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Warren and Khanna Demand Probe into Undercounting of Civilians Killed by US Military By Julia Conley, July 08, 2021
Over 30,000 US Veterans of Post-9/11 Wars Have Killed Themselves Since 2001 By Julia Conley, June 25, 2021
‘This Is the Price of War’: Israeli Newspaper Publishes Photos of All 67 Palestinian Children Killed in Gaza Onslaught By Julia Conley, May 28, 2021
‘Ecological Disaster on Massive Scale’: Hundreds of Thousands of Dead Migratory Birds in Southwest Linked to Wildfires, Climate Crisis By Julia Conley, September 17, 2020
With Nation Focused on Pandemic, Trump Interior Dept. to Greenlight Killing of Bear Cubs and Wolf Pups in Their Dens By Julia Conley, May 29, 2020
Amnesty Slams Trump for Classifying Gun Stores as ‘Essential Businesses’ During Pandemic By Julia Conley, April 01, 2020
‘Big Win’: Caving to Pressure Campaign, Gilead Sciences Relinquishes Monopoly Claim for Promising Coronavirus Treatment By Julia Conley, March 27, 2020
Tipping Point: UN Biodiversity Chief Warns Burning of Amazon Could Lead to ‘Cascading Collapse of Natural Systems’ By Julia Conley, September 02, 2019
Native Leaders Tell Congress How Trump Trampled ‘Spiritually Occupied Landscape’ to Carve Up National Monuments By Julia Conley, March 15, 2019
UN Assembly
Fifteen Lies Per Day in 2018: Trump Put ‘Unprecedented Deception” into Overdrive By Julia Conley, January 02, 2019
In Early Holiday ‘Gift to Polluters,’ Trump Guts Protections for 60 Percent of Nation’s Streams, Wetlands, and Waterways By Julia Conley, December 12, 2018
Telling NRA #ThisIsOurLane: Doctors’ Photos Show Blood-Soaked Reality of America’s Gun Madness By Julia Conley, November 14, 2018
Jamal Khashoggi
While President Continues to Play Dumb on Murder, 2016 Reporting Shows Saudis Only Blacklisted Khashoggi After Journalist Criticized… Trump By Julia Conley, October 19, 2018
‘Truly Terrible’: As Many as 463 Parents Have Already Been Deported, Putting Family Reunification in Jeopardy By Julia Conley, July 25, 2018
Detained Children Forced to Recite Pledge of Allegiance ‘Out of Respect’ for Country that Tore Them Away From Parents By Julia Conley, June 26, 2018
‘Excruciatingly Close’: With Just 24 Hours Until Crucial Vote, Net Neutrality Defenders Urged to Flood Senate Phone Lines By Julia Conley, May 16, 2018
‘Time to Melt Some Phones’ on Capitol Hill as Red Alert for Net Neutrality Hits Internet By Julia Conley, May 10, 2018
Citing ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Motto, 3,000+ Google Employees Demand Company End Work on Pentagon Drone Project By Julia Conley, April 05, 2018
President Trump is “Not Above the Law”: In Historic Ruling, Federal Judge Rules Corruption Suit Against The President of the United States Can Proceed By Julia Conley, March 29, 2018
In Bid to Save Big Oil $900M, Trump Moves to Scrap Offshore Drilling Safety Rules By Julia Conley, December 27, 2017
Net Neutrality Killed as FCC ‘Hands Keys to Internet to Handful of Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations’ By Julia Conley, December 15, 2017
Anti-Nuclear Coalition Accepts Nobel Peace Prize as Calls for Disarmament Grow By Julia Conley, December 11, 2017
Report Shows Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Death Toll Likely in Thousands, Far Higher than Official Count By Julia Conley, December 10, 2017
As World Warms, Heart-Breaking Video Shows What It Looks Like When a Polar Bear Starves By Julia Conley, December 09, 2017
‘Can You Say Corruption?’ Puerto Rico Contract for Trump-Connected Raises Concerns By Julia Conley, October 25, 2017
Sane Voices Urge Diplomacy with North Korea After ‘Lunatic’ Trump Threatens ‘Fire and Fury’ By Julia Conley, August 09, 2017
Destroying Mosul to Save It: Possible US-Backed War Crimes in Iraq Exposed By Julia Conley, July 12, 2017