The Iraqi parliament suspended the corrupt 2014 agreement with the Obama administration which invited the US to lead a fake counterterrorism operation directed against the Islamic State (ISIS-Daesh), made up of mercenaries who are funded, trained and recruited by US-NATO, with the support of Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
Iraq is in the eye of the storm. Washington's "maximum pressure" campaign on Iran and Tehran's response put heavy pressure on the Iraqi government, a partner for both. The US expects Baghdad to resist Iran, and Iran expects Baghdad to resist the US. An almost impossible position.
As Iraq/ Iran economic ties continue to strengthen, with Iraq recently signing on for billions of cubic meters of Iranian natural gas, the shift towards Russian influence was certified as Iraq sent a delegation to Moscow to negotiate the purchase of the S-400 anti-aircraft system.
US-NATO have continued a 17 year campaign of destruction in the Middle East with bases and troops on the ground geraed towards destruction, regime change, mass killing and the displacement of millions of people.
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