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Perspectives on the Russian Revolution (1917), Socialism and Contemporary Revolutions By Michael Welch and Roger Annis, July 15, 2018
Ukraine’s Plight Four Years after Maidan: Conversations with Ruslan Dzarasov and Roger Annis By Michael Welch and Roger Annis, November 26, 2017
Canada and the Ukraine Powder Keg By John Helmer, Michael Welch, and Roger Annis, April 07, 2017
Is Post-Cold War NATO Heading Towards A Third World War? NATO and Western Militarism in a Multipolar World By Roger Annis, Paul Kellogg, and Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, March 30, 2017
Trump and the Deep State: Investigating Russia, Détente with Canada, Speech to US Congress By Michael Welch, Roger Annis, Prof. James Petras, and Barrie Zwicker, March 04, 2017
Amnesty International and Human Rights Biased Report on Eastern Ukraine, Accomplices to War Crimes By Roger Annis, August 24, 2016
Ukraine, Syria and the New Cold War With Roger Annis and Chris Cook on the Global Research News Hour (GRNH) By Michael Welch, Roger Annis, and Chris Cook, July 17, 2016
Breaking Through the Media Fog on Ukraine, MH17 and Cold War 2.0 Global Research News Hour Episode 144 By Michael Welch, Robert Parry, and Roger Annis, May 29, 2016
On the Importance of Supporting Independent Media By Michael Welch and Roger Annis, February 14, 2016
State of Emergency in Crimea By Roger Annis, November 26, 2015
Canadian Election Aftermath: Do the Trudeau Liberals represent “Real Change”? Global Research News Hour Episode 118 By Michael Welch, Prof Michael Keefer, Barrie Zwicker, Yves Engler, and Roger Annis, October 28, 2015
The Nemtsev Assassination: New Cold War and the Politics of Russia Global Research News Hour Episode 95 By Michael Welch and Roger Annis, March 08, 2015
Haiti’s Promised Rebuilding is Unfulfilled as Haitians Challenge Authoritarian Rule By Travis Ross and Roger Annis, January 09, 2015
GRNH: Flash Point East Ukraine. War and the Human Rights Question Global Research News Hour Episode 84 By Michael Welch, Roger Annis, and Prof. James Petras, November 30, 2014
Ukraine Ceasefire: Underlying Political Conflicts Unresolved By Roger Annis, September 10, 2014
Ukraine: Antiwar and Anti-Conscription Protests. Kiev Regime Wages All-Out War in East Ukraine, NATO Threatens Russia By Roger Annis, August 01, 2014
Canada’s NDP Lurches to the Right. The Need for a New, Left-Wing Party in Canada By Roger Annis, July 02, 2014
Haiti Nine Years Post-Coup and Canada’s Black Gold By Michael Welch, Roger Annis, Brendan Hayley, and Cynthia McKinney, June 07, 2014
Ukraine: New President Escalates Austerity, Civil War; Popular Resistance Deepens By Roger Annis, June 04, 2014
Mass Protests Grow as Military Drags Egypt Back to Dictatorship By Roger Annis, January 15, 2014
Tar Sands, Natural Gas Fracking, Pipelines: The Fossil Fuel Wars in British Columbia and Canada By Roger Annis, December 23, 2013
Canada, Democracy in Crisis: The Appointed Senate and The Drift to Authoritarian Rule By Roger Annis, November 05, 2013
Damage Control: Oil Train Derailment in Alberta and Gas Fracking Protest in New Brunswick By Roger Annis, October 30, 2013
Federal Police and New Brunswick Government Assault First Nations Anti-Fracking Protest By Roger Annis, October 19, 2013
Climate Change and Social Change By Roger Annis, September 03, 2013
“Silence is Complacency”: Against the Coup in Egypt By Roger Annis, August 20, 2013
British Columbia Election Frustrates Labour, Environmental and Indigenous Activists By Roger Annis, May 24, 2013
Mali Under French Military Occupation By Roger Annis, May 07, 2013
The Cruel Legacy of Margaret Thatcher: Public Enterprises Privatized, Jobs Lost, Social Services Cut and Communities Wrecked By Roger Annis, April 15, 2013
Manitoba Métis Win Historic Ruling By Roger Annis, March 13, 2013
France’s Invasion of Mali: A Carefully Planned Military Intervention By Roger Annis, March 06, 2013
France Launches War in Mali in Bid to Secure Resources, Stamp Out National Rights Struggles By Roger Annis, January 19, 2013
Shared Hardships and Concerns Bind the Fates of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and Haitians After the Earthquake By Roger Annis, January 09, 2013
Economic Crisis: Austerity and Counter-Austerity in Britain By Roger Annis, October 22, 2012
Economic Crisis and Workers Rights in the Philippines By Roger Annis, August 09, 2012
As Mining Conglomerates Target Haiti, Latin America Rises Against Them By Roger Annis and Kim Ives, July 19, 2012
Living in Tarps and Tents: The Plight of Haiti’s Earthquake Victims By Roger Annis and Kim Ives, July 07, 2012
Government Repression of Quebec Student Movement Sparks Massive Protests By Roger Annis, May 28, 2012
Quebec Students Mobilize Against Draconian Law Aimed at Breaking Four-Month Strike By Roger Annis, May 19, 2012
Haiti Humanitarian Disaster: Conditions Declining Sharply in Earthquake Survivor Camps By Roger Annis, October 27, 2011
Extension of Afghan Military Deployment By Tim Kennelly and Roger Annis, December 01, 2010
Canada’s Failed Aid to Haiti By Roger Annis, August 06, 2010
Gangs and Violence in Jamaica and Haiti By Roger Annis, June 15, 2010
Haiti’s Earthquake Victims in Peril By Roger Annis, March 22, 2010
Economic and Social Crisis: Olympic Flame Parades Through Ravaged Northern British Columbia By Roger Annis, February 12, 2010
Vancouver Winter Olympics: A Festival of Corporate Greed By Roger Annis, January 14, 2010
Canada: Afghan Torture Scandal Deepens By Roger Annis, December 15, 2009
Canadian Government Rocked by Accusations of Abuse, Torture of Afghan Prisoners By Roger Annis, December 02, 2009
Escalation of Afghanistan War: Canada Faces a Fateful Decision By Roger Annis, November 17, 2009
Economic Crisis Slams Canada By Roger Annis, March 29, 2009
Economic Crisis: Confronting Industry Shutdowns in Canada By Roger Annis, January 14, 2009
Canada’s Elections: What’s the Alternative to the Tories? By Roger Annis, October 02, 2008
Haiti and the Politics of Containment By Roger Annis, May 26, 2008
Canada’s Conservative Government Gets Advice on Prolonging the Afghanistan War By Roger Annis, February 06, 2008
Rough Waters for Canada’s War in Afghanistan By Roger Annis, August 06, 2007
Canada/NATO Invasion of Afghanistan Sows Destruction and Misery By Roger Annis and Ian Beeching, October 09, 2006