Nuclear War


This policy of nuclear bombing of targeted cities is still on the drawing board of the Pentagon. While today’s list of targets remains classified, cities in Russia, China, the Middle East, North Korea are on the target list.

Conversations with Fidel Castro: Hiroshima and the Dangers of a Nuclear War

Let us have the courage to proclaim that all nuclear or conventional weapons, everything that is used to make war, must disappear!” Fidel Castro


While a World War III scenario implying the preemptive use of nuclear weapons has been on the drawing board of the Pentagon for more than ten years, military planners are now involved in the formulation of concrete attack plans directed against Russia.

The USAF B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber: "An Instrument of Peace"...

Tactical nuclear weapons or so-called “mini-nukes” are bunker buster bombs equipped with a nuclear warhead. Their explosive capacity (e.g. the B61-11) varies between one third and six times a Hiroshima bomb.

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