nobody Is Safe Until ‘Everybody Is Vaccinated’: Klaus Schwab’s “Global Reset” By Michael Haynes, February 04, 2021
Biden Administration Accused of Supporting Apartheid. Chagos Islands and US Military Base in Diego Garcia By Jon Levy, February 04, 2021
Biden’s Termination of Keystone Pipeline Deepens Divisions Between U.S. and Canada By Paul Antonopoulos, February 04, 2021
Venezuela: Opposition, Colombian Leaders Allegedly Involved in Foiled Terror Plot By Ricardo Vaz, February 04, 2021
Towards 2030, NATO Is Shaping Our Future By Manlio Dinucci, February 04, 2021
What is In Store for The World. BAKS Recommendation to German Government: “Support Military Strike by the USA and/or Israel Against Iran!” By Dr. Rudolf Hänsel, February 04, 2021
Dark-money Think Tanks Dominate House Foreign Affairs Witness List By Eli Clifton, February 04, 2021
US Dismisses Iran’s Offer to Coordinate Return to Nuclear Deal By Dave DeCamp, February 04, 2021
Political Left Close to Winning Elections in Ecuador By Lucas Leiroz de Almeida, February 04, 2021
“Politicized Science”: Combatting Vaccine Tyranny By Stephen Lendman, February 03, 2021
Calling for an “American Ministry of Truth”. The US Media’s Dystopian “2021” By Stephen Lendman, February 03, 2021
Shell, BP, and Easyjet: The Big Polluters Designing the Rules for Voluntary Carbon Offsets By Phoebe Cooke, February 03, 2021
Treatment of COVID-19: Cuban Drug Itolizumab Proves Effective in Critically Ill Patients By Yaditza del Sol González, February 03, 2021
Long-term Mask Use May Contribute to Advanced Stage Lung Cancer, Study Finds By Phillip Schneider, February 03, 2021
Glyphosate Endangers Wildlife, Too. Tell the EPA to Ban It. By Zen Honeycutt, February 03, 2021
Sky News Acts Largely as a Platform for the UK Defence and Foreign Ministries, Research Finds By Mark Curtis, February 03, 2021
Examining the Ethics and Implications of Twitter’s Censorship Policy in India By Andrew Korybko, February 03, 2021
Racial Inequality, Institutional Discrimination: The “Great Awokening” in Global and Class Context By Prof. Charles McKelvey, February 03, 2021
JFK vs. Allen Dulles. Battleground Indonesia. A Review of Greg Poulgrain’s Book By Edward Curtin, February 03, 2021
Russia’s Demography Crisis By Kester Kenn Klomegah, February 03, 2021
Implanted “Vaccine Package” ID: Germany’s Parliament Has Ratified GAVI’s Digital “Agenda ID2020” By Peter Koenig, February 03, 2021
Belt and Road Initiative: Opportunities and Challenges for Mongolia By Yelif Ulagpan, February 03, 2021
Black Alliance for Peace Solidarity Network Demands Biden End War in Afghanistan By Black Alliance for Peace, February 03, 2021
The Corona “Pandemic” Timeline: What Happened in January – March 2020? By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, February 02, 2021
US Pressure on China; The Thai Connection By Christopher Black, February 02, 2021
China Building Digital Silk Road Stretching from Asia Through Africa to Europe By RT News, February 02, 2021
The Lockdown: The Largest Experiment on Humans Ever Seen By Rob Slane, February 02, 2021
Video: Dress Rehearsal of Color Revolution in Russia? By South Front, February 02, 2021
Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy: Israel Cracks the Whip By Philip Giraldi, February 02, 2021
History: ‘Who Ended the Holocaust?’ The Liberation of Auschwitz By Martin Sieff, February 02, 2021
Libertarian “Domestic Terrorists”? By Rep. Ron Paul, February 02, 2021
US ‘Stealing, Plundering’ Syrian Oil: Mark Taliano By Mark Taliano and Press TV, February 02, 2021
“Strategic Pivot” to Asia: Biden Administration to “Remain Tough on China” By Stephen Lendman, February 02, 2021
Video: Myanmar Crisis Explained… Towards a Regional Arc of Instability? By Brian Berletic, February 02, 2021
Brazil Guts Agencies, ‘Sabotaging Environmental Protection’ in Amazon: Report By Sue Branford and Thais Borges, February 02, 2021
New York Times Explains the How but Not the Why Behind Lack of COVID Treatments By Lyn Redwood, February 02, 2021
A Week After Saying ‘Wear Two Masks’, Fauci Says It ‘Won’t Make a Difference’ By Steve Watson, February 02, 2021
Dangerous mRNA Vaccine: Is Mandatory US Covid Vaxxing Coming? By Stephen Lendman, February 02, 2021
Switzerland’s Dangerous Turn to the Far Right By Franklin Frederick, February 02, 2021
China’s Economy, Technology, and Military Is Racing Past the West? By Jeff J. Brown and Steven Sahiounie, February 02, 2021
Video: Kurdish Card and Prospects of Resumption of Hostilities in Northern Syria By South Front, February 02, 2021
Psychology: Pretending There Is Nothing Wrong By Rod Driver, February 02, 2021
COVID-19 Pandemic Dealt Women a Painful Blow By Kester Kenn Klomegah, February 02, 2021
Cowardly History: Australia Day and Invasion By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, February 02, 2021
West Virginia Newspaper Company Accuses Google, Facebook of Digital Advertising Antitrust Violations By Chris Dickerson, February 02, 2021
American Presence in the Black Sea Generates Tensions By Lucas Leiroz de Almeida, February 02, 2021
German Doctors Letter to Chancellor Merkel, Put an End to the Covid “Fear Machine” By Dr. Robert Kluger, Dr. Bruno Weil, and et al., February 02, 2021
Bill Gates and the Depopulation Agenda. Robert F. Kennedy Junior Calls for an Investigation By Peter Koenig, February 02, 2021
5G Danger: 13 Reasons 5G Wireless Technology Will Be a Catastrophe for Humanity By Makia Freeman, February 02, 2021
Nicaragua’s Indigenous Territory Wangki Awala Kupia By Rose Cunningham Kain and Tortilla Con Sal, February 01, 2021
From “Blue Homeland” to Reuniting the Ottoman Empire? By Dimitris Eleas, February 01, 2021
U.S. Lobbying Spending Nears Record High in 2020 Amid Pandemic By Karl Evers-Hillstrom, February 01, 2021
Bangladesh-Based ‘Rohingyas’ Agitate against Regime Change in Myanmar By Andrew Korybko, February 01, 2021
Who Exactly Is Russian Opposition Figure Alexey Navalny? By Jonny Tickle, February 01, 2021
China’s Scottish Energy Connection By Shahbazz Afzal, February 01, 2021
The Atlantic Council’s Anti-China Containment Strategy By Andrew Korybko, February 01, 2021
“I Don’t Want to Live Any More”, Said the Child to Her Mother. The German Government Strangles The Future of Its Own People By Dr. Rudolf Hänsel, February 01, 2021
UK Government Humiliated over Chagos Islands Again. International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea (ITLS) By Craig Murray, February 01, 2021
When Pathology Becomes the Norm. The Ruling Elites By Anna Tolstoyevskaya, February 01, 2021
Azerbaijan Won the War in Nagorno-Karabakh but Reduced Its Sovereignty By Paul Antonopoulos, February 01, 2021
Wall street
Gamestop — And the Financial Game that Never Stops! By Dr. Jack Rasmus, February 01, 2021
Pro-Biden Propaganda. “White Washed By the Democratic Party, A Very Dangerous President” By Margaret Kimberley, February 01, 2021
Video: The State of Our Currencies with Catherine Austin Fitts By James Corbett and Catherine Austin Fitts, February 01, 2021
Kurds, Stolen Oil, and an American Domestic Terrorist By Steven Sahiounie, February 01, 2021
Biden Appoints Warmongers, Military-Industrial Insiders By Sara Flounders, February 01, 2021
Vaccination and the Issue of “Voluntary Consent”. The Rights of Individuals to Control their Bodies By National Vaccine Information Centre (NVIC) and Dr. Gary G. Kohls, February 01, 2021
Six Warning Signs from Biden’s First Week in Office. Vaccination Passports, Domestic Terrorism … By Kit Knightly, February 01, 2021
Doomsday Clock Approaches Midnight By Stephen Lendman, February 01, 2021
Cuba: Epicenter of Independence, Integration and Human Development By Alex Anfruns, February 01, 2021
The Impact of Abandoned Oil Wells on the Environment By Felicity Bradstock, February 01, 2021
Why the US Deep State Won’t Forgive Russia and Iran By Pepe Escobar, February 01, 2021
Meet Mr. New World Order, Joe Biden By Timothy Alexander Guzman, February 01, 2021
24 Residents Dead in 3 Weeks as One Third of UK Nursing Home Residents Die After Experimental mRNA COVID Injections By Brian Shilhavy, February 01, 2021
Indian Farmers on the Frontline Against Global Capitalism By Colin Todhunter, February 01, 2021