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american sniper
Hollywood Propaganda: Why do Critics Love “American Sniper”? By Jonathan Cook, January 27, 2015
Israël interdit aux Nations Unies l’accès aux Territoires palestiniens sous Occupation
Palestine: Occupier’s Justice. “Heads and Tails You Lose” By Jonathan Cook, January 24, 2015
The Strategy Behind Israel’s Attack on Iran and Hizballah By Jonathan Cook, January 22, 2015
israel elections
Syria, Danger of Escalation. To Strike or Not to Strike, Israel’s Electoral Calculus By Jonathan Cook, January 21, 2015
Netanyahu and Europe’s Far Right Find Common Ground By Jonathan Cook, January 19, 2015
charlie hebdo guerre paix
Yes, the New Charlie Hebdo Cover is Offensive By Jonathan Cook, January 15, 2015
What the Charlie Hebdo Execution Video Really Shows By Jonathan Cook, January 13, 2015
Gaza and Lebanon: Beware the Iron Wall, the Coming War
Is Abbas’ war crimes bid against Israel a big bluff? By Jonathan Cook, January 09, 2015
yes scotland face
Queen Helped Stop Scottish ‘Ominous’ Independence Yes Vote By Jonathan Cook, December 17, 2014
The United Nations Monitors in Syria are Spying for Washington
Palestinian Statehood: US feels the Heat on Palestine Vote at UN By Jonathan Cook, December 16, 2014
Netanyahu’s Election Scapegoat: Israel’s Palestinian Minority By Jonathan Cook, December 06, 2014
Police Violence: Can Surveillance Cameras Help Free Us? By Jonathan Cook, November 28, 2014
Israël Palestine
Israel’s Model of Political Despair in Jerusalem By Jonathan Cook, November 26, 2014
Israeli police don Arab disguise
Galilee Town Boils at Israeli Police ‘Execution’ By Jonathan Cook, November 15, 2014
The Transfer of Israeli Arabs By Jonathan Cook, November 13, 2014
Israel Moves to Outlaw Palestinian Political Parties in the Knesset By Jonathan Cook, November 05, 2014
Media Language that “Disappears the Palestinians” By Jonathan Cook, October 29, 2014
How Israel is Turning Gaza into a Super-Max Prison By Jonathan Cook, October 28, 2014
The Two-State Solution is Ultimately Doomed to Fail By Jonathan Cook, October 16, 2014
Palestinians Torn over Contact with Israelis By Jonathan Cook, October 13, 2014
Israel’s Occupation is More Complex than a Genocide By Jonathan Cook, October 08, 2014
Leading Guardian Columnist George Monbiot, the Left’s McCarthy By Jonathan Cook, October 07, 2014
President Paul Kagame 2
Why is the Truth About Rwanda so Elusive? By Jonathan Cook, October 04, 2014
The Lesson Hollywood Cannot Teach Us By Jonathan Cook, September 27, 2014
Is There a Plan to Force Palestinians into Sinai? By Jonathan Cook, September 26, 2014
J-20 Black Eagle Chinese 5th Generation Fighter Jet
America Bombs Syria: Did Israel Help the U.S. by Downing Syrian Jet? By Jonathan Cook, September 23, 2014
Israeli Refuseniks: Occupation’s Dark Underbelly Exposed By Jonathan Cook, September 23, 2014
sex segregation
When “Men-Only Streets” Are Okay in London By Jonathan Cook, September 22, 2014
Syria’s “Moderate Rebels” Seek Support of Israel By Jonathan Cook, September 18, 2014
idf uses child as human shield
Israel’s Gaza Probe Aims to Stymie War Crimes Trials By Jonathan Cook, September 18, 2014
hamas militants
ISIS and Israel Allies Against a Palestinian State By Jonathan Cook, September 11, 2014
israeli settlements
Israel’s Biggest Land Grab in the West Bank in Three Decades Shows Netanyahu Unbowed After Gaza By Jonathan Cook, September 08, 2014
CIA Emails Expose “Access Journalist” at Work – LA Times/Associated Press Reporter or Covert CIA Spokesperson? By Jonathan Cook, September 07, 2014
Capture d’écran 2014-08-01 à 11.11.48
The Experts’ Verdict: Every Israeli Missile Strike is a War Crime By Jonathan Cook, August 01, 2014
Is Killing Civilians Part of Israel’s plan? By Jonathan Cook, July 30, 2014
Shooting and Crying Over Israel’s Lost Moral Army By Jonathan Cook, July 29, 2014
Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu
Media Coverup: US Played A Decisive “Behind the Scenes Role” in Israel’s Attack on Gaza By Jonathan Cook, July 24, 2014
ISRAEL- PALESTINE:  "Peace-making" without "Mediators"
They Aren’t Hiding It Anymore: Calls for Genocide, Rape of Palestinian Women enter Israeli Mainstream By Jonathan Cook, July 22, 2014
Cultures of Hate: Israelis, not Palestinians, Excel at Vengeance By Jonathan Cook, July 09, 2014
Israel Can’t Force-feed Occupation to those who Hunger for Freedom By Jonathan Cook, June 24, 2014
Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation: “Unity” Engineered by Israel By Jonathan Cook, June 10, 2014
jewish wedding
Israel’s Medieval Ban on Intermarriage By Jonathan Cook, June 04, 2014
pope bethlehem
Palestinian Christians Need a Political Pope too By Jonathan Cook, May 26, 2014
On Nakba Day, Israelis Forced to Confront a Guilty Secret By Jonathan Cook, May 15, 2014
Distracted by the Israel-Palestine “Peace Process”: What Really Happened during the Talks By Jonathan Cook, April 07, 2014
Media Manipulation: Seymour Hersh Unearths More Lies on Syria By Jonathan Cook, April 06, 2014
Israel-Palestine Talks: Washington Desperate to keep Futile Peace Process Show on the Road By Jonathan Cook, March 24, 2014
Malware “Industrialises Spying”: The NSA has “Automated its Spying Operations” By Jonathan Cook, March 14, 2014
The Struggle of ‘Israeli Arabs’ Against the State of Israel: Jonathan Cook in Montreal and Ottawa March 1-3, 2014 By Jonathan Cook, February 17, 2014
Ariel Sharon, Another War Crime Surfaces: Expulsion and Massacre of the Bedouins By Jonathan Cook, February 13, 2014
Israeli Army’s Mistreatment of Palestinian Children: Australian TV Dares to Show the Real Occupation By Jonathan Cook, February 12, 2014
The Israeli Surveillance State: Did The “Shin Bet” Just Hack My Computer? By Jonathan Cook, February 09, 2014
Israel’s Security Elite don’t Want Peace By Jonathan Cook, January 24, 2014
Cracks in the Alliance: Is There Finally Daylight Between Israel and the US? By Jonathan Cook, January 22, 2014
Incitement Against Palestine – Prioritising of Israelis’ Security Over Palestinians’ Freedom By Jonathan Cook, January 09, 2014
palestine (2)
Kerry’s “Framework Agreement”: The West Bank Modelled on Gaza, The Fiction of a Palestinian State By Jonathan Cook, December 19, 2013
palestine (2)
The “Judaisation” of Palestine, Israel’s War on the Bedouin By Jonathan Cook, December 11, 2013
Seymour Hersh: US Security State Deceived Us on Syria Chemical Weapons By Jonathan Cook, December 09, 2013
Nelson Mandela's  New Book
The Legacy of Nelson Mandela: A Dissenting Opinion By Jonathan Cook, December 06, 2013
nadaf netanyahu
Israel Wants Its Arab Christian—but not Muslim—Citizens to Join Military By Jonathan Cook, November 26, 2013