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In a courageous and brilliant tour de force, the Argentine Presidency of the UN Security Council availed itself of the opportunity to publicly denounce US espionage in the service of imperialism.


There is a grotesque development in the EU in attempts to “normalize” or popularize Nazism. The Prague Declaration is a sinister falsification of history which has encouraged attempts to legitimize the rebirth of Nazism now spreading throughout Europe.

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The broad principles underlying the United Nations (UN) are noble and peaceful. They have unfortunately been perverted from the UN’s inception. The UN is currently being used as a means to justify military intervention by several permanent member States of the UN Security Council.

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In October 2012, Syrian Ambassador to the UN Bashar Ja’afari sent a letter to the President of the Security Council and Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon listing 108 foreign individuals involved in terrorism arrested in the Syrian Arab Republic .

Haïti soldat
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Plane with technical problems at Schiphol airport
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