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Washington’s Response to Leaked Victoria Nuland Call Confirms US-EU Regime-Change Plot in Ukraine By Alex Lantier, February 08, 2014
Ukraine and the Pro-Imperialist Intellectuals By Alex Lantier, February 05, 2014
As Ukrainian Regime Totters, Oligarchs Call for Talks with Right-wing Opposition By Alex Lantier, January 28, 2014
British Report on Syria – Geneva Talks Open, US Advances Trumped-Up Torture Charges Against Assad By Alex Lantier, January 22, 2014
French Presidential Address: A Call for Austerity and Militarism By Alex Lantier, January 15, 2014
Paris Conference on Syria: US, European Allies Renew Push for Regime-Change By Alex Lantier, January 13, 2014
Mass Protests in Ukraine Led by Right-Wing Parties in Coordination with EU Officials By Alex Lantier, December 09, 2013
Secret NSA Program Gains “Bulk Access” to Google, Yahoo Data Centers By Alex Lantier, October 31, 2013
Report finds US-backed Syrian opposition responsible for sectarian atrocity By Alex Lantier, October 12, 2013
Libyan Prime Minister Abducted in Retaliation for US Raid on Tripoli By Alex Lantier, October 11, 2013
US Raids Libya and Somalia, Capturing Alleged Al Qaeda Planner By Alex Lantier, October 07, 2013
Amid Government Shutdown, US Officials Push “Pivot to Asia” By Alex Lantier, October 02, 2013
US-Backed Syrian Opposition Forces Reject Political Leaders, Align with Al Qaeda By Alex Lantier, September 26, 2013
Kenya: Islamist Militia Attacks Nairobi’s Westgate Mall, Killing 68 By Alex Lantier, September 23, 2013
As Talks Open in Geneva, US Begins Direct Arming of Syrian Militias By Alex Lantier, September 13, 2013
In National Address, Obama Presses Ahead With War Plans Against Syria By Alex Lantier and Joe Kishore, September 11, 2013
A Propaganda Barrage to Prepare for War on Syria By Alex Lantier, September 09, 2013
France’s “Intelligence Brief” for War on Syria: Collection of Discredited Lies By Alex Lantier, September 03, 2013
On the Eve of War With Syria: John Kerry’s “Colin Powell Moment” By Alex Lantier, August 27, 2013
Egyptian Military Junta Moves to Free Mubarak By Alex Lantier, August 20, 2013
Egyptian Junta Imposes Martial Law Amid Bloody Crackdown By Johannes Stern and Alex Lantier, August 15, 2013
Massacre in Egypt: US-Backed Junta Kills Scores, Wounds Thousands of People By Alex Lantier, July 27, 2013
US Military Plans Direct Intervention in Syria By Alex Lantier, July 24, 2013
Regime Change in Egypt: Mass Protests Continue as Egyptian Army fails to Name Government By Alex Lantier, July 08, 2013
Violent clashes spread in Egypt as US backs army coup By Alex Lantier, July 06, 2013
US Inflames Sectarian Tensions to Escalate War in Syria By Johannes Stern and Alex Lantier, June 17, 2013
Global Stock Markets fall after 7 percent Collapse in Japan’s Nikkei index By Alex Lantier, May 24, 2013
Israel, US Threatens War with Syria as Sectarian Fighting Spreads across Region By Alex Lantier, May 22, 2013
US-China Confrontation: Washington’s Hacking Charges Escalate Pressure on Beijing By Alex Lantier, May 21, 2013
America’s “Long War”: Pentagon tells US Senate Wars will Continue for Decades By Alex Lantier, May 18, 2013
Obama, Cameron Hold Syria War Summit in Washington: “More Weapons for Al Qaeda” By Alex Lantier and Chris Marsden, May 14, 2013
UN says US-backed Opposition, not Syrian Regime, used Poison Gas By Alex Lantier, May 07, 2013
The Israeli strikes on Syria By Alex Lantier, May 06, 2013
War on Syria: US Pledges to Arm Jihadist “Opposition” as New Terror Bombing hits Damascus By Alex Lantier, May 01, 2013
Europe’s Economic Crisis: Unemployment hits Record Highs in Spain, France By Alex Lantier, April 26, 2013
Setting the Stage for War: US Troops Deployed to Jordan, Preparations to Invade Syria? By Alex Lantier, April 19, 2013
Kerry issues War Threat over Korea By Alex Lantier, April 13, 2013
The “Liberal Left” Promotes the CIA’s Covert War on Syria By Alex Lantier, April 13, 2013
Isolating the DPRK: US Threatens War With North Korea, Demands China to Cut Off Support By Alex Lantier, April 09, 2013
US Threatens North Korea while Signaling Possible Talks By Alex Lantier, April 06, 2013
America Threatens to Wage War: US Escalates Military Tensions over North Korean Nuclear Program By Alex Lantier, April 03, 2013
Rising Risk of War: US sends Fighter-bombers to Korea By Alex Lantier, April 01, 2013
Targeting China: Washington Announces Formation of “Offensive Cyber War Units” By Alex Lantier, March 14, 2013
Standoff continues in Algerian hostage crisis By Alex Lantier, January 20, 2013
As Popular Opposition Grows: Austerity Budgets imposed across Europe By Alex Lantier, September 29, 2012
US blames Libya attack on Al Qaeda-linked forces it previously backed By Alex Lantier, September 23, 2012
Anti-US protests spread throughout Muslim world By Alex Lantier, September 18, 2012
US, European powers press for intervention as Syrian army retakes Aleppo By Alex Lantier, August 10, 2012
Syrian army, US-backed opposition militias clash in Aleppo By Alex Lantier, August 08, 2012
UN General Assembly targets Syria as US proxy war escalates By Alex Lantier, August 04, 2012
Greek government, European officials plan billions in new social cuts By Alex Lantier and John Vassilopoulos, July 27, 2012
Imperialism and the Houla massacre By Alex Lantier, June 17, 2012
European economic crisis, military tensions overshadow G8 summit By Alex Lantier, May 19, 2012
Incoming French President Signals Budget Cuts, Handouts to Banks By Kumaran Ira and Alex Lantier, May 09, 2012
Socialist Party candidate Hollande wins French presidential elections By Alex Lantier and Kumaran Ira, May 07, 2012
FRENCH ELECTIONS: Continuity of Neoliberal Policies. François Hollande does not constitute an Alternative to Sarkozy By Alex Lantier, May 05, 2012
Large neo-fascist vote shakes French presidential race By Alex Lantier and Johannes Stern, April 24, 2012
Socialist Party candidate Hollande, Sarkozy advance in French presidential elections By Alex Lantier, April 23, 2012
WAS MERAH THE KILLER? Doubts Regarding the Conduct of French Intelligence and Police By Alex Lantier, March 25, 2012
French police in armed standoff with alleged Toulouse gunman By Alex Lantier, March 23, 2012