US NATO War Agenda


Wars are escalating as new countries are bombed and the old are ravaged with ever greater intensity. Countries, where relatively peaceful changes had taken place through recent elections, are now on the verge of civil wars.


The signed and dated open-conspiracy to divide, destroy, then incrementally occupy a sovereign nation thousands of miles from the US serves as a sobering example of how dangerous and enduring modern imperialism is…

Agents of chaos

The conflicts in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen are all fronts in a multi-dimensional war being waged by the US and its allies. This multi-dimensional war aims to encircle Eurasia. China, Iran, and Russia are the main targets.


The Moscow Conference on International Security in April was used as a venue to give notice to the US and NATO that other world powers will not let them do as they please.

Russian Navy
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us-syria flags
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© Flickr/ Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper Installation
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