Désastre humanitaire aux Philippines. Dans la cruelle foulée de la tempête tropicale Ketsana

Environmentalists blame mining companies for contributing to massive siltation of the rivers, poisoning the waterways and agricultural fields with toxic chemicals and rendering communities more vulnerable to flooding.

japanese army

Military intervention abroad, weapons export, and conscription are the next step. Japan is clearly moving towards scrapping its pacifist principles, and returning back to its militaristic past.

pacific command

Obama’s ‘Pivot to Asia’ directed against China has undergone significant developments. Not least has been the emergence of Australia as a central part of Washington’s plans to strengthen American influence and military reach across the Asia-Pacific.


25 years ago, every U.S. media outlet, along with then President Bush and the U.S. Congress were whipping up a full scale frenzied hysteria and attack against the Chinese government for what was described as the cold-blooded massacre of many thousands of non-violent “pro-democracy” students

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uk china flag puzzle
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The Petrocurrency War By Gulam Asgar Mitha, March 23, 2015
A yuan banknote is displayed next to a U.S. dollar banknote for the photographer at a money changer inside the Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan
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The Battle for Thailand
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