This year marks a turning point in human history. For the first time since human civilization began, our species is being genetically modified. Vaccine manufacturers have now made it possible for the human genome to be permanently altered —and humanity’s relationship with nature forever changed.
“Covid Tolerance Zero” has contributed to destabilizing Shanghai’s financial sector as well as China's buoyant export economy. It has created social havoc for millions of people. The Chinese Government has now acknowledged that is was based on fake science.
The energy crisis is a long-planned strategy of western corporate capital to dismantle industrial economies in the name of a dystopian Green Agenda. That has its roots well before February 2022, when Russia launched its military action in Ukraine.
The Soviets' ability to absorb and eventually overcome the Wehrmacht's blows saved humanity from the nightmare of a Nazi victory, in which case Adolf Hitler would have held dominance over much of Eurasia and perhaps further afield.
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