Middle East & North Africa

Israeli-Saudi Alliance

The disintegration of the resistance axis is the utmost priority for the states that drive US policy in the Middle East. Inciting division between Arabs has been the instrumental strategy.

Turkey and Iran

As Turkey works for harmonization with Iran and Russia, an internal struggle has developed between the PM and the Gulenists that may threaten the process. If the leadership of the AKP is to be believed, it’s part of a foreign…


The Syrian opposition was sold to the world by mainstream Western press from day one of the Syria conflict as representing democracy, freedom, and a pluralist future for a new Syria. But the last couple of years testify the complete opposite.

Mid-East chess

The Middle East and North Africa have been turned into an arc of instability all the way from Iraq and the Persian Gulf to Libya and Tunisia.

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UN Accepts Palestinians’ Bid to Join 13 International Bodies By Global Research News, April 12, 2014
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