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Trump’s Pro-Corporate Rampage: Expedites Approval of Keystone XL and Dakota DAPL Pipelines, Derogation of Native Rights By Patrick Martin, January 25, 2017
US Senate Panel Rubber Stamps “Mad Dog” Mattis for Pentagon Chief By Patrick Martin, January 19, 2017
From Selma to the CIA. Rep. John Lewis Will Boycott Inauguration of Donald Trump By Patrick Martin, January 19, 2017
Trump Press Conference: The Oligarchy Rules By Patrick Martin, January 12, 2017
Trump Nominee for Attorney General Defends Right-Wing, Anti-Democratic Agenda By Patrick Martin, January 11, 2017
Congress Grovels Before the CIA as it Escalates “Russian Hacking” Hysteria By Patrick Martin, January 06, 2017
As New Congress is Sworn In: Democrats Signal Readiness to Work with Trump By Patrick Martin, January 04, 2017
New US Congress to Launch Assault on Social Programs By Patrick Martin, January 03, 2017
Obama Escalates Anti-Russian Campaign with New Sanctions and Threats By Patrick Martin, December 30, 2016
Ahead of Electoral College Vote: Democrats Intensify McCarthyite Campaign Against Russia By Patrick Martin, December 19, 2016
Obama, Clinton Stoke Anti-Russia Campaign By Patrick Martin, December 17, 2016
Former Texas Governor Who Called for Abolition of Energy Department to Be Trump’s Energy Secretary By Patrick Martin, December 15, 2016
Trump’s Oil Mogul Secretary of State Tillerson’s Links to Russia By Patrick Martin, December 14, 2016
Behind Hacking Allegations: Explosive Conflict over US Policy toward Russia By Patrick Martin, December 12, 2016
In Counterterrorism Speech, Obama Hints at Danger of American Dictatorship By Patrick Martin, December 07, 2016
Trump Picks General “Mad Dog” Mattis for Secretary of Defense By Patrick Martin, December 05, 2016
Wall street
Trump Forms a Wall Street Government to Attack Health Care and Workers’ Rights By Patrick Martin, November 30, 2016
Obama Extends Global Reach of US Special Operations Death Squads By Patrick Martin, November 29, 2016
Hillary Clinton Leads by Two Million in US Popular Vote By Patrick Martin, November 24, 2016
Trump Begins Selecting Ultra-Right Cabinet By Patrick Martin, November 21, 2016
After the Election of Trump: The Realignment of US Politics By Patrick Martin, November 18, 2016
From “Political Revolution” to Collaboration: Sanders and Warren Pledge to Work with Trump By Joseph Kishore and Patrick Martin, November 14, 2016
Recount in California: Trump’s Popular “Vote Deficit” May Approach Two Million By Patrick Martin and David North, November 12, 2016
US Political Establishment Rallies Behind Trump By Patrick Martin, November 10, 2016
Billionaire and Real Estate Mogul Donald Trump Wins US Presidential Election By Patrick Martin, November 09, 2016
Political Tensions Mount in Final Week of US Election Campaign By Patrick Martin, November 03, 2016
Democrats Step Up Campaign Against FBI Director By Patrick Martin, November 02, 2016
Final Trump-Clinton Debate: A Bankrupt Political System Staggers Toward the Finish Line By Patrick Martin, October 21, 2016
Trump Escalates Conflict With Congressional Republicans. Donald Trump’s “Ultra-Right Alternative” By Patrick Martin, October 12, 2016
The Trump Leaked Video Scandal And The US Gutter Election By Patrick Martin, October 10, 2016
Clinton-Trump Agree on US Military Escalation in Syria: Vice Presidential Candidates’ Debate By Patrick Martin, October 07, 2016
Death Toll Mounts In US Police Killings By Patrick Martin, October 04, 2016
Degradation of American Politics: The US Presidential Debate and the War Plans of the Ruling Class By Patrick Martin, September 29, 2016
Clinton-Trump Debate: A Degrading Spectacle. By Patrick Martin, September 27, 2016
Massive Police-Military Mobilization After New York City Bombing By Patrick Martin, September 21, 2016
The Threat of World War III: The Great Unmentionable in the 2016 Campaign By Patrick Martin, September 19, 2016
Clinton Denounces Russian “Interference” in US Elections, Calls for Escalation in Syria By Patrick Martin, September 07, 2016
Clinton’s “American Exceptionalism” Speech: A Bipartisan Policy of Militarism and War By Patrick Martin, September 02, 2016
US Pressures Turkey to Curb Attacks on Syrian Kurds By Patrick Martin, August 31, 2016
Clinton Highlights Trump’s Ultra-Right Ties to Curry Favor with Establishment Republicans By Patrick Martin, August 26, 2016
Why the CIA is for Hillary Clinton By Patrick Martin, August 06, 2016
Clinton steps up Right-wing Appeal to Republicans and Billionaires By Tom Eley and Patrick Martin, August 05, 2016
Republican Presidential Campaign in Crisis: Republican National Committee Could Pressure Trump To Withdraw from the Race By Patrick Martin, August 04, 2016
Clinton Campaign Appeals to Republicans and the Military. “Trump Supports Putin” says Hillary By Patrick Martin, August 01, 2016
Afghan War Veteran Guns down Five Dallas Police By Patrick Martin, July 11, 2016
FBI Rejects Criminal Charges against Clinton in Email Investigation. “Carelessness” vs. “Negligent Mishandling”. Only the Latter is a Felony By Patrick Martin, July 06, 2016
Clinton seizes on Brexit Vote to Tout her Credentials as Defender of Washington’s Global Interests By Patrick Martin, June 28, 2016
The Pseudo-Left’s “People’s Summit” in Chicago: Preparing the Switch from Sanders to Clinton By Patrick Martin, June 20, 2016
Democrats Take the Lead in Attack on Democratic Rights By Patrick Martin, June 17, 2016
The US Elections and the Criminalization of American Politics By Patrick Martin, June 03, 2016
FBI Holds 80,000 Pages of Secret Documents on Saudi-9/11 Links By Patrick Martin, May 14, 2016
US Corporate Tax Cheats Hiding $1.4 Trillion in Profits in Offshore Accounts By Patrick Martin, April 15, 2016
US Deploys B-52s for Bombing in Syria, Iraq By Patrick Martin, April 11, 2016
Clinton, Sanders Clash Intensifies in New York By Patrick Martin, April 02, 2016
Attacks on Marine Firebase Reveal Secret US Escalation in Iraq By Patrick Martin, March 23, 2016
US Republican Party in Crisis as Romney Denounces Trump By Patrick Martin, March 04, 2016
NATO Commander Calls Refugees a Weapon of ISIS, Russia and Syria By Patrick Martin, March 03, 2016
Primary Election Results Highlight US Political Crisis By Patrick Martin, March 02, 2016
US Social Crisis Overshadows 2016 Presidential Election By Patrick Martin, February 26, 2016
Torture, Murder and Donald Trump By Patrick Martin, February 11, 2016