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US-backed South Sudan Regime Organizing Genocidal Crimes By Thomas Gaist, March 16, 2017
Washington Escalates Covert Backing for Al Qaeda Militias in Aleppo By Thomas Gaist, August 09, 2016
Terror Attacks Shake US-Backed Baghdad Regime By Thomas Gaist, July 05, 2016
After Tel Aviv Attacks, Israel Launches Police-State Crackdown By Thomas Gaist, June 10, 2016
Former US Generals, Diplomats Clamor for Renewal of Afghan War By Thomas Gaist, June 09, 2016
US and NATO Leaders Say EgyptAir Flight 804 Was Bombed Despite Lack of Evidence, Vow Military Response By Thomas Gaist, May 20, 2016
US Forces in Combat in Somalia as AFRICOM Plans for War across Continent By Thomas Gaist, May 18, 2016
Military Escalation: NATO-Russia War Tensions Laid Bare at Washington Summit By Thomas Gaist, May 16, 2016
US Special Forces Operating Secretly in Libya for Months By Thomas Gaist, May 14, 2016
US Intelligence Agencies Expand Electronic Surveillance Worldwide By Thomas Gaist, May 06, 2016
Iraqi Regime Shaken by Storming of Baghdad’s Green Zone By Thomas Gaist, May 03, 2016
Generalized War Escalation in Iraq and Syria: US Announces New Iraq Deployments By Thomas Gaist, April 20, 2016
Global Military Spending Increased in 2015 By Thomas Gaist, April 06, 2016
US Deploying Additional Armored Brigades to Russian Border By Thomas Gaist, April 01, 2016
US-trained Chechen ISIS Commander Abu Omar al-Shishani Survives US Assassination Strike By Thomas Gaist, March 14, 2016
FBI Wins Court Order Forcing Apple to Install Backdoor in iPhone Security Systems By Thomas Gaist, February 18, 2016
Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan Hit Record in 2015 By Thomas Gaist, February 16, 2016
Top US General Confirms Pentagon Plans for Permanent Combat Role in Afghanistan By Thomas Gaist, February 08, 2016
US Planning to Keep Military Forces in Afghanistan for “Decades” By Thomas Gaist, January 27, 2016
The Pentagon’s Law of War Manual: Embraces “Just Following Orders” Justification for War Crimes, Planning for Mass Repression at Home By Thomas Gaist, January 15, 2016
The Pentagon’s Law of War Manual: “Total War” and the Ideology of Imperialism By Thomas Gaist, January 09, 2016
US Military to Expand Global Operations in 2016 By Thomas Gaist, December 30, 2015
“The War against ISIS”: US, European Powers Prepare New Air and Ground Operations against Libya By Thomas Gaist, December 22, 2015
Pentagon Announces Worldwide Expansion of US Military Bases By Thomas Gaist, December 11, 2015
“Foreign Made Bomb” Destroyed Russian Plane over Sinai, Moscow Says By Thomas Gaist, November 18, 2015
The Pentagon’s Law of War Manual: Justification for War Crimes and Mass Repression By Thomas Gaist, November 06, 2015
The Pentagon’s Law of War Manual: Total War, Mass Detention and Martial Law By Thomas Gaist, November 05, 2015
NATO Begins Dress Rehearsal for Europe-wide War By Thomas Gaist, October 21, 2015
AT&T Collaboration with the NSA Reveals US Corporate-intelligence Nexus By Thomas Gaist, August 17, 2015
Syria: Major Powers Intensify Diplomatic Maneuvering over Fate of Assad Government By Thomas Gaist, August 14, 2015
US-backed Saudi Airstrikes in Yemen Kill 120 Civilians in One Night By Thomas Gaist, July 27, 2015
Obama Begins East Africa Tour with Economic and Military Talks in Nairobi By Thomas Gaist, July 25, 2015
US Defense Secretary Visits Iraq as Pentagon Prepares New Offensive in Anbar By Thomas Gaist, July 24, 2015
General Wesley Clark Calls for Putting “Disloyal” Americans in Internment Camps By Thomas Gaist, July 21, 2015
US Military Launches Jade Helm Domestic Training Operations By Thomas Gaist, July 16, 2015
Iraq-Syria War could Fragment both Countries, Top US General Says By Thomas Gaist, July 09, 2015
Obama at the Pentagon: No End to ISIS War By Thomas Gaist, July 07, 2015
US Government Covered Up 14,000 Photos Documenting CIA Secret Prisons By Thomas Gaist, June 29, 2015
US, NATO Powers Intensify Preparations for Nuclear War in Response to “Russian Aggression” By Thomas Gaist, June 27, 2015
US, NATO Powers Intensify Preparations for Nuclear War By Thomas Gaist, June 26, 2015
Protests Mount against US-backed Regime in Ukraine By Thomas Gaist, June 10, 2015
G7 Leaders Escalate War Threats against Russia By Thomas Gaist, June 09, 2015
Yemen War Rages On Through First Day of Humanitarian “Cease-fire” By Thomas Gaist, May 14, 2015
White House Authorizes Shell to Resume Drilling in the Arctic By Thomas Gaist, May 13, 2015
US-backed Saudi Forces Dropped Cluster Bombs on Yemeni Villages By Thomas Gaist, May 05, 2015
Yemen Slaughter Escalates as Regional Powers Exchange Threats By Thomas Gaist, April 13, 2015
Dozens Killed in Airstrike on Dairy Factory in Yemen By Thomas Gaist, April 02, 2015
Former Military Dictator Muhammadu Buhari Wins Nigerian Presidency By Thomas Gaist, April 01, 2015
Petraeus gets Slap on the Wrist in State Secrets Case By Thomas Gaist, March 05, 2015
US-trained Afghan Security Forces Committing “Systematic” Torture and Extra-legal Killings By Thomas Gaist, March 04, 2015
Obama Justice Department: No Federal Charges to be Filed in Trayvon Martin Slaying By Thomas Gaist, February 27, 2015
In Leaked Recording, Egyptian Minister Calls For Machine-gunning Protesters By Thomas Gaist, February 25, 2015
US Expands “Secret War” in Afghanistan By Thomas Gaist, February 23, 2015
US Preparing Major Ground Offensive against Iraqi City of Mosul By Thomas Gaist, February 21, 2015
US Threatens Military Intervention as UN Warns of “Disintegration” in Yemen By Thomas Gaist, February 14, 2015
Egyptian Court Confirms Mass Death Sentence against 183 Political Prisoners By Thomas Gaist, February 03, 2015
US AFRICOM Commander Calls for “Huge” Military Campaign in West Africa By Thomas Gaist, February 02, 2015
Israel Threatens War Following Clashes with Hezbollah By Thomas Gaist, January 29, 2015
US Resumes Drone Strikes in Yemen By Thomas Gaist, January 27, 2015
After Yemeni Regime’s Collapse, Calls Mount for US Military Escalation across Middle East and Africa By Thomas Gaist, January 24, 2015