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Catalan Premier Appeals to EU as Opposition Mounts to Madrid’s Crackdown By Alex Lantier, November 02, 2017
Spain Imposes Military Rule in Catalonia to Preempt Independence Bid By Alex Lantier and Alejandro López, October 28, 2017
EU Summit Endorses Spain’s Threat of Police-Military Occupation of Catalonia By Alex Lantier, October 22, 2017
Spain Moves Toward Military Rule in Catalonia By Alex Lantier, October 13, 2017
Catalan Premier Affirms Right to Independence From Spain, but Delays Formal Declaration By Alex Lantier, October 12, 2017
Fears of Nuclear War Grow After Trump’s Threat to Annihilate North Korea By Alex Lantier, September 23, 2017
Italy Sends Warships into Libyan Waters to Block Refugees By Alex Lantier, August 07, 2017
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France’s Election at Gunpoint By Alex Lantier, April 23, 2017
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Islamic State (ISIS-Daesh) Claims New Year Attack on Istanbul Nightclub Killing 39 By Alex Lantier and Halil Celik, January 03, 2017
French Police Launch Demolition Of “Jungle” Refugee Camp In Calais By Kumaran Ira and Alex Lantier, October 25, 2016
“This is a Very Dangerous Game”: Moscow Warns that U.S. Strikes against Syria may Lead to War Between US and Russia By Alex Lantier, October 10, 2016
62 Dead, 100 Wounded as US Bombs Syrian Army Near Deir ez-Zor. Bombing Was in Support of ISIS-Daesh Militia By Alex Lantier, September 20, 2016
US-EU-NATO War Drive against Russia: European Council President Backs Demands for EU Military Buildup By Alex Lantier, September 15, 2016
American Jets Scramble against Syrian Aircraft Bombing Kurdish Rebels By Alex Lantier, August 23, 2016
American Jets Scramble against Syrian Aircraft Bombing Kurdish Rebels By Alex Lantier, August 22, 2016
Dangers of Military Escalation: Russian Helicopter Shot Down By US-Backed Syrian “Opposition” as Battle Rages over Aleppo By Alex Lantier, August 02, 2016
Erdogan Accuses US of Supporting Failed Coup in Turkey. US General Described as “The Man Behind the Coup” By Alex Lantier and Johannes Stern, August 01, 2016
France Police State: Amid protests, Hollande Government uses Emergency Powers to Impose Draft Labor Law By Alex Lantier, July 06, 2016
Tensions Erupt at Brussels Summit on British Exit from EU By Johannes Stern and Alex Lantier, June 30, 2016
EU Leaders call for Rapid British Exit and European Military Buildup By Alex Lantier, June 29, 2016
Brexit Vote Intensifies Conflicts within European Union By Alex Lantier, June 26, 2016
French Government Threatens Ban on Protests against Labor Law By V. Gnana and Alex Lantier, June 16, 2016
NATO Launches Largest Anti-Russian War Game since Cold War By Alex Lantier, June 07, 2016
French Parliament Extends State of Emergency amid Rising Protests By Alex Lantier, May 20, 2016
French Government Backs Neo-Fascist Protest against Opposition to Labor Law By Alex Lantier, May 19, 2016
French Socialist Party Uses Special Powers to Impose Unpopular Labour Law Reform By Alex Lantier, May 15, 2016
Protests Shrink as Police Attack Fourth Day of Action against French Labour Law By Alex Lantier, April 29, 2016
Intelligence Accounts Raise More Questions on Origins of Brussels, Paris Attacks By Alex Lantier, March 31, 2016
Foreknowledge of the Brussels Bombing: Why the Dots Are Not Connected By Alex Lantier and Andre Damon, March 25, 2016
Foreknowledge? Belgian Authorities Had “Precise Intelligence Warnings” of Brussels Bombings By Stéphane Hugues and Alex Lantier, March 24, 2016
European Union Threatens Summary Mass Deportations of Refugees By Alex Lantier, March 04, 2016
Prime Minister Valls Pledges Permanent State of Emergency in France By Stéphane Hugues and Alex Lantier, January 26, 2016
The Politics of Islamophobia: French Government Considers Deprivation of Nationality as Possible Sentence to all Citizens By Alex Lantier, January 06, 2016
New Strategic Document of Russian Federation: US and NATO Identified as Threats to National Security By Alex Lantier, January 05, 2016
French Government Proposes Constitutional Amendment on State of Emergency, Deprivation of Citizenship By Alex Lantier, December 25, 2015
Weapon Used in November 13 Paris Attacks Came From CIA-linked Arms Dealer By Alex Lantier, December 18, 2015
The Police Crackdown in Paris and the Drift towards Dictatorship in France By Alex Lantier, December 02, 2015
The State of Emergency and the Collapse of French Democracy By Alex Lantier, November 19, 2015
Turkish Police Storm Opposition Media in Run-up to Sunday’s Election By Alex Lantier, October 29, 2015
NATO Powers Move to Exploit Refugee Crisis to Intensify Bombing of Syria By Alex Lantier, September 08, 2015
Greek Government Approves Brutal Austerity Measures in Proposal to EU By Alex Lantier, July 10, 2015
Greek Crisis Comes to a Head By Alex Lantier, June 29, 2015