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German Parliament Backs New Military Intervention in Mali By Johannes Stern, February 01, 2016
Libya EU flags
German Defence Minister Announces Military Intervention in Libya By Dietmar Henning and Johannes Stern, January 21, 2016
A B61-12 nuclear weapon ©the Center for Investigative Reporting
US Stations New Nuclear Weapons in Germany By Johannes Stern, September 28, 2015
Egyptian Military Regime Adopts Draconian “Anti-terrorism” Legislation By Johannes Stern, August 18, 2015
German Economics Minister Rushes to Exploit Business Opportunities in Iran By Johannes Stern, July 27, 2015
German Chancellor Merkel and Egypt's President Sisi shake hands following a news conference in Berlin
Egypt’s President Al-Sisi in Berlin: Red Carpet for the Hangman of Cairo By Johannes Stern, June 05, 2015
EU Steps Up Police and Military Operations against Refugees after Special Summit By Johannes Stern, April 24, 2015
Blood on their Hands: Libya’s Boat Refugees and “Humanitarian” Imperialism By Johannes Stern and Bill Van Auken, April 21, 2015
German Government Introduces New Mass Data Retention Regulations By Johannes Stern, April 20, 2015
Tsipras in Berlin: Germany and Greece Pledge “Cooperation” in Imposing Austerity By Johannes Stern, March 24, 2015
Danger of War with Russia Grows as US Sends Military Equipment to Ukraine By Johannes Stern and Alex Lantier, March 13, 2015
NATO Begins Military Manoeuvres in Black Sea By Johannes Stern, March 10, 2015
German Army Association Demands Massive Armaments Increase By Johannes Stern, February 15, 2015
Russia: Missile Shield in Eastern Europe is a US threat
Munich Security Conference: Threats and Provocations against Russia over Ukraine By Johannes Stern, February 09, 2015
nato ukraine
NATO Meeting in Brussels Heightens Danger of War with Russia By Johannes Stern, February 05, 2015
German Military Experts Demand Purchase of Drones By Johannes Stern, February 03, 2015
Boko Haram and the Return of German Imperialism to Africa By Johannes Stern, January 22, 2015
Egyptian Court Overturns Last Remaining Conviction against Mubarak By Johannes Stern, January 14, 2015
German Government Threatens to Force Greece Out of Euro Zone By Johannes Stern, January 06, 2015
German Foreign Minister Steinmeier’s Great Power Speech to Big Business By Johannes Stern, December 07, 2014
Interview: Time for Russia and the World to Draw a Line With U.S. and NATO
German NATO General Announces Plans for Military Maneuvers against Russia By Johannes Stern, November 10, 2014
Germany Plans to Expand its Military Operations in the Middle East By Johannes Stern, October 26, 2014
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Germany’s Die Zeit: Publishing War Propaganda in Weekly Installments By Johannes Stern, September 25, 2014
US and Europe Escalate Provocations Against Russia By Johannes Stern, September 01, 2014
Western Threats against Russia Increase Danger of Nuclear War By Johannes Stern, August 30, 2014
NATO Boosts Military Build-up Against Russia as Protests Spread in East Ukraine By Johannes Stern, May 01, 2014
Crisis in Ukraine: US Prepares to Send Troops to Poland By Johannes Stern, April 19, 2014
US-Backed Crackdown Threatens Civil War in Ukraine By Johannes Stern, April 16, 2014
The Crisis in Eastern Ukraine, Anti-Russian Warmongering in Berlin, The Return of German Militarism By Johannes Stern, April 15, 2014
Ukraine: Western-Backed Right Wing Opposition Responsible for Lethal Shootings in Independence Square By Johannes Stern, April 14, 2014
Pro-Russian Protesters in Eastern Ukraine Demand Crimean-Style Referendum By Johannes Stern, April 08, 2014
By Johannes Stern, March 28, 2014
By Johannes Stern and Alex Lantier, March 20, 2014
By Johannes Stern and Alex Lantier, March 14, 2014
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By Johannes Stern, March 11, 2014
Встреча Владимира Путина с Виктором Януковичем в Ново-Огарево
Russian Offer of Aid Sharpens International Power Struggle Over Ukraine By Johannes Stern, December 18, 2013
Egyptian Junta Launches Crackdown on Protests Commemorating 1973 War By Johannes Stern, October 07, 2013
syrian rebels cia
Western-Backed Rebels Bring Death and Destruction to Historic Syrian Town of Maaloula By Johannes Stern, September 10, 2013
obama profile
Obama and the Egyptian Massacre By Johannes Stern, August 17, 2013
A supporter of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi waves an Egyptian flag in front of security personnel outside of the Republican Guard headquarters as Mursi supporters camp for the third day, in Cairo
Egyptian Junta Imposes Martial Law Amid Bloody Crackdown By Johannes Stern and Alex Lantier, August 15, 2013
US Inflames Sectarian Tensions to Escalate War in Syria By Johannes Stern and Alex Lantier, June 17, 2013
European Powers Lift Embargo, Move to Arm Syrian Opposition. Direct Military Support to Al Nusra Terrorists By Johannes Stern, May 28, 2013
al qaeda
European Union Directly Funds Al Qaeda Looting of Syrian oil By Johannes Stern, May 20, 2013
US Steps up War against Syria after Obama’s “Peace” Trip to Israel By Johannes Stern, March 25, 2013
German Imperialism: Parliament Approves Military Operations in Mali By Johannes Stern, March 04, 2013
Multibillion Weapons Exports: Germany Arms the Persian Gulf Monarchies By Johannes Stern, February 26, 2013
The Return of German Imperialism By Johannes Stern, February 21, 2013
Protests spread throughout Egypt against Islamist dictatorship By Johannes Stern, December 09, 2012
syriafree army
Terrorist attacks intensify after Western war threats against Syria By Johannes Stern, September 04, 2012
Egyptian junta proclaims a military dictatorship By Johannes Stern, June 19, 2012
Calls for deployment of German navy against Syria By Johannes Stern, June 09, 2012
FRENCH ELECTIONS: Conservative François Bayrou calls for Hollande vote in French elections By Johannes Stern, May 05, 2012
Large neo-fascist vote shakes French presidential race By Alex Lantier and Johannes Stern, April 24, 2012
BREAKING NEWS, SYRIA:  Imperialist Powers Manipulate Syrian "Peace Plan" to Prepare for All Out War
BREAKING NEWS, SYRIA: Imperialist Powers Manipulate Syrian “Peace Plan” to Prepare for All Out War By Johannes Stern, April 09, 2012