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There is a fundamental confusion about the relationship between capitalism and imperialism. Contemporary theorizing often ignores the sociopolitical and ideological power configurations as well as the role of international financial institutions


Wall Street was firmly behind the military Junta which waged “The Dirty War” on its behalf. In turn, the Catholic Church hierarchy played a central role in sustaining the legitimacy of the military Junta.


Washington’s negotiations with Cuba are one part of a two-track policy. There is a major US build-up in Latin America, with increasing reliance on ‘military platforms’, designed to launch military interventions in strategic countries.


Presidential candidate Jeb Bush had close personal ties to Raul Salinas de Gortiari, brother of Mexico’s former president Carlos Salinas de Gortiari. In the 1990s, Raul the “drug kingpin”, according to Switzerland’s federal prosecutor Carla del Ponte, was one of the main figures of the Mexican Drug Cartel.

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