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The Criminalization of Big Pharma, mRNA Vaccine Deaths and Injuries. EU Adopts “Digital Vaccine Passport”
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COVID-19: Mass Testing at UK Universities Is Haphazard and Unscientific: British Medical Journal (BMJ) Investigation
WHO Pushes International Pandemic Treaty – Another Stepping Stone to World Government
As Russian Tanks Move Toward Ukraine, the Globe Braces for the Possibility that World War 3 Could Soon Erupt
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15 million J&J COVID Vaccines Thrown Away after Ingredient Mix-Up with AstraZeneca
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Bangladesh Could Become Hub for Jihadists if It Continues Appeasing Islamic Radicals
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Keele University Cancels All Aluminum Research after Scientist Links Aluminum in Vaccines to Human Health Problems
Belgium Must Lift ‘All COVID-19 Measures’ within 30 Days, Brussels Court Rules
More People Died from Vaccines in the Last Three Months than in the Last Decade, Official Data Shows
Mutations Could Render Current COVID Vaccines Ineffective in a Year or Less, Epidemiologists Warn
Syndrome of Thrombosis and Thrombocytopenia Occurring after Coronavirus Vaccination
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