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Torture, Murder and Donald Trump By Patrick Martin, February 11, 2016
Pentagon Chief Outlines Plan for Escalation of Iraq-Syria War By Patrick Martin, January 15, 2016
Obama’s Final State of the Union: Lies, Evasions and Threats By Patrick Martin, January 13, 2016
A Homeland "Security Blanket" for the Defense Industry: The Flawed Nuke Detection Program
Homeland Security’s Mass Deportation Plan: Obama Administration Prepares Raids against Central American Immigrants By Patrick Martin, December 28, 2015
By Patrick Martin, November 23, 2015
By Patrick Martin, November 10, 2015
By Patrick Martin, November 09, 2015
By Patrick Martin, November 05, 2015
By Patrick Martin, November 02, 2015
Clinton Testifies Before House Benghazi Committee By Patrick Martin, October 23, 2015
Top 1 Percent Own More Than Half of World’s Wealth By Patrick Martin, October 14, 2015
Pentagon’s Law of War Manual Justifies War Crimes and Press Censorship By Patrick Martin, August 11, 2015
Conflict within US Political Establishment over Iran Nuclear Accord Intensifies By Patrick Martin, August 10, 2015
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Hillary Clinton and Secret Swiss Bank Accounts By Patrick Martin, July 31, 2015
The Dark Side of American Politics By Patrick Martin, July 29, 2015
Corporate Cash Floods US Congressional Elections
The US Presidency for Sale: The Role of Big Money in the Presidential Campaign By Patrick Martin, July 20, 2015
Obama, Republicans Join Forces to Salvage Trade Bill By Patrick Martin, June 17, 2015
hillary-clinton 2016
Hillary Clinton Launches Her Presidential Campaign By Patrick Martin, June 15, 2015
USA Ukraine 2
“Human Rights” Imperialism in Ukraine By Patrick Martin, June 12, 2015
US Police Kill More Than Two People a Day By Patrick Martin, June 01, 2015
Why Did the US Army Ship Live Anthrax? By Patrick Martin, May 29, 2015
NATO Begins Anti-Russian Air Drill in Arctic By Patrick Martin, May 26, 2015
Libya EU flags
European Powers Seek to Bomb Libya to Stop Migrants By Patrick Martin, May 11, 2015
US-Jordan War Games Prepare Wider Mideast Conflict By Patrick Martin, May 06, 2015
rubble syria bombing us
US Warplanes Kill Dozens of Civilians in Syria By Patrick Martin, May 04, 2015
Barack Obama, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud,
Major Shake-up in Saudi Monarchy By Patrick Martin, April 30, 2015
Doonesbury Cartoonist Garry Trudeau Attacked for Criticizing Charlie Hebdo By Patrick Martin, April 27, 2015
Obama’s Drone Warfare: Assassination Made Routine By Patrick Martin, April 26, 2015
A drone designed and constructed by Concepcion University and the Chilean army is seen during a flight test at Concepcion city
Pakistan: Obama Admits US Drone Strike Killed Two Al Qaeda Hostages, a US Professor and an Italian Aid Worker By Patrick Martin, April 24, 2015
Obama speaks as Hassanal Bolkiah listens during the Trans-Pacific Partnership Leaders meeting at the Hale Koa Hotel during the APEC Summit in Honolulu
Obama, Republicans Push Anti-China Trade Pact By Patrick Martin, April 23, 2015
Mass Killings, Looting in Tikrit by US-Backed Shiite Militia By Patrick Martin, April 06, 2015
US Army to Train Ukrainian Fascist Militias By Patrick Martin, April 01, 2015
Bowe Bergdahl
The Pentagon’s Vendetta against Former Afghanistan Prisoner of War Bowe Bergdahl By Patrick Martin, March 30, 2015
US and Israeli  Hypocrisy Regarding Iran's Nuclear Program
Israel Spied on US-Iran Talks In Effort to Block Deal By Patrick Martin, March 25, 2015
Judge Orders End to Pentagon Stalling on Torture Photos By Patrick Martin, March 23, 2015
Netanyahu Claims Victory in Close Israeli Election By Patrick Martin, March 18, 2015
US Presidential Election Season Begins By Patrick Martin, March 13, 2015
Obama Administration Seeks Wider War Powers By Patrick Martin, March 12, 2015
Hillary Clinton Must Resign
Media Furor over Hillary Clinton’s use of Private Email By Patrick Martin, March 11, 2015
US Orders 7,700 Children Deported Without Court Hearings By Patrick Martin, March 07, 2015
Wisconsin Governor Walker, American Workers and Terrorism By Patrick Martin, March 02, 2015
Wisconisn Governor Scott Walker gestures as he addresses the second session of the Republican National Convention in Tampa
U.S. Governor Compares Wisconsin Protesters to Terrorists By Patrick Martin, March 01, 2015
Obama Ukraine
Obama Refuses to Rule Out Arming Kiev Following Talks with Merkel By Patrick Martin and Barry Grey, February 10, 2015
National Security Strategy Document Affirms US Drive for World Domination By Patrick Martin, February 07, 2015
Saudi Arabia, 9/11 and the “War on Terror” By Patrick Martin, February 06, 2015
budget militaire us
The Obama Budget: A Populist Fig Leaf for Militarism and Reaction By Patrick Martin, February 04, 2015
Imperialist Mourning for King Abdullah By Patrick Martin, January 26, 2015
CIA Torturers Running Scared
New Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Moves to Suppress CIA Torture Report By Patrick Martin, January 25, 2015
Delusion and Deception in Obama’s State of Union By Patrick Martin, January 21, 2015
Behind Whitewash of CIA Spying: The Trail Leads to the White House By Thomas Gaist and Patrick Martin, January 17, 2015
Racist Provocation and the “War on Terror” By Patrick Martin, January 15, 2015
Charlie Hebdo: Massive Police Mobilization in France By Patrick Martin, January 09, 2015
Washington Buries the CIA Torture Report By Patrick Martin, January 08, 2015
Republican Majority: Washington Resumes Work on Right-wing Agenda as 114th Congress Convenes By Patrick Martin, January 05, 2015
NEW YORK STATE: Are Police Building a Massive DNA Database?
A Political Mobilization of the American Police By Patrick Martin, December 29, 2014
The Modus Operandi of Imperialist Propaganda By Patrick Martin, December 22, 2014
north korea united states
US Escalates Campaign against North Korea By Patrick Martin, December 21, 2014
Cheney on CIA Torture: “I’d do it again in a minute” By Patrick Martin, December 15, 2014
Will Obama's Record War Budget Lead to a US Victory in Afghanistan? Don't Bet On it?
US Budget Resolution Funds War and Repression By Patrick Martin, December 13, 2014
Kerry 2
Kerry Demands Open-ended Mideast War Resolution By Patrick Martin, December 11, 2014