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Iraq and the War Cabal in Washington By Patrick Martin, August 11, 2014
Israel Resumes Indiscriminate Killings in Gaza By Patrick Martin, August 09, 2014
Obama Defends CIA Torturers By Patrick Martin, August 02, 2014
Capitalism and Global Poverty: Two Billion Poor, One Billion Hungry By Patrick Martin, July 25, 2014
ukraine nazi emblems
Kiev Regime Massacre: Renewed Bombing and Shelling in Eastern Ukraine By Patrick Martin, July 24, 2014
palestine (2)
Israeli bombs kill nearly 600 Palestinians. Gaza death toll doubles in four days By Patrick Martin, July 22, 2014
palestine (2)
The Assault on Gaza: A Historic Crime By Patrick Martin and Barry Grey, July 21, 2014
Obama Administration Drops Investigation into CIA Spying on US Senate By Patrick Martin, July 13, 2014
Gaza strip
Israel Bombs Gaza Strip, Masses Army on Border By Patrick Martin, July 04, 2014
Iraq: Bagdad Agrees to Immunity from Prosecution for US Military, Obama Could Order Strikes By Patrick Martin, June 24, 2014
Obama Exploits Iraq Crisis as Pretext for War Against Syria By Patrick Martin and Joseph Kishore, June 20, 2014
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Ukraine Regime Claims Control of Key Port City By Patrick Martin, June 14, 2014
Bowe Bergdahl
Prisoner Exchange With the Taliban: The Release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl By Patrick Martin, June 05, 2014
NSA collects Facial Images of Hundreds of Millions of People By Patrick Martin, June 03, 2014
Ukraine Military Helicopter Shot Down as Battles Flare in the East By Patrick Martin, May 30, 2014
US Pushes Cyber-war Confrontation with China By Patrick Martin, May 20, 2014
The Criminalization of Political Opposition in America By Patrick Martin, May 12, 2014
US Sends Apache Attack Helicopters to Egyptian Junta By Patrick Martin, April 25, 2014
Missile Strikes in Yemen and Weapons to Syria: the US Steps Up its Middle East Military Interventions By Patrick Martin, April 21, 2014
Obama and NATO Escalate the Anti-Russian Campaign over the Ukraine By Patrick Martin, April 17, 2014
civil rights 50 years
Fifty Years Since the US Civil Rights Act: Commemoration Covers Up the Importance of the Struggle Against Racial Discrimination By Patrick Martin, April 13, 2014
On Eve of Merkel Visit, Massive Anti-Austerity Strike in Greece By Patrick Martin, April 10, 2014
secret prison poland
CIA Torture and the Threat of Dictatorship By Patrick Martin, April 03, 2014
In Talks with Saudi Monarch, Obama prepares Escalation of US-backed War in Syria By Patrick Martin, March 29, 2014
Obama’s Speech on Ukraine: Propaganda and Lies By Patrick Martin, March 27, 2014
Constitutional Conflict Escalates between US Senate and CIA By Patrick Martin, March 22, 2014
The Statue of Liberty Should Weep.
US Court Ruling Upholds State Efforts to Disenfranchise Voters By Patrick Martin, March 21, 2014
Media Disinformation: Washington´s "Regime Change Hit List": Iran versus Honduras
The US Media and the CIA’s Spying on Congress By Patrick Martin, March 18, 2014
US Supreme Court Backs Police on Warrantless Searches By Patrick Martin, February 27, 2014
More than 50% of US Government Spending Goes to the Military
Pentagon Chief Proposes $115 Billion Increase in Military Spending By Patrick Martin, February 26, 2014
US Threats Mount Against Journalists, Snowden By Patrick Martin, February 06, 2014
Obama’s Economic Plan to “Alleviate Long-Term Unemployment”. Not Even “A Drop in the Bucket” By Patrick Martin, February 01, 2014
Democrats, Republicans Back Obama’s Police State Spying By Patrick Martin, January 20, 2014
US Appeals Court Upholds Suppression of Secret Legal Memo approving Collection and Handover of Phone Records to the FBI By Patrick Martin, January 04, 2014
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New York Times Report: CIA-Backed Militias Linked to Benghazi, Libya Attack By Patrick Martin, December 30, 2013
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Federal Judge Rules NSA Phone Data Collection is Legal and Justified by the 9/11 Attacks By Patrick Martin, December 28, 2013
US Steps Up War of Words with Afghan Puppet Regime By Patrick Martin, December 04, 2013
pentagon (2)
Vast Waste, Profiteering in Pentagon Operations By Patrick Martin, November 29, 2013
keith alexander
NSA Head Demands End to Spying Revelations By Patrick Martin, October 28, 2013
Obama, Congress Ratify Social Spending Cuts
Obama, Congress Advance Plans for Deeper Social Spending Cuts By Patrick Martin, September 16, 2013
BREAKING: U.S. Warships Headed To Persian Gulf
Pentagon Expands War Plans Against Syria By Patrick Martin, September 09, 2013
Israel’s Bedouin denied right to elections
Dozens Killed as Israel, Egypt Strike Targets in Sinai By Patrick Martin, August 12, 2013
The US Terror Scare By Patrick Martin, August 05, 2013
Kerry Boosts Egyptian Military Dictatorship By Patrick Martin, August 03, 2013
detroit street
AFL-CIO Shrugs Off Detroit Bankruptcy By Patrick Martin, July 30, 2013
Repeal of Important Civil Rights Legislation: US Supreme Court Guts the 1965 Voting Rights Act By Patrick Martin, June 26, 2013
Obama’s “Cyberwarfare First Strike”: Using Offensive Cyber Effects Operations (OCEO) to Destabilize Countries By Patrick Martin, June 10, 2013
ECONOMIC AUSTERITY IN AMERICA: The Portland Community Begins to Fight Austerity
Obama Pushes Austerity in the Guise of Defending the “Middle Class” By Patrick Martin, February 12, 2013
MEDICARE FOR ALL: Open Letter to President Obama from Health Professionals, Lawyers and Advocates
Spending Cuts: White House Zeros in on Medicare By Patrick Martin, February 04, 2013
US Debt Ceiling Maneuvers Set the Stage for New Budget Cuts By Patrick Martin, January 25, 2013
Institutionalized Killing: Obama to Approve Drone Assassination Manual By Patrick Martin, January 21, 2013
Obama’s Cabinet of Austerity and War By Patrick Martin, January 14, 2013
Government of the Rich, by the Rich and for the Rich
Billionaires Gain as Living Standards Fall By Patrick Martin, January 11, 2013
Following the “Fiscal Cliff” Agreement, Drastic Bi-partisan Spending Cuts By Patrick Martin, January 07, 2013
Democrats, Republicans Prepare Major Cuts in Workers’ Wages, Benefits By Patrick Martin, December 28, 2012
Obama proposes Social Security Cuts By Patrick Martin, December 20, 2012
Rash of gun violence, arrests follows Connecticut massacre By Patrick Martin, December 17, 2012
Bipartisan Group in US Congress Promotes Drone Killings By Patrick Martin, December 01, 2012
Drones et réseaux ombre : La guerre secrète d’Obama
Obama Administration Pushes Ahead with Drone Killings By Patrick Martin, November 26, 2012
US Spy Agencies Edited Benghazi “Talking Points” By Patrick Martin, November 24, 2012