Syria: Another War Based on Lies. SAY NO TO OBAMA’S WAR!

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As the US Congress debates on a potential American military intervention in Syria, Global Research brings you a selection of articles on the latest developments pertaining to the war on Syria and the blatant lies fueling the debate on a so-called “humanitarian intervention”.

Will the world be dragged into another war based on lies and for which innocent people will pay with their lives?

We hope that by sharing these important articles, we will contribute to undermining the process of media disinformation, which supports this criminal undertaking.

Without war propaganda which consists manipulating public opinion, Obama’s military agenda would fall flat.  He would not have a leg to stand on.  The mainstream media bears a heavy burden of responsibility in concealing the forbidden truth and endorsing another US sponsored war. 

Our objective is to reverse the tide of war and avoid another profit driven bloodshed.

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Global Research Editors, September 9, 2013 (edited September 11, 2013)


Prof Michel Chossudovsky, What Happened to the “Global War on Terrorism”? The U.S. is “Fighting for Al Qaeda” in Syria.

Americans have been repeatedly told that Al Qaeda under the helm of the late Osama bin Laden was responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

Formulated in the wake of the tragic events of september 11, 2001, the U.S. and its allies launched a “Global War on Terrorism” (GWOT) directed against the numerous “jihadist” Al Qaeda affiliated terror formations in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia. The first stage of the “Global War on Terrorism” was the bombing and invasion of Afghanistan.

But somehow, in the last few months, this  “Al Qaeda paradigm” has shifted. The American public has become increasingly skeptical regarding the validity of the “Global War on Terrorism”

In recent months, with the unfolding events in Syria, something rather unusual has occurred, which has had a profound impact on the public’s perception and understanding of Obama’s “Global War on Terrorism”.

The US government is actively and openly supporting Syria’s Al Nusrah, the main fighting force affiliated to al Qaeda, largely composed of foreign mercenaries.

Tax dollars are relentlessly channeled to the “rebels”. In turn, Secretary of State John Kerry meets with rebel commanders who oversee the Al Qaeda affiliated entity.

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Saudi Arabia’s “Chemical Bandar” behind the Chemical Attacks in Syria?

According to the French newspaper Le Figaro, two brigades of anti-government fighters that were trained by the CIA, Israelis, Saudis, and Jordanians crossed from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan into Syria to launch an assault, respectively on August 17 and 19, 2013. The US must have invested quite a lot in training both anti-government brigades. If true, some may argue that their defeat prompted the chemical weapons attack in Damascus as a contingency plan to fall back on.

However, how they came by chemical weapons is another issue, but many trails lead to Saudi Arabia. According to the British Independent, it was Saudi Prince Bandar “that first alerted Western allies to the alleged use of sarin gas by the Syrian regime in February 2013.”  Turkey would apprehend Syrian militants in its territory with sarin gas, which these terrorists planned on using inside Syria. On July 22 the insurgents would also overrun Al-Assal and kill all the witnesses as part of a cover-up.

report by Yahya Ababneh, which was contributed to by Dale Gavlak, has collected the testimonies of witnesses who say that  “certain rebels received chemical weapons via the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and were responsible for carrying out the gas attack.”

Mother Agnes Mariam, Mother Agnes Mariam: “Footage of Chemical Attack in Syria is Fraud”

There is proof the footage of the alleged chemical attack in Syria was fabricated, Mother Agnes Mariam el-Salib, mother superior of St. James Monastery in Qara, Syria, told RT. She says she is about to submit her findings to the UN.

‘I have carefully studied the footage, and I will present a written analysis on it a bit later. I maintain that the whole affair was a frame-up. It had been staged and prepared in advance with the goal of framing the Syrian government as the perpetrator.”

VIDEO : Obama’s September 10 Address: “Slippery Slope President”. “Potential Strike on Syria” On Hold Pending “A Diplomatic Effort”

President Barack Obama in an address to the Nation on Tuesday September 10 urged Americans to support a “potential strike on Syria” while stating that “a diplomatic effort to get Syrian President Bashar al-Assad” to turn over control of the country’s chemical weapons” is underway.

Meanwhile, a resolution in the US Congress is on hold.

Obama said that “the US must be prepared to strike Syria to deter “other tyrants” from using weapons of mass destruction”.

Who are these other tyrants?  The greatest stockpiles of WMD are in possession of the USA.

The Address is replete with lies and fabrications.

VIDEO : Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, The US “Military Industrial Media Complex” Controls President Obama

“Obama is far worse than George W. Bush”

According to Soraya Sepahpour Ulrich, the US corporate media is intimately tied into the interests of the US military industrial complex. “They are working together”

Washington is catering to the lobby groups and ignoring the people.

Obama is a proxy.

Hans Blix: US Government Disrespects United Nations

I think there’s a certain amount of disrespect for the United Nations and for mechanisms that are set up by consensus in the Security Council. That is to regret. Though, I think that the whole world will be interested in hearing all the inspectors in Syria have found out. I think it will also be interesting for the world to hear the evidence of the United States. It may be quite interesting, but of course it is one of the factors and we have more confidence in impartial international evidence.

Adeyinka Makinde, The Destruction of Syria. Will Military Action put America and Russia on the Dangerous Path of a Possible Confrontation?

The civil war which has raged in Syria for a period exceeding a two year mark has now entered what will be its decisive phase. This will determine whether the government headed by Bashar al Assad will prevail or be dislodged.

It will also determine whether any military action undertaken by the United States will meet a response of critical counter measures by Russia; the nature of which could put both nations on to the dangerous path of a possible confrontation.

It will finally determine whether the conflict will lead to a full blown regional war; the denouement of which will reveal the viability of the continued existence of Syria as a nation state.

The key to understanding this particular conflict and its significance is to keep in mind what ultimately lies at its root: the confrontation between the United States and its old adversary, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Prof Michel Chossudovsky, US War on Syria Prelude to a World War III Scenario?

The Obama administration has claimed the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was behind a recent deadly chemical weapons attack in the suburbs of Damascus, even though there is no evidence linking the attack to the government forces. The White House is gearing up for military strikes on Syrian targets.

Citing an August 2012 Los Angeles Times report, Chossudovsky says preparations for “a false flag chemical weapons attack” in Syria began more than a year ago when the Pentagon dispatched “small teams of special operations troops” to the Arab country to destroy its alleged weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

“These initial US sponsored WMD special team operations had established the likely scenario of a staged false flag chemical weapons attack.”

US, NATO and Israeli military planners have laid the groundwork for a “humanitarian” military involvement in Syria for years, Chossudovsky says.

Peter Dyer, US Journalists and War Crime Guilt

Julius Streicher, a German publisher and Nazi propagandist who was hanged at Nuremberg after being judged complicit in crimes against humanity. All who were sentenced to death were major German government officials or military leaders. Except for Streicher. Julius Streicher was a journalist.

Editor of the vehemently anti-Semitic newspaper Der Stürmer, Streicher was convicted of, in the words of the judgment, “incitement to murder and extermination at the time when Jews in the East were being killed under the most horrible conditions clearly constitut(ing) … a crime against humanity.”

The critical role of propaganda was affirmed at Nuremberg not only by the prosecution and in the judgment but also in the testimony of the most prominent Nazi defendant, Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering: “Modern and total war develops, as I see it, along three lines: the war of weapons on land, at sea and in the air; economic war, which has become an integral part of every modern war; and, third, propaganda war, which is also an essential part of this warfare.”

Tony Cartalucci, White House Chief of Staff: There is no Evidence Syrian Government Carried Out Chemical Attacks

US White House Chief of Staff Dennis McDonough made the unbelievable admission this week that Western interests have concluded Syria carried out an alleged chemical attack in eastern Damascus based on “common sense” rather than “irrefutable evidence.” Slate’s “White House: “Common-Sense Test” And Not “Irrefutable” Evidence Hold Assad Responsible,” states [emphasis added]: 

White House Chief of Staff Dennis McDonough went on the Sunday talk shows to drum up support for what he called a “targeted, limited effort” that will change “the momentum on the battle field” in Syria. Yet he also acknowledged on CNN that the evidence that ties Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to the Aug. 21 attack outside Damascus that allegedly killed 1,429 people has more to do with a “common-sense test” rather than “irrefutable, beyond-a-reasonable-doubt evidence.”

And while McDonogh, and his collaborators both in Washington and abroad, claim their planned assault on Syria is not a repeat of Iraq in terms of scale, it is clear that in terms of deception it is.

Washington’s Blog, Washington Now Admits No Imminent Threat from Syria, No Clear Evidence Assad Ordered Chemical Weapons Attack

Obama is going on a whirlwind media blitz this week in an attempt to sell a very skeptical public on war with Syria.

Yet the Washington Post notes:

Obama’s top aide says the administration lacks “irrefutable, beyond-a-reasonable-doubt evidence” that skeptical Americans, including lawmakers who will start voting on military action this week, are seeking.

Indeed, those who have seen the evidence say that it is incredibly weak.  German intelligence also says that Assad didn’t order the attacks.

Prof. James Petras, Obama with Israel and Against the World

A growing number of polls and studies show that a substantial well-entrenched majority of Americans are opposed to the current war in Afghanistan , even as the President and Congress continue to finance and dispatch US troops and engage in aerial assaults in Pakistan , Yemen and elsewhere.

Across the world huge majorities oppose Obama’s war:  Two thirds of the French and German public oppose the US bombing Syria ,  not to mention of the hundreds of millions of Roman Catholics responding to Pope Francis’s passionate anti-war message delivered on September 7 to over 100,000 worshipers in St. Peter’s Square.  It is only in Israel a majority of Jewish Israelis support Obama’s push to war.

If, as some scholars argue, militarism and ‘national security’ (and the police state) have become the secular religion of the State, it is clear that the majority of civil society are ‘non-believers’.  The ‘true believers’ of militarism as the road to empire building are firmly ensconced in Washington’s political establishment, especially among the powerful lobbies and propaganda mills known as ‘think tanks’.  Militarist beliefs are widely embraced by strategically-placed officials with deep and long-standing ties to the Israeli power structure.

Stephen Lendman, AIPAC Lobbies for War on Syria

Syria is prelude to attacking Iran. It’s Israel’s prime target. Washington wants subservient pro-Western governance replacing its sovereign independence.

On September 3, AIPAC headlined ”Press Statement on Syrian Resolution,” saying:

“AIPAC urges Congress to grant the President the authority he has requested to protect America’s national security interests and dissuade the Syrian regime’s further use of unconventional weapons.”

Obama wants war. One way or another he intends to launch it. False flags are pretexts to do so. They’re a longstanding US tradition.

Falsely blaming Syria for the August 21 suburban Damascus toxic chemical attack is the latest example. Doing so was a Big Lie. It was an anti-Assad provocation. It was a classic false flag.

Notable earlier ones go back to the 19th century. A previous article discussed them. They’re relevant now. They bear repeating.

In 1845, America lawlessly annexed Texas. It was Mexican territory. President James Polk deployed US troops.

Called Operation Mongoose, a document titled “Justification for US Military Intervention in Cuba” explained.

Plans included assassinating Cuban Americans, manufacturing fake “Communist Cuban terror” in US cities, shooting down one or more US commercial airliners, blowing up a US ship in Cuban waters, attacking Guantanamo, and blaming Castro as reason for war.

Full-scale war against North Vietnam followed the fake August 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident. Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. Doing so authorized war without declaring it.

In October 1983, US forces invaded Grenada. Allegedly it was to rescue American medical students.

Operation Urgent Fury’s mission reflected US imperialism, Cold War politics, and replacing the leftist New Jewel Movement government with a pro-Western one.

In December 1989, manufactured incidents precipitated America’s Panama invasion. Former US ally Manuel Noriega was deposed. At issue was forgetting who’s boss.

Operation Just Cause killed thousands. Crimes of war and against humanity included mass murder, indiscriminate destruction, extrajudicial assassinations, illegal weapons use, and arbitrary detentions.

Pro-US stooge Guillermo Endara replaced Noriega.

Washington’s Blog, High-Level U.S. Intelligence Officers: Syrian Government Didn’t Launch Chemical Weapons

Numerous Intelligence Officials Question Administration’s Claims

Without doubt, intelligence is being manipulated to justify war against Syria. Here, here, here, here and here.

 Without doubt, the Syrian rebels had access to chemical weapons … and have apparently used them in the recent past.

Associated Press reported last week:

An intercept of Syrian military officials discussing the strike was among low-level staff, with no direct evidence tying the attack back to an Assad insider or even a senior Syrian commander, the officials said.

So while Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday that links between the attack and the Assad government are “undeniable,” U.S. intelligence officials are not so certain that the suspected chemical attack was carried out on Assad’s orders,or even completely sure it was carried out by government forces, the officials said.

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), U.S. Military and Intelligence Officials to Obama: “Assad NOT Responsible for Chemical Attack”

Despite the Obama administration’s supposedly “high confidence” regarding Syrian government guilt over the Aug. 21 chemical attack near Damascus, a dozen former U.S. military and intelligence officials are telling President Obama that they are picking up information that undercuts the Official Story.


FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)

SUBJECT: Is Syria a Trap?

Precedence: IMMEDIATE

We regret to inform you that some of our former co-workers are telling us, categorically, that contrary to the claims of your administration, the most reliable intelligence shows that Bashar al-Assad was NOT responsible for the chemical incident that killed and injured Syrian civilians on August 21, and that British intelligence officials also know this. In writing this brief report, we choose to assume that you have not been fully informed because your advisers decided to afford you the opportunity for what is commonly known as “plausible denial.”

Prof Michel Chossudovsky, US and Allied Warships off the Syrian Coastline: Naval Deployment Was Decided “Before” the August 21 Chemical Weapons Attack

With independent news reports providing firm evidence that the US sponsored Al Qaeda rebels (recruited and trained by Allied Special Forces) have chemical weapons in their possession, this delay does not favor the president’s political credibility.

Moreover, there is evidence that the US sponsored rebels used chemical weapons against civilians. (see image right)

In providing those chemical weapons to al Qaeda “rebels”, the US-NATO-Israel alliance is in violation of international law, not to mention their own anti-terrorist legislation.

Overtly supporting Al Qaeda has become the “New Normal”.

When the various pieces of evidence are put together, the picture which emerges is that of a covert “flag flag operation” carried out by the US sponsored “rebels” and special forces, intent upon blaming president Bashar Al Assad for killing his own people. As mentioned above, the naval deployment was decided upon ex ante, before the 21 August chemical Weapons attack.

Julie Lévesque, Senator John McCain, Foreign Relations “Adviser” to Al Qaeda Death Squads in Syria

In requesting weapons for the Libyan and Syrian rebels which clearly have ties to terrorist organisations, Senator John McCain is supporting terrorism.

The United States Code is unequivocal: “providing material support to terrorists” is a crime:

18 USC § 2339A – Providing material support to terrorists

(a) Offense.— Whoever provides material support or resources or conceals or disguises the nature, location, source, or ownership of material support or resources, knowing or intending that they are to be used in preparation for, or in carrying out, a violation of[numerous sections of this and other titles], or in preparation for, or in carrying out, the concealment of an escape from the commission of any such violation, or attempts or conspires to do such an act, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 15 years, or both, and, if the death of any person results, shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life […]

 (3) the term “expert advice or assistance” means advice or assistance derived from scientific, technical or other specialized knowledge. 18 USC § 2339A – Providing material support to terrorists

Senator McCain met with terrorists in Libya and Syria, has called for his country to provide weapons to terrorist groups in Libya and Syria and should therefore be prosecuted for the assistance he provided them with. There is ample evidence that the armed groups supported by John McCain have committed horrible terrorist acts, which resulted in deaths.

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