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The State of World Capitalism: Labor Productivity Up, Real Wages Down By Patrick Martin, December 06, 2014
US Imposed  "Democracy" in Afghanistan
Afghan Regime hit by Wave of Taliban Attacks By Patrick Martin, December 01, 2014
UN Report Documents Torture, Police Violence in US By Patrick Martin, November 29, 2014
afghanistan localisation
Obama Authorizes Wider War in Afghanistan By Patrick Martin, November 24, 2014
Obama Announces Right-wing Immigration “Reform” in National Address By Patrick Martin, November 21, 2014
Senate Blocks any Limit to NSA Spying on Phone Calls By Patrick Martin, November 20, 2014
US Steps Up Military Operations in Iraq, Syria By Patrick Martin, November 10, 2014
Obama Doubles US Troop Strength in Iraq By Patrick Martin, November 09, 2014
Republicans win control of Senate in US congressional elections By Patrick Martin, November 05, 2014
Asking Republicans for a Favor
Republicans Win Control of Senate in US Congressional Elections By Patrick Martin, November 05, 2014
US Election Campaign Staggers to the Finish Line By Patrick Martin, November 02, 2014
Pentagon Claims “Russian Aggression” Against NATO By Patrick Martin, October 31, 2014
Ebola Nurse Treated “Like a Criminal” in New Jersey Quarantine By Patrick Martin, October 28, 2014
Why is there No Vaccine for Ebola? By Patrick Martin, October 26, 2014
Pleas to Major Powers from Ebola-stricken Countries, Health Professionals Fall on Deaf Ears By Patrick Martin, October 20, 2014
Judge Delays Order to Release Guantanamo Force-feeding Videos By Patrick Martin, October 18, 2014
Barack Obama, Recep Tayyip Erdogan
US and Turkey at Odds Over Syria Intervention By Patrick Martin, October 10, 2014
Biden’s Admission: US Allies Armed ISIS By Patrick Martin, October 06, 2014
New Steps to a Wider War in the Middle East By Patrick Martin, October 03, 2014
US War against the People of Syria and Iraq By Patrick Martin, October 02, 2014
US Military, Obama Administration Plan Massive Military Escalation in Syria and Iraq By Patrick Martin, September 29, 2014
Stop Ebola
Imperialism and the Ebola Catastrophe By Patrick Martin, September 26, 2014
US House Approves Obama Plan for Military Intervention in Syria By Patrick Martin, September 18, 2014
Paris Conference Gives Green Light to New Middle East War By Patrick Martin, September 16, 2014
Obama Announces Open-Ended War in Iraq and Syria By Patrick Martin, September 11, 2014
Obama Prepares to Escalate War in the Middle East By Patrick Martin, September 08, 2014
isis iraq
ISIS Atrocities and US Imperialism By Patrick Martin, September 04, 2014
Mideast Syria
Syria Refugee Total Nears Ten Million By Patrick Martin, August 30, 2014
7-month-old Ali Deif-dead-israeli-strike
War Crime: Israeli Airstrike Kills Wife and Baby Son of Hamas Leader By Patrick Martin, August 21, 2014
Police, Media Smear Victim of Missouri Shooting – Shifting Focus Away from Military-Style Occupation By Patrick Martin, August 16, 2014
US Combat Troops Return to Iraq By Patrick Martin, August 14, 2014
The War Cabal in Washington. A Mortal Danger to the Future of all Humanity By Patrick Martin, August 12, 2014
obama hope
Iraq and the War Cabal in Washington By Patrick Martin, August 11, 2014
Israel Resumes Indiscriminate Killings in Gaza By Patrick Martin, August 09, 2014
Obama Defends CIA Torturers By Patrick Martin, August 02, 2014
Capitalism and Global Poverty: Two Billion Poor, One Billion Hungry By Patrick Martin, July 25, 2014
ukraine nazi emblems
Kiev Regime Massacre: Renewed Bombing and Shelling in Eastern Ukraine By Patrick Martin, July 24, 2014
palestine (2)
Israeli bombs kill nearly 600 Palestinians. Gaza death toll doubles in four days By Patrick Martin, July 22, 2014
palestine (2)
The Assault on Gaza: A Historic Crime By Patrick Martin and Barry Grey, July 21, 2014
Obama Administration Drops Investigation into CIA Spying on US Senate By Patrick Martin, July 13, 2014
Gaza strip
Israel Bombs Gaza Strip, Masses Army on Border By Patrick Martin, July 04, 2014
Iraq: Bagdad Agrees to Immunity from Prosecution for US Military, Obama Could Order Strikes By Patrick Martin, June 24, 2014
Obama Exploits Iraq Crisis as Pretext for War Against Syria By Patrick Martin and Joseph Kishore, June 20, 2014
ukraine flag
Ukraine Regime Claims Control of Key Port City By Patrick Martin, June 14, 2014
Bowe Bergdahl
Prisoner Exchange With the Taliban: The Release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl By Patrick Martin, June 05, 2014
NSA collects Facial Images of Hundreds of Millions of People By Patrick Martin, June 03, 2014
Ukraine Military Helicopter Shot Down as Battles Flare in the East By Patrick Martin, May 30, 2014
US Pushes Cyber-war Confrontation with China By Patrick Martin, May 20, 2014
The Criminalization of Political Opposition in America By Patrick Martin, May 12, 2014
US Sends Apache Attack Helicopters to Egyptian Junta By Patrick Martin, April 25, 2014
Missile Strikes in Yemen and Weapons to Syria: the US Steps Up its Middle East Military Interventions By Patrick Martin, April 21, 2014
Obama and NATO Escalate the Anti-Russian Campaign over the Ukraine By Patrick Martin, April 17, 2014
civil rights 50 years
Fifty Years Since the US Civil Rights Act: Commemoration Covers Up the Importance of the Struggle Against Racial Discrimination By Patrick Martin, April 13, 2014
On Eve of Merkel Visit, Massive Anti-Austerity Strike in Greece By Patrick Martin, April 10, 2014
secret prison poland
CIA Torture and the Threat of Dictatorship By Patrick Martin, April 03, 2014
In Talks with Saudi Monarch, Obama prepares Escalation of US-backed War in Syria By Patrick Martin, March 29, 2014
Obama’s Speech on Ukraine: Propaganda and Lies By Patrick Martin, March 27, 2014
Constitutional Conflict Escalates between US Senate and CIA By Patrick Martin, March 22, 2014
The Statue of Liberty Should Weep.
US Court Ruling Upholds State Efforts to Disenfranchise Voters By Patrick Martin, March 21, 2014
Media Disinformation: Washington´s "Regime Change Hit List": Iran versus Honduras
The US Media and the CIA’s Spying on Congress By Patrick Martin, March 18, 2014