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US Threatens Turkey over Russian S-400 Air Defence Purchase By Jordan Shilton, March 30, 2019
Iraqi Seizure of Oil-rich Kirkuk from Kurds Risks Broader War By Jordan Shilton, October 18, 2017
US to Send Up to 5,000 More Troops to Afghanistan By Jordan Shilton, June 19, 2017
Report Accuses Pentagon of Running Multi-Billion Dollar Slush Fund for Military Operations By Jordan Shilton, May 23, 2017
Syrian “Rebels” Massacre at Least 126 Civilians in Suicide Bomb Blast By Jordan Shilton, April 17, 2017
US Seizes on Dubious Chemical Weapons Attack to Push for Expanded Syrian War By Jordan Shilton, April 06, 2017
Iraqi Civilian Death Toll Mounts as Fighting Intensifies in Mosul By Jordan Shilton, January 18, 2017
Syrian War Threatens to Escalate as Turkey Accuses Damascus of Attacking its Troops By Jordan Shilton, November 25, 2016
Mosul Offensive Threatens To Inflame Sectarian Conflicts In Iraq And Syria By Jordan Shilton, October 20, 2016
US Suspends Talks with Russia as Danger Mounts of Escalation in Syrian War By Jordan Shilton, October 04, 2016
Russia Responds to US threats with Blunt Warning over Use of Force in Syria: Could Result in “Total War” and produce “Tectonic Shifts”… By Jordan Shilton, October 03, 2016
US Accuses Russia of “War Crimes” as Danger of US-Russia Confrontation in Syria Mounts By Jordan Shilton, September 26, 2016
Turkish Air Strikes Kill Civilians in US-Backed Invasion of Syria By Jordan Shilton, August 29, 2016
Turkey Expands Invasion of Syria, with Support of US Air Force… Broader Intervention to Topple Assad Contemplated? By Jordan Shilton, August 26, 2016
European Union-Turkey Deal to Expel Refugees Comes into Force By Jordan Shilton, March 22, 2016
Former British Prime Minister Blair Joins Call for a European Army By Jordan Shilton, February 02, 2016
Britain’s Anti-terror Law and the Global Assault on Democratic Rights By Jordan Shilton, May 21, 2015
UK Government Counter-Terrorism Bill Would Criminalize Speech, Political Activity By Jordan Shilton, May 18, 2015
Nordic Countries Sign Defence Cooperation Agreement Aimed at Russia By Jordan Shilton, April 16, 2015
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NATO Steps up Anti-Russian Moves as Ceasefire begins in Ukraine By Jordan Shilton, September 06, 2014
The New Aristocracy in Britain By Jordan Shilton, May 23, 2014
UK: The Wealth of the Super-Rich has Doubled Since the 2008 Economic Crisis By Jordan Shilton, May 21, 2014
Sweden Strengthens Military in Response to Ukraine Crisis By Jordan Shilton, May 15, 2014
Tony Blair Calls for Stepped Up Intervention in Middle East By Jordan Shilton, April 30, 2014
Swedish Intelligence Service Spying on Russia for US National Security Agency By Jordan Shilton, December 30, 2013
Irish Pseudo-Left Signs Off on Repaying EU Bank Bailout By Jordan Shilton, December 12, 2013
European Union Imposes Bank Bailout on Cyprus, Pending Conflicts with Moscow By Jordan Shilton and Chris Marsden, March 26, 2013
Cyprus: Savage Austerity Measures and Economic Dictatorship By Jordan Shilton and Chris Marsden, March 24, 2013
Europe in Crisis as Cyprus Faces National Bankruptcy By Jordan Shilton and Chris Marsden, March 21, 2013
Cyprus Banks close as Bailout Terms Spark Europe-wide Financial Crisis By Jordan Shilton and Chris Marsden, March 19, 2013
Second Danish bank bailout in four months By Jordan Shilton, January 23, 2009