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Veteran Journalist Andrew Fowler Denounces Australian Government’s Refusal to Defend Assange By Andrew Fowler, Richard Phillips, and James Cogan, February 23, 2020
World Health Organisation Officially Declares Coronavirus a “Global Health Emergency” By James Cogan, January 31, 2020
US Court Upholds Subpoena of Whistleblower Chelsea Manning By James Cogan, March 06, 2019
Mueller Investigation Seeks to Implicate WikiLeaks and Julian Assange in “Russian Interference” By James Cogan, August 15, 2018
Ecuador Hints It May Hand Over Julian Assange to Britain and the US By James Cogan, May 13, 2018
Trump to Meet North Korean Leader in “Three or Four Weeks” By James Cogan, April 30, 2018
US Media Airs Pretexts for Preemptive Attack on North Korea By James Cogan, March 04, 2018
Humanity Teeters on the Brink of World War By James Cogan, January 31, 2018
US Announces Indefinite Deployment of Military Forces in Syria By James Cogan, January 19, 2018
Trump’s Asia Tour Leaves Region on Brink of Trade War and Military Conflict By James Cogan, November 15, 2017
Trump Threatens China over North Korea and Trade, Bellicose Speech in Beijing By James Cogan, November 10, 2017
In Seoul, Trump Delivers War Ultimatum to North Korea. Complete, Unconditional Surrender to US Dictates, or Total War By James Cogan, November 09, 2017
Trump begins 12-day Visit to Asia to Build War Coalition against North Korea By James Cogan, November 05, 2017
US Military Declares “Time Is Running Out” Before War with North Korea By James Cogan, July 29, 2017
Trump’s Tweet and the Danger of Nuclear War By James Cogan, December 23, 2016
Mosul, Iraq and Obama’s Legacy of War By James Cogan, December 23, 2016
Mosul and Imperialist “Human Rights” By James Cogan, December 02, 2016
Australia: Opponents of War with China Labelled “Rats, Flies, Mosquitoes and Sparrows” By James Cogan, September 06, 2016
Fallujah: A Symbol of US War Crimes By James Cogan, June 08, 2016
Washington and Beijing Draw Battle Lines over South China Sea By James Cogan, June 06, 2016
War Danger Grows Following New US Provocation in South China Sea By James Cogan, May 11, 2016
US-Backed Iraqi Forces Recapture Ramadi from ISIS By James Cogan, December 30, 2015
Tensions Soar Internationally Following US Deployment in South China Sea By James Cogan, October 28, 2015
Australian Greens Senator Talks of War with China By James Cogan, July 15, 2015
The US Contemplates Partitioning Iraq By James Cogan, June 22, 2015
Australian Prime Minister Demands Apology from Russia on MH17 By James Cogan, November 12, 2014
US Military to Initiate Operations in Syria By James Cogan, August 26, 2014
Israel Resumes its Ravage of Gaza. Rising Death Toll By James Cogan, July 28, 2014
US General Suggests Re-invasion of Iraq if “National Interests Drive us there” By James Cogan, July 04, 2014
Israeli Government prepares Onslaught Against Palestinian People By James Cogan, July 02, 2014
Iraqi Government Requests Washington to Carry Out US Air Strikes against Sunni Insurgents By James Cogan, June 19, 2014
Civil War Escalates in Iraq amid Reports of Sectarian Massacres By James Cogan, June 16, 2014
US Analysts Debate Plans for War Against China By James Cogan, February 10, 2014
US Pivot to Asia: Australian Army Integrated In US Military Doctrine By James Cogan, October 11, 2013
Military Escalation. Qatar “Friends of Syria” Conference Opens “New Stage” in Syrian War By James Cogan, June 24, 2013
Australia’s Defence White Paper. Threatening China and the US “Pivot” to Asia By James Cogan, May 10, 2013
US-Australia plans for war on China By James Cogan, June 04, 2012
US-NATO LOOSING CONTROL IN AFGHANISTAN? Insurgents attack heart of US-led occupation By James Cogan, April 17, 2012
As military operations stall, US recognises Libyan rebels By James Cogan, July 17, 2011
NATO summit to embrace indefinite Afghan war By James Cogan, November 21, 2010
US/NATO Death Squads Killing Indiscriminately in Afghanistan By James Cogan, March 18, 2010
Suicide Claims More US Military Lives Than Afghan War By James Cogan, January 07, 2010
War to escalate after Afghan election By James Cogan, August 24, 2009
US commander in Afghanistan lobbies for more troops By James Cogan, July 14, 2009
Obama sends marines to suppress population of southern Afghanistan By James Cogan, July 04, 2009
Corrupt election campaign unfolds in US-occupied Afghanistan By James Cogan, July 03, 2009
Oil and the Iraq “withdrawal” By James Cogan, June 30, 2009
Iraqi government turns on Sunni “Awakening” militias By James Cogan, March 30, 2009
Obama lays out Afghanistan war strategy By James Cogan, March 12, 2009
Obama’s program of war By James Cogan, January 29, 2009
US air strike massacres civilians in western Afghanistan By James Cogan, August 26, 2008
South Korean government besieged by demonstrations and strikes By James Cogan, June 14, 2008
Iraq: Mass detentions in Mosul as troops move into Sadr City By James Cogan, May 21, 2008
Iraqi government on brink of collapse following cabinet walkouts By James Cogan, August 13, 2007
Iraqis oppose US plan to divide Baghdad into ghettos By James Cogan, April 25, 2007
NATO continues slaughter of civilians in Afghanistan By James Cogan, October 20, 2006
Is the US military preparing another massacre in Tal Afar? By James Cogan, September 08, 2005
Iraq’s draft constitution: a recipe for neo-colonial rule By James Cogan, August 31, 2005
The Iraq election: a travesty of democracy By James Cogan, January 27, 2005