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Exclusive: Physician ‘Horribly Injured’ after Pfizer Vaccine Pleads with Top U.S. Public Health Officials for Help — and Gets None By Megan Redshaw, September 24, 2021
30,000+ Women in UK Report Menstrual Problems after COVID Shots, but Menstrual Issues Not Listed as Side Effect By Megan Redshaw, September 23, 2021
Pfizer Says COVID Vaccine for 5- to 11-Year-Olds Is Safe and Shows ‘Robust’ Antibody Response, Experts Say Not So Fast By Megan Redshaw, September 23, 2021
Experts Tell FDA Vaccines ‘Harm More People Than They Save,’ but NIH Director Believes Boosters Will be Approved in Coming Weeks By Megan Redshaw, September 21, 2021
Experts Accuse CDC of ‘Cherry-Picking’ Data on Vaccine Immunity to Support Political Narrative By Megan Redshaw, September 17, 2021
Science Doesn’t Support Third Shot, Say Officials Who Left FDA in Spat with Biden over Boosters By Megan Redshaw, September 14, 2021
Biden to Lay Out 6-Prong Plan for More COVID Vaccine Mandates and Restrictions Targeting Unvaccinated By Megan Redshaw, September 10, 2021
100+ Ontario Youth Sent to Hospital for Vaccine-Related Heart Problems, Report Shows By Megan Redshaw, September 08, 2021
650,000+ Injuries Reported after COVID Vaccines, as Biden, FDA Spar Over Boosters By Megan Redshaw, September 08, 2021
Military Service Members with Natural Immunity File Lawsuit Against DOD, FDA, HHS over COVID Vaccine Mandate By Megan Redshaw, September 02, 2021
CDC Endorses FDA Approval of Pfizer COVID Vaccine for 16 and Older, Amid Questions About Missing Data and Which Vaccine Is Actually Approved By Megan Redshaw, September 01, 2021
Woman Dies of Rare Brain Disease Within 3 Months of Second Pfizer Shot, Doctor Says Vaccine Could be Responsible By Megan Redshaw, September 01, 2021
Scientists Blast ‘Rash’ Push for Boosters, Citing ‘Weak Evidence’ to Support Third Shot By Megan Redshaw, August 22, 2021
13,000 Deaths, Nearly 600,000 Adverse Events Reported after COVID Vaccines, as Debate Heats Up Over Boosters By Megan Redshaw, August 22, 2021
Fauci Claims Spread of Virus by Unvaxxed Will Lead to More Dangerous Variants, but Experts Say Opposite Is True By Megan Redshaw, August 13, 2021
Amid Growing Calls for Vaccine Mandates, Employers and Employees Weigh Options By Megan Redshaw, August 11, 2021
Physician Speaks Out Against ‘Vaccine Mandates for All’ — Especially Children and Those with Natural Immunity By Megan Redshaw, August 09, 2021
Scientist: ‘What We’re Seeing Is Virus Evolution 101’ — Delta Variant More Transmissible, Not More Deadly By Megan Redshaw, August 04, 2021
CDC Says Vaccinated May be as Likely to Spread COVID as Unvaxxed, as Reports of Serious Injuries after Vaccines Surge By Megan Redshaw, August 02, 2021
CDC ‘Corrects’ Number Of Reported Deaths After COVID Vaccines By Dumping Foreign Reports By Megan Redshaw, July 23, 2021
Federal Lawsuit Seeks Immediate Halt of COVID Vaccines, Cites Whistleblower Testimony Claiming CDC Is Under-Counting Vaccine Deaths By Megan Redshaw, July 21, 2021
J&J Eyes Bankruptcy Maneuver in Bid to Skirt Liability in Baby Powder Lawsuits By Megan Redshaw, July 20, 2021
Experts Warn of ‘Huge Risk’ as Moderna Launches COVID Vaccine Trials for Pregnant Women By Megan Redshaw, July 16, 2021
Woman with ‘Life-Altering’ Injuries After COVID Vaccine Teams Up with U.S. Senators to Demand Answers By Megan Redshaw, July 15, 2021
White House to Ask SMS Carriers to Monitor Vaccine ‘Misinformation’ in Private Text Messages By Megan Redshaw, July 14, 2021
Pfizer Fails to Convince FDA on Immediate Need for COVID Booster Shots By Megan Redshaw, July 14, 2021
FDA to Add Warning to J&J Vaccine of ‘Serious but Rare’ Autoimmune Disorder By Megan Redshaw, July 13, 2021
Pfizer to Seek Emergency Use Authorization for COVID Booster Shots — But CDC, FDA Say Science Is Lacking By Megan Redshaw, July 12, 2021
Number of Deaths Reported After COVID Vaccines Jumps by More Than 2,000 in 1 Week, According to VAERS By Megan Redshaw, July 12, 2021
Biden’s Plan to Deploy Federal Teams in Door-to-Door COVID Vaccine Campaign Sparks Backlash By Megan Redshaw, July 08, 2021
Latest CDC VAERS Data Show Reported Injuries Surpass 400,000 Following COVID Vaccines By Megan Redshaw, July 05, 2021
4,115 Fully Vaccinated Have Been Hospitalized or Died with Breakthrough COVID Infections, CDC Says By Megan Redshaw, June 30, 2021
FDA Adds Heart Inflammation Warning to Pfizer, Moderna COVID Vaccines as Some Experts Call for Full Approval By Megan Redshaw, June 29, 2021
13-Year-Old Michigan Boy Dies 3 Days After Second Dose of Pfizer Vaccine, Aunt Says ‘Moral, Ethical, Health’ Questions Need Answers By Megan Redshaw, June 25, 2021
Pfizer COVID Vaccine Linked to Rare Blood Clot Disorder, Israeli Researchers Say By Megan Redshaw, June 24, 2021
WHO: ‘Children Should Not be Vaccinated for the Moment’ By Megan Redshaw, June 23, 2021
Latest CDC VAERS Data for 12- to 17-Year-Olds Include 7 Deaths, 271 Serious Adverse Events Following COVID Vaccines By Megan Redshaw, June 20, 2021
Inventor of mRNA Technology: Vaccine Causes Lipid Nanoparticles to Accumulate in ‘High Concentrations’ in Ovaries By Megan Redshaw, June 18, 2021
19-Year-Old College Freshman Dies from Heart Problem One Month After Second Dose of Moderna Vaccine By Megan Redshaw, June 16, 2021
8 Fully Vaccinated Die of COVID in Maine, as States Continue to Report ‘Breakthrough’ Cases By Megan Redshaw, June 15, 2021
CDC Admits Teens Vaccinated With Pfizer or Moderna at Higher Risk of Heart Inflammation By Megan Redshaw, June 11, 2021
Cleveland Clinic: Already Had COVID? Vaccine Provides No Added Benefit By Megan Redshaw, June 10, 2021
More than 5,000 Covid Vaccine Deaths in America, 25,359 “Serious Injuries” and Almost 300,000 Reported “Adverse Events” By Megan Redshaw, June 05, 2021
18 Connecticut Teens Hospitalized for Heart Problems After COVID Vaccines, White House Says Young People Should Still Get the Shots By Megan Redshaw, May 27, 2021
Bombshell Video, Leaked Documents Detail How Facebook Censors Vaccine Facts When They Don’t Fit CDC, Big Pharma Narrative By Megan Redshaw, May 26, 2021
CDC Investigating Reports of ‘Mild’ Heart Problems in Teens, Adolescents After COVID Vaccine By Megan Redshaw, May 25, 2021
Latest CDC Data Show Reports of Adverse Events After COVID Vaccines Surpass 200,000, Including 943 Among 12- to 17-Year-Olds By Megan Redshaw, May 23, 2021
‘Plausible’ Link Between J&J Vaccine and Blood Clots, CDC Says After Confirming 28 Cases, Including 3 Deaths By Megan Redshaw, May 14, 2021
Unanswered Questions Regarding Covid Vaccine Injuries and Reported Deaths By Megan Redshaw, May 12, 2021
EU Regulators Call on Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca for More Data on Heart Inflammation, Guillain–Barré Syndrome By Megan Redshaw, May 11, 2021
CDC Changes Rules for Counting Breakthrough Cases, as More Fully Vaccinated People Test Positive By Megan Redshaw, May 10, 2021
Pfizer Vaccine May Cause Heart Inflammation in People Under 30, Leaked Study Suggests By Megan Redshaw, May 06, 2021
Denmark Ditches J&J COVID Vaccine, Says Benefits ‘Do Not Outweigh Risk’ of Blood Clots By Megan Redshaw, May 04, 2021
Significant Jump this Week in Reported Injuries, Deaths After COVID Vaccine By Megan Redshaw, May 03, 2021
CDC Investigating 3 Deaths after J&J Vaccine, New VAERS Data Include 584 More Reports of Deaths after COVID Vaccines By Megan Redshaw, April 26, 2021
FDA Slams Troubled COVID Vaccine Manufacturer over Quality Control Issues as Shareholders Sue Company By Megan Redshaw, April 23, 2021
Scientists Warn of ‘Vaccine Treadmill’ as Vaccine Makers Gear Up for COVID Booster Shots By Megan Redshaw, April 20, 2021
Latest VAERS Data Show Reports of Blood Clotting Disorders After All Three Emergency Use Authorization Vaccines By Megan Redshaw, April 19, 2021
Pfizer Vaccine May Put People at Higher Risk for COVID Variants, Israeli Study Shows By Megan Redshaw, April 14, 2021
Five Reasons Johnson & Johnson Is Having a Very Bad Month By Megan Redshaw, April 13, 2021