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Ukrainian Agro-Businesses Urge Government to Lift Ban on State-Owned Farmland Sales By Xinhua, May 28, 2015
Damascus Slams U.S. Bid to Train Syrian rebels, Accuses Washington of Supporting Terrorism By Xinhua, May 11, 2015
Protests Erupt in Japan over Anti-Constitutional Militarization Against China By Xinhua, May 03, 2015
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Britain Joins China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) Despite “U.S. Concerns” By Xinhua, March 31, 2015
Ukraine’s New Cabinet. Includes Foreign Technocrats Granted Ukrainian Citizenship on the Day of Their Appointment By Xinhua, December 05, 2014
China Urges U.S. to Stop “Fabricating Stories” on Cyber Security By Xinhua, October 09, 2014
Interview with Latin American and Caribbean Media By Xinhua, July 17, 2014
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Federalizing the Korean Peninsula: North Korea Calls for Unifying Confederation with South Korea By Xinhua, July 07, 2014
Neither of America’s Friends or Foes Are Safe: German Double-Agent Works for the CIA By Xinhua, July 07, 2014
Iraq Prime Minister Sacks Senior Military Officers over Failure to Fight ISIS Rebels By Xinhua, June 18, 2014
China asks US and UK to stop interfering in Hong Kong’s internal affairs By Xinhua, September 28, 2013
U.S. Expands “International Coalition” For War Against Syria By Xinhua, September 10, 2013
Snowden Reveals US Secretive Spying Activities: US Hacking and Cyber Attacks directed against China By Xinhua, June 23, 2013
Canada To Play Large Role In Massive NATO War Games By Xinhua, April 04, 2013
Egyptian Military Clashes with Protesters in Port Said By Xinhua, March 04, 2013
Russia warns of serious global ramifications if Iran attacked
Iran and Russia sign agreement to coordinate security By Xinhua, January 22, 2013
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Syria: Growing Presence of Al Qaeda Extremists Creates Fear and “Uncertainty Regarding Future of our Country” By Xinhua, December 16, 2012
NATO to Deploy Six Patriot Missile Batteries and 600 Troops to Turkey By Xinhua, December 10, 2012
West’s Stance on Syrian Chemical Weapons: Prelude to Military Intervention? By Xinhua, December 08, 2012
Deployment of Unmanned Drones: Israel To Strike Iran From Azerbaijan By Xinhua, December 07, 2012
Israeli Arms Shipments To Azerbaijan: Against Iran Or Armenia?
Israel To Deploy Drones in Azerbaijan. Preemptive Strike on Iran? By Xinhua, December 04, 2012
National Syrian Dialogue Meeting concludes in Tehran By Xinhua, November 21, 2012
Russia adopts measures to counter U.S.-NATO “anti-missile” threat By Xinhua, October 26, 2012
U.S. Leads Naval Exercises In Cambodia By Xinhua, October 22, 2012
When Empires Join Hands: Japanese Military Joins U.S. And NATO In Horn Of Africa
Japanese Militarism: “Resurrection of the Samurai” By Xinhua, October 11, 2012
Novelist Kenzaburo Oe: Japan should Reflect on its Colonial History By Xinhua, October 01, 2012
US Conducts New Type of Nuclear Test Using Intense X-Ray Beams By Xinhua, September 25, 2012
U.S. Marines arrive in southern Yemen By Xinhua, September 21, 2012