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The Last Whistleblowers
U.S. Government Secrecy At All-Time High. “Secret Witnesses” and “Secret Evidence” To Prosecute Americans By Washington's Blog, March 27, 2015
US military bases
“Proof that Russia and Iran Want War”: Look How Close They Put Their Countries To Our Military Bases! By Washington's Blog, March 27, 2015
spy (1)
Israel Caught Spying On U.S. Behind Closed Doors Negotiations With Iran By Washington's Blog, March 26, 2015
Intelligence Services Block Activists’ Emails … And Frame Them With Fake Emails By Washington's Blog, March 26, 2015
Bankers Hate Peace: All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars By Washington's Blog, March 26, 2015
Why I Oppose War with Iran By Washington's Blog, March 25, 2015
ISIS made in USA
Mainstream U.S. Writers Call for Supporting Both Al Qaeda and ISIS By Washington's Blog, March 25, 2015
Information Warfare: Automated Propaganda and Social Media Bots By Washington's Blog, March 23, 2015
War and the Global Economy: Financial Experts on “Why We Are Drifting Towards World War Three” By Washington's Blog, March 20, 2015
False Flag Terror: Presidents, Prime Ministers, Congressmen, Generals, Spooks, Soldiers and Police Admit to it By Washington's Blog, March 19, 2015
The 9/11 Commission Didn’t Believe the Government … So Why Should We? By Washington's Blog, March 13, 2015
Core Inflation in the US Would Be Just As Low As in the Eurozone if Measured on the Same Basis By Washington's Blog, March 11, 2015
You’re 55 Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer than a Terrorist By Washington's Blog, March 05, 2015
Euromaidan Thugs
False Flag? The Kiev Maidan Snipers, They Fired On Both Police and Protesters By Washington's Blog, March 01, 2015
Pop Quiz: How Many Constitutional Rights Have We Lost? By Washington's Blog, February 27, 2015
false flag
53 Admitted False Flag Attacks By Washington's Blog, February 24, 2015
Laying the Foundations for Preemptive Nuclear War Against Iran
Continued Fighting In Ukraine Could Lead to Nuclear War By Washington's Blog, February 24, 2015
Contesting Finance Capitalism in Turkey
A Large Financial Sector Hurts the “Real Economy” By Washington's Blog, February 23, 2015
The “Too Big To Fail” Have Stopped Being Banks. They have become Huge Criminal Enterprises Involved in Market Manipulation By Washington's Blog, February 22, 2015
The Terrorism Statistics Every American Needs to Hear By Washington's Blog, February 21, 2015
Since 9/11, the U.S. Has Been Involved in More Than 5 Wars … and They Have All Been Disasters By Washington's Blog, February 20, 2015
America’s Closest Allies Are Supporting and Funding the Islamic State By Washington's Blog, February 20, 2015
Geoengineering to Fight Global Warming, Pushed By Politicians and Scientists …But It May Do “More Harm than Good” By Washington's Blog, February 20, 2015
Humans Have Intentionally Modified Weather for Military Purposes and Climate Control for Decades
CIA Looking Into Weather Modification as a Form of Warfare By Washington's Blog, February 19, 2015
CIA Looking Into Weather Modification As A Form of Warfare By Washington's Blog, February 18, 2015
Surveillance 2010, artwork by Will Varner
5 Ways Mass Surveillance Is Destroying the US Economy By Washington's Blog, February 18, 2015
The USS Liberty: A Failed Israeli False Flag Attack Against the United States By Washington's Blog, February 13, 2015
false flag
USS Liberty 1967: Israel Murdered U.S. Sailors and Tried to Sink Their Ship … A Failed False Flag Attack Against the U.S. By Washington's Blog, February 13, 2015
war press
Why U.S. Reporters Are Always Pro-War By Washington's Blog, February 09, 2015
The Cuban Missile Crisis, On the Verge of World War III: A Man You’ve Never Heard of Saved Your Life By Washington's Blog, February 08, 2015
“Mainstream Reporters are Always Pro-War”: Brian Williams’ Lie: The Bigger Picture By Washington's Blog, February 07, 2015
Britain’s Army’s “Facebook Warriors”: Reflexive Control, Covert Information and Subversion Campaigns on the Internet By Washington's Blog, February 04, 2015
Putting the Terror Threat In Perspective: There Are Far Fewer Terror Attacks in the US Now than in the 1970s By Washington's Blog, February 04, 2015
New Saudi King Tied to Al Qaeda, Bin Laden and Islamic Terrorism By Washington's Blog, February 04, 2015
eliason ukraine beheading
Kiev Regime Battalion is Beheading East Ukraine Hostages … Just Like ISIS By Washington's Blog, February 03, 2015
false flag
False Flag Attacks. Historically Documented By Washington's Blog, February 02, 2015
al qaeda
Why Does the U.S. Support Saudi Arabia, A Country Which Hosts and Finances Islamic Terrorism? On Behalf of Washington? By Washington's Blog, January 25, 2015
Western Politicians and Media Praise Saudi King Abdullah, “A Man of Vision and Wisdom” Who Ordered Beheadings, Whippings and Banned Women From Driving By Washington's Blog, January 25, 2015
Non-Muslims Carried Out More than 90% of All Terrorist Attacks in America By Washington's Blog, January 24, 2015
QE3:  The Fed Entrapped in the Perpetual issuance of Money
Even Central Bankers Now Admit QE Doesn’t Work By Washington's Blog, January 21, 2015
Islamic State Has Tripled Its Territory In Syria Since U.S. Started Airstrikes By Washington's Blog, January 18, 2015
Ugly Truth: Most U.S. Kids Sentenced to Die In Prison Are Black
Racism and Incarceration: African-Americans in US Jails By Washington's Blog, January 17, 2015
internet-surveillance 2
Authoritarians Use Paris Terror Attack As Excuse for Power Grab By Washington's Blog, January 17, 2015
bombes terrorisme
How to Stop Terrorism: Seven Ways to “Drain the Swamp” By Washington's Blog, January 11, 2015
The First Question to Ask After Any Terror Attack: Was It a False Flag? By Washington's Blog, January 08, 2015
obama drones
Obama Has Killed More People with Drones than Died On 9/11 By Washington's Blog, January 07, 2015
Financial Criminality: Wall Street Manipulates Energy Prices, Gold … and Every Other Market By Washington's Blog, January 04, 2015
If Quantitative Easing Works, Why Has It Failed to Kick-Start Inflation? By Washington's Blog, January 03, 2015
Financial Warfare: Big Banks Conspire with Giant Oil Companies to Manipulate Currency Markets By Washington's Blog, January 01, 2015
The REAL Santa Claus, A “Real Historical Person” By Washington's Blog, December 27, 2014
Seven Reasons Why the “Bad Guys” Keep Winning By Washington's Blog, December 23, 2014
We’ve Known for 1,700 Years that Torture Produces False Confessions By Washington's Blog, December 19, 2014
Torture Architect Tries to Justify Program … Fails Miserably By Washington's Blog, December 16, 2014
US Government Officials Admit: We’ll Torture Again, Unless You Prosecute Us By Washington's Blog, December 15, 2014
Bush-Cheney Torture Protocol: "The Last War Crime" Debuts at Cannes--but Censored in US
Who’s Right … Torture Defenders or Critics? By Washington's Blog, December 12, 2014
Congress Just Passed Legislation Ramping Up Mass Surveillance to Super-Steroid Levels By Washington's Blog, December 11, 2014
La torture, instrument fondamental de la propagande sur le terrorisme
U.S. Tortured and Killed Innocent People for the Specific Purpose of Producing False Propaganda By Washington's Blog, December 10, 2014
Torture: An Executive Summary By Washington's Blog, December 09, 2014
Proof that War Is Bad for the Economy
War Is Bad for the Economy By Washington's Blog, December 03, 2014
The Idiotic Economic Theory That’s Causing Governments to Blow Up Their Economies By Washington's Blog, December 02, 2014