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The FBI’s History of Supplying Live Explosives to “Terror Suspects” By Tony Cartalucci, April 16, 2013
Key to Peace in Korea: Remove US Presence By Tony Cartalucci, April 13, 2013
Mideast Syria
“Pro-Democracy Terrorism”: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is a Propaganda Front funded by the EU By Tony Cartalucci, April 12, 2013
The World Must Unite Against the US-Saudi-Israeli Proxy War in Syria By Tony Cartalucci, March 30, 2013
Syrian Conflict: The Price of Defying the West and Obstructing a US-Israeli Attack on Iran By Tony Cartalucci, March 28, 2013
Kerry Demands Iraq Stop “Arms Flow” to Syria even as US Arms/Funds Al Qaeda By Tony Cartalucci, March 25, 2013
West Drops Syria WMD Narrative As Evidence Points to Western-Armed Terrorists By Tony Cartalucci, March 25, 2013
Western Media Celebrates Faux Progress in Myanmar By Tony Cartalucci, March 24, 2013
Myanmar: Aung San Suu Kyi’s “Saffron Monks” Stalk Streets With Machetes – Mass Slaughtering Refugees By Tony Cartalucci, March 23, 2013
SYRIA: US-NATO Backed Al Qaeda Terrorists Armed with WMDs. Chemical Weapons against the Syrian People By Tony Cartalucci, March 19, 2013
syriafree army
Arming Syria’s Al Nusra Terrorists: US-British Al Qaeda Airlift of 3,000 Tons of Weapons By Tony Cartalucci, March 09, 2013
syriafree army
Syria: West’s Legitimacy Collapses as it Props up Hostage-Taking Terrorists By Tony Cartalucci, March 08, 2013
malaysian air force
Malaysia Invaded: Hundreds of Terrorists Land on Beaches, Western Media Mute By Tony Cartalucci, March 07, 2013
US Plots Conquest of Venezuela in Wake of Chavez’ Death By Tony Cartalucci, March 07, 2013
Chavez vs. Thaksin: How the Media Demonizes a Progressive Leader while Praising a Corrupt Autocrat By Tony Cartalucci, March 06, 2013
syriafree army
United Kingdom Funds Al Qaeda Syria Terrorists By Tony Cartalucci, March 05, 2013
“Dirty Tricks” Covert Op? Armed Phillippines Based Islamists Land on Beaches of North Borneo Ahead of Malaysian Elections By Tony Cartalucci, March 04, 2013
Washington’s “Expanded Battlefield Aid” to Syria Al Qaeda Terrorists By Tony Cartalucci, March 01, 2013
US State Department-Funded BBC World Service “Jammed” in China By Tony Cartalucci, February 26, 2013
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Dead French Photographer was State Department-Funded – Embedded in Syria With Al Qaeda By Tony Cartalucci, February 25, 2013
The Climate Change Corporate Lobby: A Threat to the Environment By Tony Cartalucci, February 19, 2013
The “Democracy” Racket: US Covert Attempt to Implement “Regime Change” in Malaysia By Tony Cartalucci, February 17, 2013
America's Delusional Democracy.  Don’t Mute Newt
War Crimes and the Global War on Terrorism: US Arms Al Qaeda in Syria, Mass-Slaughters Civilians in Afghanistan By Tony Cartalucci, February 14, 2013
Trillions for Wars, None For Cancer Stricken Children By Tony Cartalucci, February 11, 2013
Israeli Attack on Syria: Desperate Bid to Save Failed US-NATO Covert War By Tony Cartalucci, January 31, 2013
obamadoublespeak (2)
Barack Obama versus Martin Luther King Jr. By Tony Cartalucci, January 21, 2013
“The PirateBox”: WiFi + USB Drive = Your Own Mini-Internet (Freedom) By Tony Cartalucci, January 19, 2013
3D Printed Guns Render Gun Control Moot By Tony Cartalucci, January 17, 2013
By Design: French Mali Invasion Spills into Algeria By Tony Cartalucci, January 17, 2013
The Geopolitical Reordering of Africa: US Covert Support to Al Qaeda in Northern Mali, France “Comes to the Rescue” By Tony Cartalucci, January 15, 2013
We Are All Aaron Swartz! Fighting Back Against the “Intellectual Property” Racket By Tony Cartalucci, January 14, 2013
On the Cusp of Ending Big Pharma: Gene Therapy threatens to Disrupt Big Pharma’s Profiteering By Tony Cartalucci, January 04, 2013
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The United Nations Syria “Peace Plan” is a Fraud By Tony Cartalucci, December 28, 2012
The United Nations Defends NATO’s Premeditated Genocide in Syria By Tony Cartalucci, December 21, 2012
NATO Turns Up Heat in Syria Psy Op War By Tony Cartalucci, December 16, 2012
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US Recognizes Unelected Al Qaeda Terrorists as Syrian “Representatives” By Tony Cartalucci, December 15, 2012
US-Backed Syrian “Opposition” Demands Support for Al Qaeda By Tony Cartalucci, December 15, 2012
Decentralize Big-Retail: How to Uproot Walmart and Bring Jobs Back Home By Tony Cartalucci, December 11, 2012
Dangerous Crossroads: NATO Missiles in Turkey Pointing at Syria By Tony Cartalucci, December 05, 2012
Syria: The WMD “Justification” to Wage a “Preemptive War”: US Repeats Syrian Chemical Weapons “Warnings” By Tony Cartalucci, December 04, 2012
Myanmar: Aung San Suu Kyi Silent Over Rohingya Violence, but Decries Crackdown on Anti-China Protest By Tony Cartalucci, December 02, 2012
The Final Push Against Syria By Tony Cartalucci, December 02, 2012
American and French Warmongers openly Plot the Destruction of Syria By Tony Cartalucci, December 01, 2012
As Israel-Gaza Charade Concludes, West Pivots Back to Syria By Tony Cartalucci, December 01, 2012
Breaking: Western-backed Terrorists in Syria Slaughter Christians in Bombing By Tony Cartalucci, November 30, 2012
Rewarding “Regime Change”. Fortune 500 Awards Tunisian President “Chatham House Prize” By Tony Cartalucci, November 29, 2012
Al Qaeda “Virtue Police” Show up Along NATO Protected Turkish-Syrian Border By Tony Cartalucci, November 28, 2012
Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood Challenged in Egypt By Tony Cartalucci, November 27, 2012
US-Created “Syrian Opposition” Led by Big Oil By Tony Cartalucci, November 27, 2012
West Conjures Fake “Syrian” Government By Tony Cartalucci, November 14, 2012
Argentina Unrest: Brought to you by Goldman Sachs By Tony Cartalucci, November 12, 2012
Humanitarian Hypocrisy: US Destroys Syria While Propping Up Cambodian Dictator By Tony Cartalucci, November 11, 2012
The Israeli Nightmare By Tony Cartalucci, November 10, 2012
Color Revolutions: Argentina Next? By Tony Cartalucci, November 09, 2012
Expanded Conflict in Syria Promised by Romney Will Proceed Under Obama By Tony Cartalucci, November 07, 2012
Syria: US-Backed Terrorists Mass Murder Unarmed Civilians By Tony Cartalucci, November 02, 2012
syriafree army
US Dumps Syrian National Council (SNC), Focus Exclusively on Arming “Al Qaeda in Syria” By Tony Cartalucci, November 01, 2012
“Pro-Democracy” Groups Behind Myanmar Refugee Attacks By Tony Cartalucci, October 29, 2012
Countering the Global Corporate-Insurgency which Subverts our Institutions By Tony Cartalucci, October 26, 2012
syriafree army
NATO Using Al Qaeda “Rat Lines” to Flood Syria With Foreign Terrorists By Tony Cartalucci, October 26, 2012